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Kearney County
1860 Census Mortality



Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1860
State: NE Territory
County: Kearney
Enumerator: Sterrit M. Curran

Page Line Name Age Sex Color Marital Status Birthplace Month Occupation Cause of Death Num. of Days Ill
1 10 Sutton, James R. 30 M     N. York Aug. Emigrant Hemaphagia 5
  11 Richardson, William W. 35 M     Ohio Sept. Emigrant Delerium Tremens 4
  12 Scott, John 40 M     Iowa July Emigrant Dysentery 7
  13 Ready, James 21 M   Single England June Soldier Chronic Diarrhea 13
  14 Keily, James 40 M   Single Ireland Oct. Soldier Killed in a fight 1






 Transcribed and Contributed by:  C. Anthony