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 Batchelder Family


From left to right:

Rosa Maude Batchelder, Albinah Clarinda Batchelder and Elizabeth Jane Batchelder


Photograph was taken February 1889 in Falls City, Nebraska


My great grandmother, Albinah Clarinda Batchelder Burns, was the daughter of Mary "Minnie"Louisa Morrison Batchelder and William Warren Batchelder.  She was named after her aunt Albina Batchelder Lowe and her aunt Emma Clarinda Morrison Howard.


Minnie's parents were Joseph and Pheriba (Phoebe) Shafer Morrison of Falls City, Nebraska.


My great great great grandmother, Phoebe Elizabeth Shafer Morrison, came to Batchtown, Illinois (the town my great grandmother lived. Yes, it was named after her grandfather.) from Nebraska to pick up my great grandmother and her two sisters after their mother (and her daughter) died in September 1888.


Correspondence is from 1888 and 1889 when my great grandmother stayed with her grandparents after her mother's death.





The following correspondence is from R. H. Morrison and his wife asking for one of three little girls left when his sister, Mary "Minnie" Louisa Morrison Batchelder died.


Also from Pheriba (F. E.) Morrison to William Warren Batchelder after the death of her daughter, Mary "Minnie" Morrison Batchelder and  letters from Albinah Clarinda Batchelder to her father, William Warren Batchelder.




Hamlin, Kansas

October 3, 1888



Dear Brother,


Will we received your letter last night and we feel very sad over our loss of a dear sister but your loss is far grater than ours but we all have such trials to bear except the ones that go first. If you could be content to let us have one of the children it would please us very much any one of them but donít think us selfish in this matter for we wonít blame you at all if you are not favorable to the plan. We would do as well by them as if they were our own and I could not promise more anyway. Write to us and let us know and perhaps Minnie left some request in regards to them. Let us know what was the matter with her and what your plans are for the future. I am quite well and Annie is not very well but able to do her own work.


I hope to hear from you soon.


From your bro


R. H. Morrison




 Dear Bro Will,

Be assured you have my sympathy in your great sorrow. Our loss is great in losing so far a sister, but well I know our loss is nothing compared with yours.


You will miss her sadly. May God help you to bear it. Will you keep the children with you? Could you let one of them come and live with us? We would love her dearly. (You know we have no children) nothing would make us so happy as to have one of them, the best we have of love and care and all we have should be hers, if you could spare the youngest one, she would sooner learn to love, and be content with us. But whatever you think best will be right.


Your friend,


Anna Morrison




Falls City, Nebraska

October 10, 1888





Dear Will


We got home all right the children is well. Rose made up with her Grandpaw right away. She hel the lines all the way home. The trunk didn't get thare when we did Father is going over to day to see if it has come we had to change cards twise at Kansas City and lost the valice in changing. The conductor found it a gone he ask me how it came that I was changing cars I think thay made us git off and go in the same car again. Will you said I cold keep the children a while it was so hard to think of evry thing when I was out thare perhaps you had better not send eny thing more until you make up your mind what you will do of cors I love the children tho I am getting old to take charge of little children. Perhaps you would rather have them near to you. Come as soon as you can the children is happy now I do not know wether it will last or not. Write soon.


Good by



Falls City, Nebraska

October 26, 1888



Dear Will


I will drop you a few lines to let you know that I received your letter in dew time tho had ben studying over what I can do. I do not think I can do for them as thay should bee it would look hard to start Allie of to school so far by her self and no girl on the same rode for company. it will bee hard to part with them tho I do see I can not look after them as thay should bee. thay seem perfectly hapy and contented it isn't likely that I would live to rase the dear ones and then thay would bee left again. Allie is at Roses (Rosa Morrison Wagner) Lizzie was there last week. Rose is getting flesher every day thay are well. Lizzie is setting by me and ses tell you she would like to see you. Grandpa has just got Rose in bed. Oh the little dears it seems hard to think that ther grandma can not keep them and rase them tho I do see that I am to old and blind to do for them as thay should bee. Rob and Annie (Robert and Annie Morrison ) was over last Sunday Rob wants one of them and Mrs. Smith at Hamlin said she would have one of them. I told them if I did not keep them you would have them where you could see to them and keep them together. Annie said Mrs. Smith seemed to take it as hard when she herd of Minnies deth as if it had ben one of her own children. We received the Calhoun paper the same time we did the letter we got the trunk the next day after we got home and my ticket was all right. Lizzie came thro all right as I can not think of eny thing more I will close. I send my love to Allie Lo (Albina Lowe? ) and all that I met in Batchtown for thay was all kind to me that I met it seems like a year sense I was thare. I wish Allie had ben thare when I was thare thay are all in bed and it is getting late and the fier has gone down we are well hoping those few lines may find you the same. Tel Mrs. and Mrs. Paulic I send my respects to them.


I remane as ever your affectionate Mother - write soon - good night



Falls City, Nebraska

November 25, 1888




Dear Will


I received your letter of the twenty third and the fifteen dollars all right would have written sooner tho was busey sheling corn here and did not have time and have had company today know I will try to answer your ever welcome letter. Father never writes eny more unless he has to on busnes. The children is well little Rose has just gon to sleep we think she gets sweeter every day. I do not know how it happen that we did not get the letter that you direct to me the children seems to be happy and contented school began the first of December and I do not know what to do about sending Allie to school if you have made arangments to take them back to Batchtown I will not start her to school here as Eddie (Joseph Edgar Morrison) is not going to school this winter. When you get ready to ocme let us know and some of us will meet you at the the trane. Will I can simpathise with your feelings can amagine just how you feel and I do think of you so many times when the dear ones seem to bee so happy singing and playing know one knows how hard it is until thay part with one that is so near to them. tho it does know good to greav if we could help it. Allie wan'ts to write some in this letter and I will close. Tell Mrs. Lowe to write again perhaps I will get the next time. Write soon.


