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Nebraska Will Be The Jolly Santa Clause

For the Soldier Boys of the First and Third Nebraska Regiments—Everybody in the State Can Help

At the suggestion of Mr. John L. Redick, the World Herald has opened A Christmas fund for the benefit of the two Nebraska regiments now in the field.

This fund must be collected speedily.

It will be impracticable to send supplies for the Christmas dinner, and it will be necessary to send the cash.

The World Herald invites the people of Nebraska to contribute to this Christmas fund for Nebraska’s soldiers. The fund when completed will be equally divided between the two Nebraska regiments.

One half of the fund will be cabled to the commanding officer of the First Nebraska at Manila and the other half will be forwarded to the commanding officer of the Third Nebraska, which regiment will probably spend its Christmas in Havana.

The commanding officer of each regiment will be requested to divide the money sent him equally between the twelve companies of his regiment.

Let us hope that the people of Nebraska will take up this matter promptly and carry it to a splendid conclusion. Every resident of Nebraska who can afford to do so should contribute to this fund. No One need be ashamed because of inability to contribute a large sum. This work will have a better effect at home if everybody lends a hand even in a small way.

Every town in Nebraska should be represented in these contributions. The splendid success of the World Herald’s Cuban relief bureau is a monument to the liberality of Nebraska people, and now that the comfort and enjoyment of their own soldier boys are in question that spirit of liberality should be strengthened by the feeling of gratitude which all patriotic Nebraskans feel for their soldier boys who are so nobly representing this state in the volunteer army.

The fund now stands:

Previously reported

$ 52.00

Boston Store, Omaha

$ 20.00





The Boston Store writes as follows:

The Boston Store, Dry Goods
Sixteenth and Douglas Streets, Omaha,
November 21

Editor of the World Herald

Dear Sir—We note that a fund is being raised to give the Nebraska regiments now in the field an opportunity of making merry on Christmas, and feeling that we owe a debt of gratitude to those who have so nobly responded to their country’s call, we take pleasure in presenting our check of $20 to help the cause along.

Yours very truly,
L. L. Brandeis & Sons

Tuesday, November 22, 1898
Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE) Volume: XXXIV Issue: 53 Page: 1