Loup County Nebraska was organized in 1883.  The first white men settled here sometime prior to 1873 and lived a few miles southeast of Taylor in the Sioux Creek-Kent area.  The first county seat was situated in Kent but was wrestled away by Taylor shortly after in 1883.  The population continued to grow as the homeseekers arrived, particularly following the Kinkaid Act of 1904 which helped to settle the Sandhills area of Nebraska and the northern part of Loup County.  According to the April 12, 1904, Taylor Clarion, there were 207,780 acres of Loup County land that came under the Kinkaid Acts.  Loup County is totally agriculture oriented, both in farming and in ranching.  Fine cattle of many breeds can be found at any number of large and small ranches.  Two rivers, the North Loup and the Calamus and two highways, U.S. 183 and State Highway 91 are vital to the County.  Some of the friendliest Nebraskans to be found in the state call Loup County home.

excerpts from the Loup County Centennial Book 1883-1983 by Kevin P.Brown-

Since 1983 another highway has been added to Loup County:  Nebraska Highway 96, which goes on the northern edge of the Calamus Reservoir in Loup County.

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June 2017
News- Miscellaneous: F.B Codr
News-Visiting- Mrs. L.E. Doyle; Mrs. W.M. Stevens; Mrs. Mary Clark
Obituaries- Barney Croughwell

March 2017
News-Accident and Tragedies: Zera Granger loses crop in storm
Obituaries: Mrs. Greenstreet; Florence Irene Howard
News-Miscellaneous: D.F. Dilsaver sells fat hogs; Marlen Hyde; Claude Alexander
News-Visiting: Carl Moon and W.A. Ruppel

February 2017
News: Fires, Accidents and Tragedies: 1902 Prairie Fire
Deaths: Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Sears
News-Visiting: Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. John Toliver
Marriages: Troxel-Cody

January 2017
Auctions- Lester W. Hall salebill from Sept. 4, 1919
Miscellaneous- The history of the old cupboard and table of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lewis
Marriages- Young Dewey
News-Anniversaries and Parties: Jessie Walton
News-Miscellaneous- Floyd Thayer
News-Visiting: Mrs. Fern Hoobler; Mrs. Thedore DeGroot has company; Fay Livermore
News-Sicklist: Lyle Babcock; Mr. Austin, Mr. Vinnedge
News-Fires, Accidents and Tragedies- Fire at Moultons

Loup County Historical Society
Society President:
Robert Christensen

Loup County Court House
Hours:  Monday thru Thursday  8:30 -12:00  1:00 - 5:00
Friday 8:30-12:00 closed in the afternoon

Debbie Postany
P.O. Box 187
Taylor NE 68879-0187

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