I remane as ever from F. E. Morrison. Good night.





Dear Papa


I received your letter and was glad to hear from you. So I will answer it now. Rose is running around here with her dress off. Grandpa went to milk this evening and Rosa followed him and he hauled her back in a basket in the wheelbarrow. Lizzie and grandma is down in the kitchen. I got the letter that you wrote to me. Grandpa I guess is going to burn coal this winter he is burning it now he got a coal stove and he can burn wood in it to. It cost 15 dollars I think. They have got lots more room than they had when you was here before. There is more rooms built on to the house. Lizzie is sitting by the stand with a piece of bread and butter as I cannot think of much to write I will close. Love to all good by




We are well and hope those few lines may find you well

(F. E. Morrison)



Falls City, Nebraska

January 14, 1889



Dear papa


I now seat myself to write you a few lines to let you know that we are all well and hope this letter will find you the same. Did you go and see Mrs. Berry if she got Grandma's letter she thot maby you didn't because you didn't say nothing about it. Grandpa got your letter I wish you could be here now. Uncle Rob (Rob Morrison) was over Saturday he is coming over some time this week to butcher them we will have some more beef. Rosa is playing with her doll. We have just got your letter and Aunt Al's to. I got the pilot to I haven't read much in it yet because we haven't had it long it was too bad about Suse Calaway's death wasn't it. There was a great many joined the church I see in the pilot. I made a dress and put it on Rosa's doll and she thinks it all the nicer. Lizzie went down to Aunt Rosa's (Rosa Morrison Wagner) and stayed a good while not long after you went away. I suppose Don is a great big dog by this time. We had some more snow last night. It isn't as deep as the other one have you sold any of the furniture yet? We got a letter from Aunt Jane (Elizabeth Jane Morrison Stumbo ) when we got your other letter I would like very much to be there to go to Sunday School we was going to go to church last Sunday but it was kind of raining and we was afraid it would rain hard. Does Aunt Al get many eggs now or do you? Grandma's hens have been dying but they have quit but she don't get many eggs anymore. Dale and Aunt Rosa (Dale and Rosa Morrison Wagner) have had bad colds. Grandpa is out milking when you write will you tell us if Mrs. Berry got Grandma's letter. It is getting dark and I can't see to will clos give my love to Aunt Al Uncle Austin so I will clos.


Love to all good night.


Write soon.



Falls City, Nebraska

February, 1889




Dear papa,


I now seat myself to answer your kind and welcome letter which was received some time ago but we kept neglecting to write. We are all well now and hope you are the same. Lizzie and Rosa are playing with Lizzie's dishes. Rosa grows as fast as ever we went to town day before yesterday and got our pictures took we don't know wheather they will be good or not grandma is going to get one finished and if they are not good she will get them took again but all that we seen was good. Dale (Dale Wagner ) got some taken and they was good. Grandpa went over to Uncle Rob's (Rob Morrison) today Rosa stood by the chair and got her picture took by herself and that man told her that she was a good girl and she said yes. Lizzie is trying to sew. There was a sale over by Morel and grandpa went but he didn't buy anything. He went on purpose to buy another cow but he didn't get it. Rosa wanted some suckers and she said tell papa want some more coos. When you seen Grandma Inman did she say wheather she got mine and grandma's letter or not. We wrote to her a good while ago I would writ to Grandma Batch but I do not know where to direct the letter. I used to know where they got there mail at but I forgot I would like to see you and Aunt Al and Uncle Austin. Grandma is well now and so is Grandpa. Lizzie is singing now. I wrote to Stella Raney a few days ago I got a letter from Annie Harrison and Dott White last week. I get the Pilot every week now Grandma is starting the fire to get dinner. I cannot think of nothing to write so I will close.


Love to all good by from Allie to papa





Dear Will


I will try to drop you a few lines tho I hardly know what to write. Little Rosa is playing with her dishes. Allie and Lizzie is washing the dinner dishes. Allie said if I would write some she would wash the dishes. Thay all keep well so far I just kissed little Rose for you and she is on my lap and she sais she will send you a kiss XXX so she took the pen in her hand and I helped her make the kiss. I had a letter from my folks in Ill. two of my brother in laws has died since I last herd from them. we have ben having some more cold weather lately tho it is some warmer to day tho the wind is in the south and it is chilly. When we get the pictures finished I will send you one of them and keep the balance until you come for fear something should happen to them. Grandpa had some of little Roses taken standing by herself the photographer sed she was the best child to mind he ever saw. When we got redy to start home she went and told the man doen home he gave her a nibble. Father went over to Robert's (Robert Morrison) today to get some hogs he bought from Rob. Willie has gone home I gus he is well know this XXX is the kiss Lizzie sends you thay have just came up from the kitchen. I think thay folks is all well as far as I know I hope those lines may find you well and in good spirits it is hard to bee so sad I know some thing about that you need not worrie about the children if thay get sick we will do all we can do. This leaves all well hoping to here from you soon. Good by. I send love to all inquiring friends and keep a shear for yourself.


I still remane as ever your afectionet - Mother Morrison





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  Transcribed and Contributed by:  Kim Freeman