Loup county Nebraska Historical Society and Log Cabin

In 1940, the Loup County Historical Society was formed.  According to the September 19, 1940, Taylor Clarion an orginizational meeting was held at Mrs. Kitty Harvey's with 17 charter members in attendance.  The first elected officers were:  Anna Jarvis, President; Frank Hubbard, Vice President; Marcia C. Smith, Secretary; Laura Clemens, Treasurer; and Thurman A. Smith, Historian.  Mr. Smith, longtime publisher of the Clarion, was instrumental in the Society and its greatest accomplishment, the Pioneery Log Cabin Musem.

Plans for the Musem were underway in 1941 and by the mid 1940's, it was completed.  Much of the labor in constructing the cabin was volunteer.  Various families connected with the early settlers of Loup County furnished or purchased logs for the building.  Other persons donated trees, shrubs, and plants for landscaping around the cabin.  Countless others donated or loaned articles for exhibit inside.

Some of the original donors included: Samuel G. Sears, Wayne Cook, John R. Ferguson, Sam Hesselgesser, Kitty Harvey, William D. Dunbar, Nettie J. Evans, Walter Worth, Mrs. Robert Rusho, Jacquetta McMasters, Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Holmes, Althea Wiley, Mrs. Messersmith, William S. and Joe Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Fletcher, John Dunbar, George W. Abbott, Mike Laughran, Bohy Brothers, Oscar Bowley, Ross Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hubbard, Mrs. Ralph Rose, Eva Skiles, Sarah Britton, Lillian Wirsig, Ella Gurnsey-Donaldson, Phoebe Corell, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Strohl, Thomas Moore, Lem Britton, Ella Harlan, Robert Parkins, Martha Corrick, Otto Clay, Carl and Steve Copp, Jacob Strohl, Jack Parkins, L.A. Ruppel, Clara Cole, James Starke, Robert Wiley, William Stevens, Mrs. C.D. Shipley, Fred E. Replogle, and H.R.Brown.

A few of the current members of the Loup County Historical Society are Carl Christensen, President, Grace Strohl; Orpha Brockman; and Lila Goos.

By Terry Harris

 transcribed by: Melody Beery
source: Loup County Centennial Book 1883-1983

Loup County Historical Society Meetings:

Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month
unless advertised differently.
There is no regular meeting during the month of December.

Special Events hosted by the Society include:

A Christmas Gala is held the first Monday of December;
July 4th the Society host a community appreciation Ice Cream Social.

Happenings in 2011:

After the death of long time president, Kevin Brown the society elected the 4 primary officers:
President: Robert Christensen
Vice President Jolene Skalsky
Secretary: Roger and Betty Goos
Treasurer: Jean Harden

At the June meeting it was decided to purchase the microfilms of the Taylor Papers.
Memorial services for Kevin Brown at the Gracie Creek Cemetery
July meeting was the annual ice cream social
August meeting was spent getting prepared for the annual Loup County "World" Fair
September meeting was the re-affirmation of the society's acceptance of the Historic Congregational Church Building from the County.  A committee is preparing the building for displays of items that have significance to the county.
October meeting discussion of Harrop Park located along Highway 183 about 18 miles north of Taylor
November meeting plans were made for the annual Christmas Gala.
December meeting was the Christmas Gala.  Each member also brought non perishable items to donate to the local food pantry.  Jean and Jolene agreed to share the writing of a monthly column "Echos of the Past: to be published in the paper.

2012 Happenings:

2012 saw the Loup County Historical Society involved in several areas.  There were requests for assistance in family research.  The were requests for tours of the musem grounds that were handled by Wade and Jolene.  A tour group from North Dakota came through Taylor and Alice, Wade and Willis took the groups around the museum grounds.  Several members made the trek to the Long Valley Cemetery to use mowers, weed eaters and perfoming other maintenance tasks.  The group met at Jean and Randy Hardens and traveled by 4 wheel drive vehicles to the cemetery.  After the clean up the group returned to Jean and Randy's for lunch.  July 4th was the annual ice cream social.  Due to the extreme heat the social was held in the community center. Entertainment was provided by Andrea Bader, and her son and daughter in law.  Andrea is the daughter of Maxine Brown and the sister of our late president Kevin Brown.  The musem was again opened up for the Loup County "World" Fair.  During the November meeting members of the WWII veterans were invited to share their war experiences with the Society members.  Irvin Fletcher,Commander of the VFW made a presentation of the plans for the Loup County Veterans Memorial that will be built on the grounds of the Congregational Church Building.  Those that have an interest in the memorial can contact Roger Goos or Betty Dunbar. for more information.   We continue to find things that Kevin Brown did so anonymously.  Various members have picked up these various tasks for which we are very grateful.

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