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Says Farm Women Are Worth $4,000 A Year

Omaha, Nebraska January 28. – Farm women ar worth $4,000 a year, according to Miss Margaret Feeed, chairman of the home economic depart6ment of the University of Nebraska.

“She gets the meals three times a day and seven day a week,” Miss Feede told a meeting of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation at Beatrice, “for which, if you hire the work done, you must pay $10 a week. Washing and ironing would be $2.50 a day for two or three days a week. Thee is an average of nineteen days a year sickness on each farm, and acting the capacity of a nurse the farm wife should get $25 a week. As assistant in farm work she should be paid at least $20 a month, for cleaning two days a week, $5; sewing two days a week at $3 a day and other detains $6 a week.

“Total this and it makes $4,000 a year.”

The Farmington Times, Farmington, Missouri
February 4, 1921