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Hon. Lorenzo Crounse



Hon. Lorenzo Crounse, the republican nominee for governor, was born in Schoharie County, New York, January 27, 1834, and is therefore 58 years old.



He was admitted to the bar in 1850 and engaged in the practice of his profession until the breaking out of the civil




He was married to Miss Mary E. Griffith in 1860, and one year later enlisted in the First regiment of New York volunteers. At the battle of Beverly Ford he was so severely wounded that he was compelled to retire from the service.



In 1864 he removed to Nebraska.



In 1865 he was elected a member of the legislature. While serving in that capacity served as chairman of the judiciary committee that drafted the first constitution of Nebraska.


When Nebraska became a state Mr. Crounse was elected as one of the three judges of the Supreme Court, his decisions always being on the side of the people.



In 1872 he was elected to congress, and in 1874 was re-elected to the same position. His record in congress was an admirable one. His maiden speech was in opposition to the salary grab and he voted to repeal it.


He secured the passage of the act subjecting the railway lands to state and local taxation.


He also introduced and passed a bill for the relief of the grasshopper sufferers who resided on the public lands of Nebraska.


He introduced a bill compelling the Union Pacific to reduce its bridge rates from $10 to $5 per car, and although it passed the house, it was lost in the senate.


In 1879 he was appointed collector of internal revenue, which position he held for three years.


One year ago he was appointed assistant secretary of the treasury; which position he still holds.










Source:  Lincoln Evening News, Saturday, August 6, 1892 - Republican Nominee for Governor