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Two Seriously Hurt in Knifing at McCook

Omaha Man One of Three Held After Alleged Fight Over Whisky

Victim's Back Sliced

Special Dispatch to the World Herald
McCook, Nebraska, April 28.--John Fahrenbruck, 35, and Walter "Bud" Hagadon, 19, are in grave condition from knife wounds in St. Catherine's hospital here.  Three men are under arrest in connection with the wounds, alleged to have occurred early today in a fight over payment of a gallon of whisky.

Those held are William Thayer and Clyde Ferguson of McCook and Harold Hayden, 26, of Omaha and Dewey, Oklahoma.

Fahrenbruck's back has been ripped and sliced from shoulders to waist line by numbers of knife thrusts, and Hagadon is but slightly less seriously wounded.

Stories of the affair are tangled.  The clearest account is that of Lyle Schoonover, a witness.  He told County Attorney Hanson that Fahrenbruck had bought a gallon of whisky from Hayden early Saturday evening, promising to pay $12 for it later.  

After a trip to Indianola and other places, Frahrenbruck and others stopped at a cafe here to eat.  Thayer entered, and told Schoonover to drive Fahrenbruck into the country.

Schoonover said he was assured by Thayer that there would be no trouble if Fahrenbruck paid for the liquor he is said to be obtained from Hayden.

About a mile from town, the cars halted, and Schoonover said that Thayer, Hayden and Ferguson came to his car, starting to tear off the side curtains.  He said Thayer then pulled Fahrenbruck half out of the car and hit him on the head with a monkey wrench.

Floyd Urling, another member of the party, said that Thayer ordered the wounded men taken to the farm of Ferguson's father, but that instead they were brought to the McCook hospital.

Thayer and Hayden are said by officers to be associated.

The World Herald:  Omaha, Nebraska, Monday, April 29, 1929

    Pleaded Guilty for Forgery   

    McCook David Kudrna of Maywood pleaded guilty in district court before Judge Eldred of forgery and was given an indeterminate sentence of from one to twenty years.

    Kudrna has served a prison sentence for a similar crime committed in Colfax County.

    The World Herald, Omaha
    Saturday, April 16, 1921