Pensioners on the Roster
January 1, 1883

Giving the Name of Each Pensioner, the Cause for Which Pensioned,
the Post-Office Address, the Rate of Pension Per Month, and the Date of Original Allowance,
As Called For By
Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882.
Volume IV
Government Printing Office.

Transcribed from the original document by Kristin J. Vaughn © 2008

Post Office
Cause for Pension
Ammerman, Harvey R. Fairbury wd. r. leg 6.00
Ammerman, Wm. S Plymouth dis. lungs 16.00
Anderson, Asa A Fairbury g.s.w. r. leg 4.00
Bailey, Gurgh. H. Fairbury inj. to abdomen 6.00
Baker, Luther S Steele City s.w. r. foot 2.00
Ball, Thos. A. Reynolds g.s.w. r. leg 12.00
Bell, Jane Fairbury widow 1812 8.00
Belt, Thos. B. Fairbury wd. of abdomen 8.00
Bradt, Wm. Diller dis. l. ear 2.00
Brock, Robert Fairbury father 8.00
Brock, Rob't Fairbury chr. rheuma 4.00
Burge, Henry J Diller wd. r. hand  
Carmony, Jno. W Endicott wd. l. shoul. 8.00
Carroll, Jno. F. Fairbury w. l. shoul 6.00
Clark, Horace D Fairbury injury to abdomen 8.00
Clarke, Wilson Fairbury inj. to abdomen 12.00
Cook, Addison Fairbury wd. l. leg 12.00
Cramer, Godfrey Reynolds   8.00
Crane, Morgan Steele City chr. diarrh 8.00
Crawford, Mary Reynolds widow 20.00
Culver, Hannah Fairbury mother 8.00
De Buse, Wm. H. Reynolds dis. throat 4.00
Derrow, Foot Bower wd. l. shoul. 4.00
Dopp, Wm T. Fairbury wd. rt. arm 10.00
Dunn. Van R Plymouth loss l. eye 8.00
Dutcher, Chas. E. Fairbury chr. rheuma 4.00
Everett, Washington Endicott   12.00
Farmer, Tunis J Fairbury wd. r. shoul 2.00
Fisher, Jno. S. Endicott rheuma 8.00
Forest, Jas Reynolds g.s.w. l hand 14.00
Friday, Jno. H. Steele City g.s.w. l. leg 6.00
Friths, Lany Fairbury widow 1812 8.00
Gilmore, David Bower g.s.w.r. shoul 6.00
Griffith, Josiah Steele City chr. rheuma 4.00
Hadley, Uriah Diller   8.00
Harris, Jas. Steele City g.s.w. r. arm 4.00
Heaton, Jas. L. Endicott rheuma 2.00
Henryer, Jacob N Diller g.s.w.b. thighs 8.00
Hobbs, Harley S. Reynolds dis. lungs, chr. diarr 8.00
Huffman, Jonathan B Diller varicose veins l. leg 4.00
Johnson, Theodore Bower ch. diarr. 4.00
Jolly, Matilda Reynolds widow 8.00
Kaufman, Phillip Fairbury s. w. l. hand 2.00
Larson, Eric Endicott chr. rheuma 8.00
Lasey, Nathan M Bower g.s.w.r. elbow 8.00
Lashley, Geo. S. Fairbury inj. to r. foot 6.00
Lichty, Jacob P Diller g.s.w.r. shoul 4.00
Martin, Everard Plymouth g.s.w. r. shoul 3.00
Matthews, Austin N. Fairbury inj. to abdomen 20.00
McCracken, William Endicott g.s.w.r. thigh 6.00
Moles, Wilson Fairbury gen. debil 24.00
Morey, Fred'k A. Fairbury wd. l arm 17.00
Packard, Isaac B. Fairbury chr. diarrh 6.00
Packer, Charles Fairbury g.s.w. l. thigh 2.00
Parker, Cyrus Reynolds amp. r. leg 18.00
Parker, Walter Reynolds g.s.w. thigh 4.00
Phillips, Susan A. Fairbury widow 8.00
Price, Jno. S Fairbury loss fing. l. hand 18.00
Royce, Benj. A. Fairbury paralysis 24.00
Shaw, Amos Fairbury g.s.w.r. thigh 4.00
Snyder, Solomon Steele City wd. r. hand 6.00
Sparks, Calvin Diller pary. lower extrem 5.00
Spaulding, Isaac S. Endicott injury to abdomen 3.00
Squire, Wm. P. Fairbury loss l. leg 24.00
Stevens, Edward Fairbury dis. lungs 18.00
Study, Archibald Plymouth dis. l. lung 6.00
Taylor, Eliza Fairbury mother 8.00
Thomas, Chester G Fairbury chr. diarrh 10.00
Thompson, Isaac N Fairbury dis. eyes 6.00
Thompson, Jesse T. Fairbury loss r. arm 24.00
Tipps, Harrison Fairbury g.s.w. l. thigh 6.00
Tritt, Zenas C. Steele City g.s.w head 6.00
Wallace, Rob't B Fairbury chr. diarrh 5.00
Weaver, Levi E Steele City g.s.w. head 2.00
Wells, Jas. A. Endicott ch. diarr. 4.00
Wightman, Erskine Steele City w. l. hand 4.00
William, Hiram Fairbury dis. lungs 5.00

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