State of Nebraska - Genealogy Trails








Nebraska Indians




The Omahas


Pawnee War


Wounded Knee


1823 Trading Expedition


Wife of Winnebago Chief  


Wounded Knee - 1972


Indian Problems


Unearthed Medal


Pawnee Indians Attacked by Sioux Indians


Winnebago Wedding


Redman's Troubles  


Navajo Tom   


Indians Roamed The Prairies  


Pawnee Scouts   


Chief Red Cloud Dying   


Rights of Indians Today   


To Reimburse Nebraska


Sale of Pawnee Reservation     

Sloan Says Time to Air The Question of Indians   

Smallpox Becomes Epidemic Among Winnebago   

No Records on Cody - Yellow-Hand Duel   

Early Settlers    

Here Are Some Real American Wives For You    

Winnebago Indians Are Insane and Dying Off     

Sale of Liquor to Indians