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Merrick County is located in the valley of the Platte, bounded by Nance on the north, the Platte River separating Polk and Hamilton Counties, on the east and south, Hall and Howard on the west.  


Located where it is,almost seventeen hundred feet above sea level, Merrick County, like all of Central Nebraska is favored with a good, healthful climate.  


Twice within the history of the county great loss has resulted from droughts; but as a rule, the climate is favorable to vegetation.  


The absence of all swamp lands make this area

particularly favorable to the cure of fever and ague, and all malarial diseases.







Adjacent Counties

Platte County - Northeast

Polk County - East

Hamilton County - South

Hall County - Southwest

Howard County - West

Nance County - North

Cities and Villages

Central City




Silver Creek



Online Data



 World War II Honor List   

1860 Census  

 1883 Pensioners List    



News Tidbits   

1880 Schedules of Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes   


WWI Draft Card Registration 1917-1918 Index   





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