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Crimes and Murders







A Tragedy Occurred   


A tragedy occurred recently near McPherson station, on the U.P. road, in a party of emigrants from Moline, Ill. J.H. Smalley aged thirty-two becoming angry at his brother Andrew Smalley, aged 19 shot him in the head with a shot gun, from the effects of which Andrew died instantly.


Nebraska Advertiser, July 26, 1877  (Nemaha County, NE)

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Body of John Ruby Found in Nemaha River    

Congealed Blood in Nose and Ears Is Thought to Signify Foul Play


Special Dispatch to the World Herald


Auburn, Nebraska, September 6.--The sheriff of this county, accompanied by H. R. Englekomeier, A. B. Kroeger, A. J. Engelkemeier and C. H. Boedeker, neighbors of John Ruby of near Murray, came to Auburn on the early train this morning and soon satisfied themselves beyond a doubt that the floater taken from the Nemaha River on Monday is the body of John Ruby, the man who mysteriously disappeared from the Missouri Pacific Train a few days ago while in company with a party of neighbors who had been looking at land in Wheaton, Kansas.


It is utterly impossible that the man fell from the train at the Nemaha bridge northwest of town, as the river is so full of snags that the body of a rabbit would hardly float down that far, and evidences of foul play were found in the congealed blood discovered in the nose and ears by the coroner.


Ruby disappeared from the train en route to his home in Cass County.  He had been to Kansas to look at land.




The World Herald, Omaha, Wednesday, September 7, 1910

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