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Mormons and the Mormon Church have had important part in Nebraska history. The Mormon camps on our border, the picturesque trains of Mormons crossing our plains, the Mormon settlers who scattered in various unnoticed nooks of Nebraska in the great migration period — all have an interest quite out of proportion to their total number.


Only a few Nebraskans know that there are twenty Mormon churches with 1,973 members in our state. These are the Reorganized Church, which repudiates Brigham Young, but adheres to Joseph Smith and his descendants. This branch publishes a Journal of History at Independence, Missouri, which is just now printing the record of the separation of the Reorganizes from the Salt Lake branch and a very interesting story of human affairs it makes.


Very few people have read the Book of Mormon. It cannot be called easy reading. It purports — among other things— to give an account of the early migration of a branch of the Jewish people across the Atlantic to America, of their growth into a powerful people, of their destruction in war wherein more than two millions perished.


After twice reading the book the editor's opinion of it as an historical narrative remains unchanged. Yet the establishment and growth of the Mormon church remains one of the remarkable social and religious phenomena of the past century.









From Nebraska History and Record of Pioneer Days, 1921
Published by Nebraska State Historical Society, 1921

Transcribed and Submitted by K. Torp