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Enterprising Niobrara

Pretty Town Which Contains Much of General Interest


Special Dispatch to the World-Herald


Niobrara, Nebraska, July 15 There are yet a few places in Nebraska where the toot of the iron horse and the click of the telegraph instrument are unknown, and doubtless the most interesting and most romantic, as well as suggestive of frontier life of all these is the town of Niobrara, the county seat of Knox County. 


As there are three tribes of Indians, the Santees, the Poncas and Yankton Sioux in the vicinity the streets and stores are throng every day with specimens of the noble red man and with their big white hats, bright red calico and Indian relics are suggestive of a time and race of people that will soon be numbered with the past.


Niobrara is a great Sunday town.  There are a number of churches here where services are held regularly each Sunday, and the attendance is good.  But Sunday is a great day for the farmer Indians to come to town and enjoy themselves.  There is an Indian band of some prominence, known as the Sioux Indian Brass Band, which gives Sunday concerts.  The only John F. Lenger is musical director.  Prof. Bohdam Peel is manager, Ampetuyuhomni is chief or leader, and Hanyetutawa is the interpreter.  It is the intention of this band to make a European tour in a year or two if everything goes well.


Knox County is particularly rich in fossils and many rare and interesting geological specimens have been secured by scientists.  Among the most enthusiastic of the local scientist is the Rev. Mr. Griffith of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  It is largely through his enterprise and enthusiasm that Niobrara has a public museum, which is doubtless the finest in the state outside of the one in connection with the State University at Lincoln.  The citizens are all very proud of this institution, as well they may be, and valuable additions are being made every few weeks.  The museum has handsome rooms on the main street, which are open every day and the Daily World-Herald is always on file for the entertainment of those who desire to keep posted on what the world is doing.


Among the other objects of especial interest here is the big artesian well, a description and cut of which were published in the World-Herald over a year ago.  This big well furnishes the motive power for a large flouring mill, besides supplying the city with water for domestic used and irrigating purposes.


The crops in Knox County this year are like they are everywhere in the west. Simply immense, and the harvest promises to be the most bountiful in years.


It is rather early to talk about who is to be the next governor of Nebraska, but already there are whispers that George Brooks of Bazile Mills is about the right size to fit into the Republican nomination.




Omaha World Herald July 16, 1895