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Nebraska Historical Society Meeting   


Begins Interesting Session January 9 -- Teachers at Lincoln



Special Dispatch to the World Herald


Lincoln, Nebraska, December 25. --  What promises to be one of the most interesting and productive meetings yet held by the Nebraska State Historical Society will convene at Lincoln January 9 and 10.


Tuesday evenings session will be devoted to historical papers and reminiscences.  Clement Chase of Omaha will read a paper on the life and services of Hon. Champion S. Chase; David Anderson of South Omaha on "Our First Settlement in Nebraska;" Dr. L. J. Abbott of South Omaha on "The Campaign of 1870.  With a Character Sketch of Governor Butler;" R. W. Furnas of Brownville on "Ex-Senator Thomas W. Tipton," and John Turner of Indianola on "Pioneer Days in Boone County."


Wednesday evening will be devoted to ante-railroad freighting in Nebraska.  The difficulties and incidents of transportation by the wagon route will be interestingly handled by such old timers as T. J. Majors of Peru, R. M. Rolfe of Nebraska City, William Fulton of Kansas City and Eugene Munn of University Place.  An especial effort is being made to collect all old maps of overland freight routes, together with all historical data available bearing on the subject.


The thirty fourth annual meeting of Nebraska State Teachers' Association which convenes here Tuesday, December 16, and continues in session until Friday, will be one of the most notable gatherings in the history of the association and promises to be more largely attended than any session yet held.  The interest of the general public centers in the general sessions which will be held in the First Baptist Church.  


Wednesday evening the president of the association, Dean Charles Fordyce of Wesleyan University, will deliver an address on "The Problem of Fatigue."  


Thursday forenoon Z. K. Synder, Ph. D., president of the Colorado State Normal School, will deliver an address on a subject as yet unannounced..  Thursday evening the noted Charles F. Thurig. LL. D., president of Western Reserve University of Cleveland, Ohio, will lecture on "The Teacher as a Force in Civilization."

Friday evening the closing session will be held, the occasion being a lecture by Murat Halstead on "Dewey, Manilla and the Phillippines."


The real work of the session, however, will be don eat the department meetings, where all the features of a teacher's work will be elucidated and discussed by leading Nebraska educators.


Omaha World Herald - December 26, 1899