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Ready To Send War Relics To Nebraska

McMullen Will Be Asked by War Department to Arrange for Shipping

Many Seeking Trophies

    From the World Herald Bureau, Washington, D. C., April 4.

    >Governor Mcullen will be called upon within the next few days to make arrangements for the shipment to some central point in the state of German war trophies for which thousands of requests have been received by the ordnance department, from American legion posts, cities and towns all over Nebraska.

    Major H. S. Aurand, chief of field service supply section of the ordnance department, is in charge of the distribution of the trophies. He will communicate with the governor within the next week, he announced, stating in detail the amount and character of relics available for distribution.

    City officials, veteranís organizations and civic clubs will e requested to make their applications direct to the governorís office. It has been announced the law enacted by congress providing for distribution of the material contemplated the honoring of applications from individual citizens as long as the supply lasts, large numbers of German rifles, helmets and other small articles being available for this purpose.

    State Must Pay Freight

    Major Aurand explained that the government is responsible only for the cost of assembling the war trophies and employing labor to load them on the cars at the point of shipment. The state will have to bear the freight costs and other expenses for shipments received, until an arrangement is made by the state whereby the expense is allocated to applicants for trophies.

    Major Aurand said Nebraska was among the leading states, according to population, in the number of applications received for trophies up to the time congress took out the hands of the federal government the function of making distribution and lodged it in the state authorities.

    Secretary Weeks has already made an allotment of was trophies to Nebraska, which will receive a pro rata share of the trophies based, under the law, on the percentage of man power of the state enlisted in the world war.

    Variety of Weapons

    Weapons which will be distributed range all the way from small German firearms to 210 mm. trench mortars and 150 mm. howitzers. There are numerous 77 mm. pieces on hand, some of which will be sent to Nebraska. The latter gun corresponds with the French ď75Ē and the American three-inch piece.

    The World Herald, Omaha
    Wednesday, April 15, 1925