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2015 & 2016 Updates


August 2016:

MARRIAGES: Anna Neihart and William Houlihan


April 2016:

             MARRIAGES: Merritt Whitten and Gretchen Wartensleben, Ralph Wildberger and Rachel Cooper.
ANNIVERSARIES: Married 50 years-Mr. & Mrs. E.H. Wilson

 BIRTHS: Marvin Brandt, Henry J. Bredehoft, Jacob Bohlken and Fred H. Beason

February 2016:

NEWS/MISC: John C Buess' Dog, "That Capitol"
NEWS/DIVORCE: Thompson's 1890
NEWS/ACCIDENTS & INJURIES: Warren Andrews stabs a playmate, Neil Nelson ran over by hand car
VISITING: Mr. & Mrs. Walter Reed



October 2015:

         Marriage Announcement: Copenhaver and Jamison

           Fires & A Death: Mental & McMechan Residences (death of Hon. John Graves)

August 2015:

In the War Page: Riley Bryan,  Clarence Fred Flamme, Otto Gottwald, Carl J. Holtgrewee, Ross Henry Jay, Alfred J. Jensen, William H. Massie, Lester M. Neeley, William Clyde Rankin, Thomas Andrew Richards, Vernon M. Robb, William Adam Schellinger, Ford D. Spencer, John E. Walls

July 2015:

News: "O'Brien Heirs Found", "Farmer Killed By A Fall", "Otoe County's Courthouse Has Bloody Past", "A Writ of Error", "Shot Man For Spelling Peddler With One D", "Quin Bohanan At Liberty", Missing - Mike A Murphy

***News Articles Are Now Organized By Catergory And Are Mobile Friendly***

June 2015:

Marriage Announcements: Elaine Springman & Harvey Nash, Edna Brandorff & Robert Komma, Natalie Rodaway & Robert Sorensen, Karen Copenhaver & Gene Minks, Anna Malone & William Gray, Nora Malone & Richard Danaher, Perl Earl & August Lindell, Louise Kleber & Joseph Shellenberger, Morse & Shellenberger

Marriage License: Elba Francis & John Terwillger

**All Marriage Pages Are Now Mobile Friendly***

Deaths/Obits: "Death of David O'Brien" 1897, "Joe Lee Shellenberger Dead" 1916, Joe Lee Shellenberger's Funeral 1916, "Mrs. Shellenberger Dead" 1909

Births: Joseph Leander Shellenberger

April 2015:

Index Page Is Mobile Friendly
Biographies: George W. Doane
New Anniversary & Birthday Index Page
Anniversaries: Mr. & Mrs. Oakley Andrews - 60 years
Birthdays: Mrs. S. A. Haskins - 92nd birthday

March 2015: 

Births: John E. Walls, Clarence Fred Flamme, William Adam Schellinger, Alfred J. Jensen, Carl Holtgrewee, Harold E. Harkcom, Howard M. Nash, John Ramold, Albert Reuter, Dean C. Walker, Henry A. Stilwell, Andy J. Burr, William Hayward, Frank Alexander, Harold Anderson, Herman H. Albers, Henry H. Amende, Harry F. Amende, Carl W. Amende, Edgar E. Ashton, Harry Dick William Abker, Fred R. Andrews, Charles Clifton Andrews, Paul T. Bradehoft, Allen A. Besch, Willard T. Beezley, Clarence H. Bock, George Bock

Index page created for News Articles

News:  John Davis Arraignment; Articles pertaining to the murder of Maggie Shellenberger: "Shellenberger Vs. Ransom Appeal", "A Righteous Verdict" and "An Odd Law Point"


February 2015

Cemetery page: Park Hill Cemetery (surname listings for A thru B)

Births: Fay Elizabeth Sugden, Warren Eldro Andrews, Norman L. Antes, Philip J. Antes, Sylvia Antholz

Marriages: Norman L. Antes & Aldean Steinhoff - March 12, 1950

Deaths: Norman L. Antes, John Henry Abker, Alice Francis Alexander, George Sherman Alexander, Shellenberger Daughter 1899, Otto Gotwald, Ralph Alsdurf, George Andrews

News: "Song Part of Estate" - 1936; "Nebraska City Woman Lacks Birth Record-Has Claim For $74,800 - 1926; Syracuse News & Nebraska City Notes - 1899

Birthdays/Anniversaries: "Past Ninety Years", Mr & Mrs Carlin's 60th anniversary

Murder of Maggie Shellenberger


January 2015

Cemetery Page Created for Warner Cemetery

Biographies: Fred Duerschner and Jacob Wesner

Birth Index Page Created

Births added: Evelyn L. Brinkman, Loyall William Brownell, Anna M. Halvorsen, Carl Halvorsen, Fannie M. Wesner, Sue Rutledge Wesner, Mary Wesner, Ebert Judson Warner, Oliver Puterbaugh Reed

Deaths/Obits: Evelyn L. (Brinkman) Brammeier, Anne (Johnson) Kear, Emmett O'Brien, Jacob Hochsteeler, Jacob Wesner, John O'Brien

News Tidbits for 1945

Anniversary: 63rd for Mr & Mrs Carlin 1925

Murder & Trial Timeline for John O'Brien


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