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The probability that more land in Indian Territory will be thrown open to whit settlement has caused a flood of inquires as to the personnel of the Indians who lie in the territory.

Most people are under the impression that they wear blankets and live in teepees. The Indians are as thoroughly civilized and most of them as well educated as the upper class of citizens of the larger eastern cities.

There are five nations Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek and Seminole. About 10 percent of the five tribes are full bloods, while the remainder are quarter, sixteenth and thirty-second blood.

The young men are almost as highly educated, as well as the girls. Each nation has a school, where these young people are educated and boarded free. The school is maintained by the United States, and all the higher branches are taught. The Indians are compelled to send their children to these schools. Perhaps the most interesting characters of the Indian nation today are the girls and young women.

As a matter of fact, these Indian girls of the five tribes would be at home in any drawing room. They have been educated into by the college teachers among them. It is very difficult to distinguish the Indian girls of the territory from white girls who live among them.

During the last quarter of a century the number of white men who have married girls belonging to the five civilized tribes has been astonishing. The advantages of marrying these girls are many. The men who marries one is at once adopted into the tribe and is given a large tract of fine land and his share of the annuity funds, which in some of the tribes amounts to $50 per month. The white adopted citizens have become a power among the Indians of the territory and it is largely due to them at least, the more honest ones that the territory is being opened to settlement. Not long ago one of these attractive Indian girls, for a joke, inserted an ad in a matrimonial paper, and it was a good paper or else the ad was a very attractive one, because she received 350 proposals of marriage.

The Indian girls have been trapped by fortune hunters so many times that they are very suspicious of proposals of marriage from white men whom they have not known any length of time. To protect these girls from the clutches of unprincipled men the interior department recently made a ruling that before a white man could marry into any of the five civilized tribes he must present a certificated of good character from the judge of the county where he last resided. They want nor more criminals in the Indian race.

Sunday, September 3, 1899
Omaha World Herald (Omaha, Nebraska) Volume: XXXIV   Issue: 338   Section: Part Three   Page: 24