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Medal Of Honor Recipients Buried in Nebraska






Burial City

Recipients Name




Home Town


Alliance Coker, Ronald Leroy USMC Fairview Yes Denver, Colorado MH
Aurora Bates, Delavan Army Aurora   Mohawk, New York MH-P
Bertrand Widick, Andrew J. Army Highland   Decatur, Illinois MH
Bradshaw McConnell, Samuel Army Arborville Rural   Bushnell, Illinois MH
Callaway Booker, Robert D. Army Rose Hill Yes Callaway, Nebraska MH
Clarks Johnston, David H. Army Pierce Chapel   Warsaw, Illinois MH
Dorchester Coates, (Francis) Jefferson Army Dorchester City   Boscobel, Wisconsin MH
Falls City Lohnes (Lohnas), Frank Army Maple Grove   Omaha, Nebraska MH
Hebron Prentice, Joseph Rollin Army Sacred Heart   Fort Wayne, Indiana MH
Lincoln Vifquain, Victor Army Calvary   Salene, Nebraska MH
Maxwell Fous, James William Army Fort McPherson National Yes Omaha, Nebraska MH
Maxwell Jordan, George Army Fort McPherson National   Nashville, Tennessee MH
Maxwell Miller, Daniel H. Army Fort McPherson National   Columbus, Ohio MH
Maxwell Stance, Emanuel Army Fort McPherson National   East Carroll Parish, Louisiana MH
Norfolk Schmidt, Otto Diller Navy Prospect Hill   Nebraska MH
North Bend Hanks, Joseph Army Woodland   Chillicothe, Ohio MH
Omaha Butler, Edmond Thomas Army Holy Sepulchre   Brooklyn, New York MH
Omaha Gomez, Edward USMC St. Mary's Yes Omaha, Nebraska MH
Omaha Meredith, James aka: Patrick F. Ford USMC St. Mary's   Boston, Massachuetts MH
Omaha Parle, John Joseph Navy Holy Sepulchre Yes Nebraska MH
Omaha Josselyn, Simeon T. Army Forest Lawn   Amboy, Ohio MH
Omaha Keith, Miquel USMC Forest Lawn Yes Omaha, Nebraska MH
Omaha Mott, John aka: John Mott McMahan Army Forest Lawn   Baltimore, Maryland MH
Omaha Traynor, Andrew Army Forest Lawn   Rome, New York MH
Papillion Miller, Jacob C. Army Cedar Dale   Elgin, Illinois MH
Schuyler Williams, William Halliday Army Schuyler   Lima, Ohio MH
St. Paul Herron, Leander Army Elmwood   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania MH
Stockville Grant, George Army Arbor   Indianapolis, Indiana MH
Tecumseh Flanagan, Ausustin D. Army Tecumseh   Chester Springs, Pennsylvania MH
Wisner Hansen, Dale Merlin USMC Wisner Yes Nebraska MH
York Miller, James P. Army Greenwood   Henry County, Iowa MH
York Shapland, John Army Greenwood   Ottawa, Illinois MH

MH -  indiacted Government Issue Type MOH headstone

MH-P -  indicates a Private Headstone with MOH text or image.


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