1870 Mortality Schedule
Jefferson Co Nebraska

Please Note: These records were transcribed from images of the original mortality schedule. The enumerator occasionally made errors or spelled names as they sounded, and in some cases the writing was difficult to read. This transcription shows the information as the enumerator wrote it and as I translated it. If you have corrections, please Email me

The census year began June 1, 1869 and ended June 1, 1870. Thus if a person is listed on this schedule as dying in June through December, they would have died in 1869. If a person is listed as dying in January through May, they died in 1870.

Transcribed by Kristin Vaughn © 2009

"Schedule 2.---Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June, 1870, in ____________ in the County of Jefferson State of Nebraska, enumerated by me, ___________, Ass't Marshal.

Family #
in Census
Birth Place
54 Bales, Ida F. 5 F W   Iowa     October   Dropsy of the chest Hobbs
53 Bane, Phebe E. 8/12 F W   Nebraska     June   Inflammation of brain Hobbs
2 Boque, John 45 M W M Ohio     December Blacksmith Inflammation of bowels Jenkins
2 Boque, Sallie A. 57 F W M New York     December Keeping house unknown Jenkins
50 Breese, Henry 1/12 M W   Iowa     September   Billious fever Cubb Creek
63 Carlin, Robert V. 12 M W   Indiana     January   Inflammation of bowels Big Sandy
2 Coon, Ellsworth 2/12 M W   Nebraska     September   unknown Jenkins
4 Diethelm, Caroline 3 F W   Switzerland X X May   unknown Antelope
4 Diethelm, Louisa 1/12 F W   Nebraska X X September   unknown Antelope
4 Diethelm, Theresa 38 F W M Switzerland X X October Keeping house Milk fever Antelope
  Dunlea, William 22 M W   Ireland X X September Soldier Drowned Big Sandy
30 Eaton, Willie 3 M W   Indiana     June   from effects of a burn Jenkins
47 Goldesberry, Eliza J. 1/12 F W   Nebraska     May   unknown Jenkins
47 Goldesberry, Jonathan J. 1 M W   Nebraska     March   Lung fever Jenkins
  Greaves, Henry 38 M W   Massachusetts     January Soldier Delirium tremens Big Sandy
31 Horn, George 65 M W M Maryland     February Farmer Dropsy of the chest Hobbs
37 Kellogg, Mason E. 25 M W   Illinois     September Farmer Congestive chills & fever Hobbs
29 Kingsley, Addison T. 24 M W M New York     March Farmer Frozen to death Hobbs
56 Luce, Washington J. 49 M W M New York     September Farmer Typhoid fever Hobbs
22 McClure, Carroll 1 F W   Iowa     May   Cholera infantum Big Sandy
53 Morton, Christina 30 F W M Pennsylvania     May Keeping house Dropsy of chest Big Sandy
17 Myers, Julius 2/12 M W   Wisconsin X X September   Dropsy of the brain Cubb Creek
20 Peirson, Jasper T. 2/12 M W   Nebraska     September   Cholera infantum Big Sandy
20 Peirson, Mary C 24 F W M Pennsylvania     August Keeping house Puerperal convulsions Big Sandy
48 Scott, Alfred 6/12 M W   Illinois     August   Cholera infantum Big Sandy
55 Sprague, Annie 1 F W   Nebraska     September   Drowned Hobbs
15 Tenesh, George 5 M W   Nebraska X   March   Measles Big Sandy
9 Terping, Clement 1/12 M W   Iowa     January   unknown Jenkins
13 Vroman, Elias H. 35 M W M Canada X   August Worked on farm Murder Fairbury
71 Wilson, Hester 35 F W M Ohio     July Keeping house Puerperal convulsions Jenkins
67 Winters, Cora Ann 3/12 F W   Nebraska     February   Ulcer on side/abcess Antelope

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