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Early Settlers


    The earliest settlers of Pawnee County located in the vicinity of Cincinnati, a little village situated in its extreme southeastern

    portion, about fourteen miles from Pawnee City.


    In the spring of 1854, Christian Bobst, Robert Turner, Jacob Adams and Robert Archer started from Ohio with a

    view of settling in Missouri, on the Hannibal & St. Joe Railroad. They found, however, that the lands were not in the market,

    and pushed on into Nebraska.


    On the 4th of April, they arrived on the South Fork of the Great Nemaha.


        Mr. Bobst, the leader of the party, selected the

        northwest quarter of Section 25, Town 1, Range 12, one of the finest timber claims in the State.


        Mr. Turner located on the southeast quarter of Section 25;


        Mr. Archer, upon the southwest quarter of the same section; and


        Mr. Adams upon the southwest quarter of Section 94.


        George T. Bobst arrived shortly afterward, and settled upon the remaining quarter of Section 25.


    The party thought at first that they were within the limits of Kansas. The survey had not yet been made, and, to protect

    themselves in their claims, after the lines had been run, the settlers of what it; now Nemaha County, Kan., and Pawnee,

    and a portion of Richardson County, Neb., formed a claim club. The first meeting was held July 4, 1851, at the crossing of

    the old Mormon trail and the Nemaha River. The President of the club was J. R. Cassel; Secretary, George T. Bobst.

    From the old torn pages of its record book were taken the following dates of when the claims of several well-known, citizens

    of Pawnee County were made:


        Christian Bobst. George T. Bobst, Joseph Fries and Robert Turner, April 12, 1854

        H. Shellhorn, August 12, 1854

        J. P. Love and H. G. Love, August 18, 1854

        Jerome Shellhorn and John Shellhorn, August 19, 1854


    After locating their claims, the party, headed by Judge Bobst, returned to St. Joe, where they had left their goods,

    Mr. Bobst having erected a house -- the first in the county. Before they returned, Joseph Fries and William Barnes also

    located in the same neighborhood. John Morrison and Martin Fisher settled on the South Fork, and James M. Hinton

    on the North Fork. Mr. Hinton erected a small dwelling house, E. J. Shellhorn, Jacob B. Shellhorn, the Abrams and

    two or three farm hands, assisting to raise the frame. Mr. Hinton held land upon which the Table Rock Mill was erected.


     On July 20, 1854, James O'Loughlin, Charles McDonald and Arthur McDonald came up Turkey Creek and

    ooked over the ground which afterward became the site of Pawnee City.


    The locality is said to have originally been the site of a large Pawnee Indian village, and upon this particular day the

    three white men observed a large body of natives beyond where the cemetery grounds now are, and retreated to the

    South Fork of the Nemaha in dismay.


              Settlers of 1855:


                On the North Fork

                L. G. Jenkins

                Elisha Kirkham

                Elijah Markee

                Daniel Powell


                On the South Fork

                H. G. Love

                W. S. Love

                J. P. Love and families


                On Turkey Creek

                A. A. Jordan

                L. D. Jordan

                Eben Jordan

                Charles McDonald


              Settlers of 1856:


                On Turkey Creek

                P. M. Rogers and family

                Rufus Abbott

                J. C. Peavey

                Rezin Ball

                Levi Ball

                Garrett L. Pangburn

                E. W. Fowler

                Josiah J. Lebo

                Noah Lebo

                Archibald Young

                Calvin Horr

                Matt Halls

                John Kiner



                On Upper Turkey Creek

                Joseph Steinauer

                Nicholas Steinauer

                Antoine Steinauer

                Joseph Kauffman

                Joseph Muchmore

                Frank Muchmore

                Oliver Muchmore



                On the North Fork

                Steinauer Precinct

                John Williams

                Hiram Billings

                John W. Brock

                George Plumb

                Widow Kelley (sister of Mr. Plumb)

                David Butler

                C. V. Dimond

                John Fleming

                Charles Huntley

                William and Dent Cunningham

                Bedgood and Peter Foale



                On South Fork

                G. G. and Andrew Thallimer

                Absalom Walters

                Dr. A. F. Cromwell (first physician in the county) and family

                W. B. Arnett



                On what is known as Taylor's or Hogin's branch

                William McClintock

                Richard Wade

                Ed Hogin

                James Cotter

                Samuel Taylor


                On west branch Turkey

                John Jordan

                Branick Cooper


                On Jake's Run

                James B. Robertson


                On Nigger's Branch.

