National Army 1917



229 Able-Bodied Men Enrolled


      (Special to The Star)


      Holdrege, Neb.. Aug. 29, 1917


      One hundred and nineteen men have been certified by the local board for service in the new

      national army for Phelps County's quota of ninety-two.


      Two hundred and twenty-nine have passed the physical test, 108 dependent claims were

      allowed, 56 occupational claims are to be decided by the district board.


      The following is Phelps county's quota:


          Rav B. Johnson                                          Charles A, Whitaker
          Carl I. Huetman                                          William H. Edgar
          Harry Peterson                                           C. L. Lindwal

          Oscar Albin Nelson                                    Carl A. Anderson
          S. Arthur Swanson                                      Samuel E. Brown
          Frank E. Nelson                                          John W. Garman
          O. F. Swanson                                            James H.. R---en

          Ralpr Karschner                                          Elmer Johnson
          Ben Martin                                                  Daniel E. Torrey

          Arthur Linner                                              Charlie Martin

          Howard During                                           Victor Hultquist
          Paul John Peterson                                      Carl Olson
          Arthur J. Swanson                                       Aaron Barge
          Oscar L. Johnson                                         M. E. Kirkpatrlck
          Elmer Verback                                            William F. Beck

          Hans J. Nylander                                         Geo. H. Erickson
          Carl Anderson                                             Fred Johnson

          Carl C. Akerson                                          Leslie Jolmson
          John P. Anderson                                        Oscar E. Joungmark
          John T. Nelson                                            Douglas Berry
          Carl E. Scheatzel                                         Walter J. Smith
          Lyle Hawkins                                               Alec Norberg

          David L. Erickson                                        Ewar Crantz
          F. L. Stryker                                                Carl J. Hanson

          Orlo V. Fitch                                                LeRoy Chapman

          Arney Gillette                                               Alvin E. Skoog

          Albert Nelson                                               John A. Benson

          Oscar E. Olson                                            Richard Anderson

          Otis Moon                                                   P. W. Hardesty

          Harold Bruce                                               Walter J. Smith

          Frank Mather                                               Elmer Hiatt

          Ernest C. Linder                                           Alfred Just
          Victor F. Neison                                          S. C. Wilson
          Pete Petersen                                               Ewar E. Isaacson

          Guy Wehland                                               Simon J. Sandstrom

          Ford F. Frlckey                                            Harry N. Mann
          Walter J. Peterson                                        Edgar White

          Otto Anderson                                             Martin Horn

          J. E. Stites                                                    Carl A. High

          Elmer Samuelson                                          Fred W. Johnson
          Otto Steinke                                                 Elmar Anderson

          Harold Erlckson                                           Carl H. E. Gustafson
          James L I.indquist                                         Floyd E. Dyer

          Dale A. Willman                                           C. E. Hardman

          John L. Sissie                                                Frank E. Bullock

          R. W. Kretsinger                                           David O. Helm

          Carl Bailey                                                    Arthur C. Mattson

          Harry A, Weaver                                           Lawrence V. Carlson

          Clifford Bragg                                                A. B. Miller

          Andrew P. Anderson                                     Paul S. Walters
          W. F. Malm                                                  Albert Swanson

          Bert Edwin Ackerson                                    Elmer Danielson

          Howser Havard                                             Reuben Epstrom

          Clinton Schellhase                                          Frederick A. Jedermann

          R. L, Cross                                                    Ray Ostgren

          Elmer A. Anderson                                         Ben Piskn
          Ralph Nylander                                              E E. Flohr

          Victor E. Nordenstom                                    Alfred Hawkinson

          Ralph L, Willman                                            Albert Ashton Marzolf                            

          Alexander N. Knute

          Rager Lewis




      The Lincoln Daily Star, Wednesday 29, 1917