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Public Schools

The public schools of Columbus occupy five buildings, four of which are two story bricks. Twenty five teachers are employed, including the superintendent. The high school building is modern in the strictest sense. It was erected at a cost of over $27,000, has a fine assembly room, abundant light, high ceiling, and tinted walls. The schools are under the control of a most efficient Board composed of practical business men who take the time from their various affairs to see that the children of the district are provided for liberally.

Credit is due the Board, in large measure, for the excellent conditions that prevail. Throughout the grades every line of elementary school work receives careful attention, including music and drawing, the latter under the supervision of a special teacher.  The high school offers courses in the languages, mathematics, sciences, manual training and free hand drawing.

The school spirit of the people is most commendable, and is manifested in various ways. Recently a large subscription has been raised towards a high school gymnasium, one of the improvements contemplated for the near future

Graduates of the Columbus high school occupy prominent places among Columbus business men and in the foremost universities in the country.

Catholic School

The Catholic parish at Columbus conducts a school which has developed into an academy with all high school grades. The school is in charge of Franciscan Sisters.

Being not only a day school but likewise a boarding school, it has become a point of attraction for all Roman Catholics of the West as an educational center. The building is spacious and of brick, embracing six beautifully furnished class rooms, the residence and chapel for the sisters and boarders.

This year an addition was erected to the building by which the whole structure gained not only in size but in uniformity and beauty. The entire building represents a value of $30,000. It can easily accommodate 350 children, the present enrollment being 200 day scholars and 69 boarders

Commercial College

The Columbus Commercial College was opened by W. W. Waters in 1903 and has made a steady growth since that time. Thorough courses in business, shorthand and type writing, and other courses are also offered.

The school has attracted students from all parts of the state and promises to row in importance and influence.

The Columbus Journal
January 25, 1905