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Auburn, Neb., July 27 (Special)

District Court at Auburn

District couort opened here again yesterday morning, with a jury in atttendance and Judge Stull presiding.  

The case of the state against Ben S. Smith, a burglary case for the stealing of an axe is on trial.  The defendant is also held as guilty of assisting in the care of surplus hogs in the vicinity of Brownville.

It is understood that the state will take action on the hog stealing counts if it fails to convict for burglary.  Court will be in session all week.

Nebraska State Journal
Wednesday Morning, July 28, 1897

Shot While Hunting

Brownwille, Neb., March 5 - special

Harry Wilkinson and Charles Kauffman went duck hunting on a bar in the Missouri River this evening.  Wilkinson's gun was accidentally discharged, the whole charge entering Kauffman's ankle. Amputation was necessary.

Morning World Herald - March 6, 1891 

High School Graduates

Young People Get Diplomas at Several Nebraska Towns

Special Dispatches to the World Herald 

Auburn, Nebraska -- The juniors of the Aurburn High School gave a novel entertainment last evening in the new opera house.  The program consisted of a short class exercise by the juniors, a burlesque on the senior class, in its characters stormy meetings and a burlesque on the entire graduating exercises of Thursday evening.

Omaha World Herald - May 27, 1900

Johnson P. Hoover

Nemaha, Neb. March 12. -- The right arm of  Johnson P. Hoover has been amputated on account of a cancer.

Hoover is a prominent farmer and stock raiser.

source: Custer County Republican March 15, 1900 edition
Transcribed and contributed by:  Melody Beery

Happenings at Howe

Mrs. E. J. Tucker visited in Auburn last week.

The Sylvan trio gave a very good musical performance at the church Tuesday.

A little child of  F. H. Morris is very sick with catarrhal fever.

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Buck are visiting friends in town.

L. R. Cheney of the Stella Press was in town Friday.

MissElla Benefiel visited Auburn Friday.

F. H. Morris was in Stella Thursday.

Brance Beck and W. P. Hinds will move to Oklahoma in a short time.

Omaha World Herald –25 Jan. 1897
Transcribed and contributed by:  Marla Zwakman

Reach Wedding Anniversary

Special Dispatch to the World Herald

Aurburn, Nebraska, September 24.--Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stokes celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary Tuesday.

Mr. Stokes is 71 and she is 73.  They were married at Ipave, Illinois.  Two sons are Homer Stokes of Palmer and Dort Stokes, Aurora.

Sunday World Herald, Omaha, Nebraska, September 27, 1931

Peru Normal School

Special Dispatch to the World Herald

Peru, Nebraska, April 29.--There are no new cases of Diphtheria in the dormitory of the State Normal School at Peru, and are not likely to be, as the sanitary condition of the building is perfect. Mr. H. N. Shuman, who has control of the Smallpox cases in Nebraska City and Otoe County last year, has disinfected the rooms occupied by the patients.

Monday, April 30, 1900
Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE) Volume: XXXV Issue: 211 Page: 4

William Brown

Merchants of Nemaha are co operating to buy blacksmith equipment for William Brown, whose shop was destroyed in a recent fire.

Morning World Herald:  Omaha, Nebraska, Thursday, May 26, 1938

Birth - Larry Dean McMann  

McMann – A 6 lb. 7 oz. son was born Aug. 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Larry McMann, Table Rock, at Auburn Hospital, Auburn.  He has been named Larry Dean.  Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Foy Brown, Table Rock.  Mr. McMann is the former Donna Brown.

Beatrice Daily Sun (Beatrice, Nebraska) – Tuesday, August 11, 1964
Transcribed and contributed by:  Jim Dezotell

Woman Hurt in Car Crash   

Special Dispatch to the World Herald
Julian, Nebraska, March 29.—Mrs. Edward South was painfully bruised and suffered possible internal injuries, and her daughter Margery was badly cut and suffered a broken leg when the car in which they were returning from the funeral of Mrs. South’s sister overturned, throwing them out. Both will recover.

The World Herald, Omaha
Wednesday, March 30, 1921

Fire At Nemaha Causes $60,000 Loss

Nemaha, Nebraska, December 27.—Half the business sections of this place was wiped out shortly after 7 o’clock last night by fire which caused a loss of between $50,000 and $60,000.

The principal losses were suffered by E. E. Booker, druggist; Clarence Ayres, General Merchant and N. C. Jarvis, Barber.

The World Herald, Omaha
Thursday, December 28, 1922

Metcalf and Barton Speak   

Special Dispatch to the World Herald

Auburn, Nebraska, August 18. – What is said to have been the largest crowd ever gathered together in Nemaha County was at the old settler’s picnic at Nemaha City yesterday.

After the little rain was over trains, auto, wagons and buggies brought load after load.

Various kinds of amusements were provided, including ball games, foot races, acrobatic stunts, etc.

The speakers wee State Auditor Barton and Richard L. Metcalf.

Many former residents of the county came from a distance to attend.

Evening World Herald; Omaha
Saturday, August 19, 1911

Old Settlers at Nemaha    

Special Dispatch to the World Herald

Nemaha, Nebraska, August 26. – The Fourteenth Annual reunion of the Old Settlers’ of Nemaha County was celebrated I Nemana yesterday, and proved a great success, fully 5,000 people being present.

The two ball games between the Omaha Originals and the St. Joe Goetzs were both won by the former, the game in the forenoon being 6 to 15, and in the afternoon 14 to 0.

Norris Brown, C. B. Price of Homboldt and H. H. Hanks of Nebraska City delivered addresses. Church Howe, Consul General to Antwerp, Belgium, was also present.

A. L. Lawrence, Sheriff of Nemaha County had an appoletic Stroke while attending the Old Settlers’ reunion here yesterday, but is considered out of danger now.

Saturday, August 27, 1904
Omaha World Herald (Omaha, Nebraska) Volume: XLII Issue: 332 Page: 3

Church Howe    

United States Consul to Sheffield, England, visited with old friends and neighbors her last night.

He will sail for England July 1.

May 31, 1903
Omaha World Herald (Omaha, Nebraska) Volume: XXXIX Issue: 233 Page: 6