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Governor Poynter And The First Nebraska








Of all the governors Nebraska has ever had William A. Poynter is the most disappointing to the people.  Nebraska is full of better material than he for that office.  Poynter represents the decadence of the Populist Party.  ;He asked the legislature to pass the Oxnard Sugar Beet Bounty Bill, a steal so rank that no legislature would dare to even seriously consider it.  He vetoed a resolution of thanks to the First Nebraska Regiment.  His appointments have been positively the worst in the history of the state.  Of very moderate ability his chief lack is backbone.  As a governor he is a failure- Wakefield Republican.


To the first three assertions we would say "don't you believe it."  To the next we would say that a Republican Legislature passed the "Oxnard Sugar Beet Bounty Bill," and as it had, Governor Poynter considered it a legal debt and as much the state was under obligations to pay it.


We suppose that Governor Poynter's part in securing free transportation for the First Nebraska from San Francisco, would forever close the mouths of Republicans against low insinuations as to this "vote of thanks"(?)  Instead of a "vote of thanks" it was a covert vote of upholding the policy of the administration in its actions with the Philippines, which every true patriot denounces.  We ought to be ashamed of our governor had he not vetoed it.


When Governor Poynter wanted free transportation for the First Nebraska, he fount it useless to apply to the watered railroad corporations but appealed to the citizens of Nebraska and he did not appeal in vain.  Why was it that the First Nebraska Boys, when passing the World Herald office, cheered themselves hoarse, but when passing the Bee office gave not one cheer?  The boys knew their friend.  If Governor Poynter needs a new supply of backbone we hope he will not apply to McKinley.  One cannot see McKinley's spinal vertebrae with a powerful microscope, hence he is not in a condition to spare any.  In this instance the demand exceeds the supply. - Ponca Leader.






Monday, August 6, 1900

Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE) Volume: XXXV Issue: 309  Page: 4