                The Messrs. Buckner

                Two colored gentlemen


            Settlers of 1857 --

                On the North Fork of the Nemaha and its tributaries

                Andrew Fellers

                Joseph Steel,

                Charles Tucke,

                John Morley

                Thomas Entwistle

                Fred Parli (who afterward removed to Johnson Creek)

                Hamilton Cooper

                Rev. G. L. Griffing

                Joseph Griffing

                Asa E. Haywood

                M. J. Mumford

                Richard Brown

                William Haywood (with their father, Mr. Haywood)

                Benjamin Ball

                H. N. Gere

                William McNeal

                Clark Alexander

                William Fellers

                Lyman Rockwood

                John C. Wood

                Mr. Beishline

                Henry Boomer

                William Richards

                James Dobson

                James Brim

                Guilford Lee

                R. V. Muir

                Richard Collison

                Tack Carter

                Richard Carter



                On Turkey Creek and its lesser tributaries

                F. F. Liming

                William F. Fowler

                Archibald C. Dean

                E. C. Shannon

                Joseph S. Woods ("Uncle Joe")

                William Harris

                Ed Harris

                John East

                John P. Sutton

                Robert B. Sutton

                Matt Dodge

                Allen McCoy

                William East

                Isham East

                Elisha Loveland

                Fred Shafer

                John Burge

                Davis M. Galligher

                Louis M. B. Kennedy

                R. H. Hammond

                Isaac Taylor

                Nathan Biddlecome

                Joseph B. Morton

                P. B. Beebe

                Uriah Sullivan

                Isaiah Sullivan

                James Goins

                Eli Crampton

                C. C. Roberts

                Mr. McCall



                On South Fork

                E. L. Selfridge

                Sylvester Fisher

                George E. Downing

                William Boock

                John Vanier

                James K. Adamson


                West Branch of Turkey Creek

                Silas Z. Waters

                Stephen Waters

                Mr. Gillan,



                On Johnson Creek

                John Edgerton

                Samuel Edgerton

                John Flanagin



                On Mission Creek

                David Neil

                George Tanner

                Jacob Tanner


                On Turkey Creek

                Leonard Wenzler

                David Straub

                Vincent Straub

                Antoine Zimmerer (now Grand Master of the I. O. O. F. of this State)

                John Suter

                Leonard Suter

                Capt. Corey


                On Plumb Creek

                Steinauer Precinct

                Rock Creek

                James Spray



                On Wolf Creek

                Timothy Dewey


              Settlers of 1858 --


                On Turkey Creek

                J. W. Cochran

                Mr. Zeke

                Washington Allen

                Dr. J. N. McCasland

                William Horn

                Abraham Clayton

                William B. Raper

                A. D. Liming

                Daniel Liming



                On the North Fork

                C. W. Giddings

                John A. Jones

                William Smith

                Julius Tyler

                Peter Gartner

                George P. McMahon

                Samuel McMahon

                L. M. Mumford

                Samuel Spece

                Luke Bradley

                Nathan G. Hand


                On Jake's Run

                Horace Bemis

                William Carkey

                R. G. Cowperthwaite

                John Colony


                On Johnson Creek and its tributaries

                Mr. Burg (father of John and William Burg)

                John Tillotson

                George W. Welsh

                William Scott

                Andrew Oliver

                William Oliver

                John Turnbull

                Robert Fairbairn

                William Fairbairn

                J. L. Wymore

                Fred Wymore

                Isaac Lockand



                On Plumb Creek

                John W. Gregory

                Mark Killeen

                John Connolly

                The Bailes family


                On Ball's Branch

                Buell Woodruff

                Lucas Covert

                W. W. Denney

                John A. Butler


                On the West Branch of Turkey Creek

                John W. Manning


                On Taylor's or Hogin's Branch

                Robert Taylor


                On Long Branch

                William and Gottifried Burrow

                Christian Frank


    The first settler of the county was Judge Christian Bobst, who, on April 4, 1850, settled on the northwest quarter

    of section 25, Town 1, Range 12. He also built the first house in the county, and his son George T. Bobst, constructed

    the first boot-jack, which is still in existence.


    John Barnes died in the fall of 1855, and his funeral was the first which occurred in the county.


    Rev. David Hart preached the first sermon in the county during the spring of 1855, at the house of Henry Shellhorn,

    South Fork.


    Andrew P. Liming, the first child born in Pawnee City, dates his life from October, 1857.


    The first deed recorded is a quit-claim, dated February, 21, 1857; Mary F. Barnes to Joseph Fries, the southwest

    quarter of Section 35, Town 1, Range 12 east.


    L. M. B. Kennedy brought suit against Stephen Waters for the value of certain hogs found dead upon Mr. Waters'

    premises. The trial came off September 14, 1857, and Mr. Waters was mulcted in $50 damages.


    In 1859, the first camp-meeting held in the county was in charge of Rev. W. King, at Table Rock. The first church

    organized in the county was in 1857, a Methodist Episcopal Society, by Rev. C. V. Arnold.


    Table Rock also claims the first frame house, the first frame bridge, the first brick-kiln, the first brick house and the first

    cistern in the county.


    The first District Court held within the county, as far as any record kept shows, was at Pawnee City, September 8, 1859.


          Present:     Hon. Joseph Miller, Judge

                           District Attorney, William McLeenan

                           Clerk, Allen Blacker

                           Sheriff, Eben Jordan.


    At this term of court, Dr. J. N. McCasland was appointed Deputy Clerk for this county, which position he held

    until 1864.


    On March 13, 1856, James O'Laughlin and Lydia Adamson, Richard Clency and Priscilla Adamson, were

    united in marriage -- the first joining together within the present limits of the county. Thomas Entwistle and Mary

    M. Williams, on March 27, 1857, took the same step, after the county was organized.









  Source:  Andreas History of Nebraska