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Fort Atkinson      

Nebraska in The Civil War

The Major Day Military Papers

Fort Atkinson Trivia  

Civil War Soldiers  

A Soldiers Monument  

Soldier's Homesteads  

Nebraska's Part in The Rebellion  

Early Military History  

Roster Civil War Veterans  


Military History and Militia  


Flowers for The Soldiers Dead   


Attention Comrades   


Nebraska Forts  


First Nebraska Cavalry   


List of Killed in Manila   


Kid Of The Old 1st Nebraska  

Honor Roll


Omaha Guard

G.A.R. - Lincoln

Roster of the War of 1812, the Mexican War, and the War of the Rebellion  

Governor Poynter And The First Nebraska   

Confederate Veterans Graves in Nebraska   

1883 Pensioners List Misc   

List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Living in Iowa From Nebraska   

Army Casualty List    

Nebraska Will Be The Jolly Santa Clause   

U. N. Artillery Staff Gets New Captain   

World War I Casualties    

War Relics to Nebraska   

Nebraska Medal of Honor Receipients   

Medal of Honor Receipients Buried in Nebraska    

Veteran Firemen

Bodies of 6 Nebraska Boys Slain in War Brought Here