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First defined on March 2, 1855, Otoe County was formed from “old Pierce County.” Named for the former residents, the Otoe Indians.  The Otoe lived along the Missouri River in the area that is now Otoe County.  It has been spelled “Ottoe” and “Oto” before its present spelling was agreed upon. The boundaries were redefined in 1856. Its county seat is the river-port, Nebraska City.
The eastern boundary of this county is the Missouri River. It is a largely agricultural region with rolling hills and rich soil. Corn, soybeans, milo (grain sorghum), wheat, and other, less common, grain crops are joined by several commercial apple orchards. Animal husbandry concentrates on beef cattle, the locally produced grains being excellent sources of feed for them. 


 Surrounding Counties:

 Cass County, Nebraska - North

Fremont County, Iowa - East

Atchison County, Missouri - Southeast

Nemaha County, Nebraska - South

Johnson County, Nebraska – South
Gage County, Nebraska – Southwest Corner
Lancaster County, Nebraska - West



Cities and Villages

Burr, Douglas, Dunbar,

Lorton, Nebraska City, Otoe,

Palmyra, Syracuse, Talmage & Unadilla




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Institute for the Blind


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Old Folks At Home


WWI Draft Card Registration 1917-1918 Index

WWII Honor List 

Wyuka - Graves of Pioneers 

1880 Schedules of Defective, Dependent and Delinquent Classes

1883 Pensioners List


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