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Sloan Says Time to Air The Question of Indians

Nebraska Lawyer Declares Americans Should Give Heed to Need of People in Own Land

Chicago, September 25.—It is time for the Indian question to be aired, Thomas L. Sloan, president of the Society of American Indians, told County Judge Edmund J. Jarecki today when a delegation from the society called on him to enlist his support.

Delegates from a wide territory have come in response to the invitation of the Chicago Association of Commerce to the society to hold its convention here.

“The Indian question has been a political football,” said Mr. Sloan, an Omaha Indian and a member of the Nebraska Bar.

“We are not here to beg, but it is the right of the American people that they should know that among their own wards there are 30,000 cases of trachoma, a deadly eye disease.

The Rockefeller Foundation is spending millions in China, South America and other countries, but it is spending virtually nothing among the American Indians. Americans have heard of the many plagues in foreign countries and their hearts have bled.

We wish to open their eyes to some conditions in their own Country.”

The World Herald, Omaha
Wednesday, September 26, 1923