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Nebraska in the Civil War



“It is sad to recall so many that were with us that first happy winter who have passed on and answered to the roll call above.


About every week I read of some of our pioneers who have gone to the other shore. I may allude to the one who was not with us that winter, but who came to Omaha soon after, Christian Hart Hartman, I met him first in the First Nebraska volunteers.


Nebraska raised two volunteer regiments during the civil war for the protection of the flag.   It was the fate of the one, the First, which I commanded to be sent to the south, while the Second remained to protect the settlers on the frontier from the unfriendly Indians.


I had been in a military position on the frontier for six years, and when a call was made for 500,000 volunteers.   I asked that one regiment be assigned to this state. We went south, Colonel Furnas of the Second was destined for the frontier. I am glad to hear testimony to noble work by both regiments.


I regret and have remonstrated against assigning the names First and Second Nebraska volunteers to the regiments raised during the late Spanish war.   It was a wrong, and I feel indignant at time when it recurs to my mind.  It looks like trying to rob the First and Second regiments of Nebraska of the glory they won, by covering them up with the second “First” and “Second” regiments.  They cannot be robbed of their honor, but it leads to complications. When on speaks of the First Nebraska, the question of necessity arises not, “which war?”


“Nebraska did furnish two regiments for the war of 1861-5, and linked the history of Nebraska with the armies of the union, raised to defend the flag. This much we do for the honor of the state.




Morning Herald - October 18, 1899