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Anna L. Hughes Divorced

Decree Granted in Madison County, Nebraska, in July of the Present Year


It will interest a good many "Times" readers in this city and suburbs to know that Mrs. Anna L. Hughes formerly a resident of Ashley, now of Towanda, has been granted a divorce from her husband, Dr. W. E. Hughes, a the following record, which she asks the "Times" to publish shows:


"Be it remembered that a term of District Court holden in Madison County, Nebraska, in Madison the rein, on the 15th day of July, 1895, was present the Honorable John S. Robinson, sole presiding Judge, A. C. Tyrell, clerk, and others of said court, when the following, among other proceedings, were had to wit:


Willett E. Hughes , Plaintiff VS Anna L. Hughes, Defendant


No. 2377 Decree for Divorce



And now on this 15th day of July , A. D., 1895, this cause came on for trial, it still being of the regular term of our said court, and a regular trial day thereof; and this cause coming on for hearing on the petition of the plaintiff and the cross-petition of the defendant and the evidence, was duly heard in open court, and after reading the evidence and hearing the argument of counsel, (the court being fully advised in the premières) ands that the plaintiff an defendant were married as set forth in plaintiff's petition, and that plaintiff has been a resident of Madison County, Nebraska, for more than  six months before the commencement of this suit, and duly practicing his professing as physician and surgeon in said county.


The court finds that the charges of adultery against the defendant, set forth in plaintiff's petition are not sustained, and the court further ands that plaintiff be guilty of the charge of adultery set forth in defendant's cross-petition, to wit:  That plaintiff did commit adultery with a person, to wit: a woman to defendant unknown, on November 6, 1889, at Allentown, Pennsylvania.


That defendant has condoned said offense, nor lived or cohabited with plaintiff since she learned of said act.


It is therefore considered and adjudged by the court that defendant be divorced from the plaintiff, and that both plaintiff and defendant are hereby released from all obligations of the marriage contract heretofore existing between them, and said contract is hereby annulled and set aside and held for naught.


"It is further ordered that plaintiff pay the costs of this suit, taxed at $13.48, and an attorney's fee to defendant's attorney, of $50."


State of Nebraska, Madison County,


"I, A. C. Tyrell, clerk of the district court of Madison County, Nebraska, do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true copy of  order and decree and entered upon  the journal of the proceedings of said court, in the cause therein entitled; that I have compared the same with the original entry of said order, and it is a true transcript wherefrom, and by the whole thereof:


Witness my official signature and the seal of said court, at Madison, in said County, this 19th day of July 1895.


(Court Seal)     A. G. Tyrell, Clerk of the District Court


Wilkes-Barre Times - October 22, 1895


Signs Norfolk Contract    


Special Dispatch to the World Herald 

Lincoln, Nebraska, March 4. --  The state board of public lands and buildings signed the contract with the Capital City Brick and Pipe Company of Des Moines, Iowa, Friday for the construction of the new Norfolk Asylum building.  

The contract, as at first drawn up included the name of W. B. Hester of Des Moines, which was erased at the request of the company.  The work of contruction will begin immediately, all plans prepared by State Architect Tyler being ready.  The buildings are to be pushed rapidly and it is expected to have them completed by fall.


Evening World Herald:  Omaha, Saturday, March 5, 1904

Newman Grove Reports Utility Improvements   

Special Dispatch to the World Herald

Newman Grove, Nebraska, December 6. -- Two public utility changes are in prospect here, and an improvement has also recently been made in the post office.

Automatic telephones are to be in operation by late in January, and natural gas was voted recently and will be piped here early in the spring. New lock boxes have recently been added at the post office.

Sunday, World Herald; Omaha, Nebraska
December 7, 1930