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Carl Moore   


Humboldt - After having been paroled following his conviction for theft, Carl Moore confessed to the theft of money from the Cooper Mills here and again has been arrested.  The money was recovered.


The World Herald, Omaha, Monday, July 11, 1921





Reverend E. M. Evans Injured    

Special Dispatch to the World Herald


Humboldt, Nebraska, January 9.--Reverend E. M. Evans,  Pastor of the Methodist Church of this city was severely injured Saturday night by being thrown from his vehicle, which collided in the darkness with a rapidly driven team, going in and opposite direction.


Mr. Evans was unable to fill any of his Sunday appointments, but here were no bones broken and his injuries are not deemed serious.


Wednesday, January 10, 1900

Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE) Volume: XXXV Issue: 101 Page: 5





Elder W. A. Morrison   


Elder W. A. Morrison last night began a series of meetings at the Christian Church. 



Wednesday, January 10, 1900

Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE) Volume: XXXV Issue: 101 Page: 5




Troubadours Sang At Cop's Window   


Special Dispatch to the World-Herald

Falls City, Nebraska, August 22.--Three strangers came to this city with a quart of hooch in their possession and then proceeded to look for a place where they might park their car and celebrate in festive style.  They apparently were unacquainted with local points of interest, for the place they chose for their carousal was the front door of the county jail.

Resenting the idea of becoming serenaded at 3 a.m.., Deputy Sheriff Norman Forney, whose living quarters are in the wing of the jail, rushed down to the street without even the formality of full garb and collared the trio.  The men gave their names as J. Chard, G. Umland and F. Allhand.

The World Herald, Omaha
Wednesday, August 23, 1922

OH! How The Jinx Dogged His Trail

Special Dispatch to the World Herald
Falls City, Nebraska, August 22.--After slashing his hand when a hydrometer he was holding broke four weeks ago, getting spiked on the following two Sundays and almost severing his tongue when he collided with another player on the diamond last week.

Ernie Frehse, shortstop for the legion team, finally yielded to the "jinx" when he broke his left hand while tagging a runner at second base in the Fort Leavenworth-Legion game.

The World Herald, Omaha 
Wednesday, August 23, 1922

J. H. Youell

Falls City - J. H. Youell of Verdon was elected president of the Richardson County Christian Church Sunday Schools at the annual meeting here.

The World Herald, Omaha


Wednesday, August 23, 1922

Rebuilt After Fire

Humboldt - Rumors here state that the Cooper Mills, destroyed by fire, will be rebuilt.  The power plant already has been rebuilt and will again supply electricity to surrounding towns.

The World Herald, Omaha
Wednesday, August 23, 1922

Salem Establishment   

Charges were pending at Falls City, Nebraska against the owner of the Big Red "N" in Salem, Nebraska, who was arrested Tuesday night for suspicion of allowing nude dancing at the Salem establishment.

Thursday, April 6, 1978
Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE)  Page: 29

Falls City Housewives Begin Natural Gas Use  

Falls City, Nebraska, February 24 (AP).—Falls City housewives are using natural gas for the first time.

Although the gas was turned into the mains several weeks ago, the pressure had to be reduced and the flow regulated for consumption.

Only a few homes and business places are now equipped to use the gas, but work of installing the gas lines is going forward rapidly, L. W. King, local manager, said.

Omaha World Herald Morning – Omaha, Nebraska
Tuesday, February 25, 1930

Christmas For The Needy   

Humbolt – The “Goodfellows” organization have remembered the needy for miles around Christmas day, giving food and toys.

The Shrine Club distributed 1,000 packages of candy and nuts to children of the city.

The World Herald, Omaha
Thursday, December 28, 1922

Dismissal of Case   

Humboldt – Dismissal of the case of Florence Irene Hackett against Estelle B. Hackett for alienation of affections was made with prejudice, preventing further suits.

The World Herald; Omaha
Saturday, July 28, 1928

Unidentified Body Found    

Falls City (A) – The mangled body of an unidentified man about 60 years old was found about four miles south of here by a Missouri Pacific foreman.

The World Herald; Omaha
Saturday, July 28, 1928

Congressman Morehead   

Falls City – Congressman John N. Morehead will speak at a Sunday School picnic 12 miles northeast of here Sunday.

The World Herald; Omaha
Saturday, July 28, 1928

Dredge Boat   

Falls City – The big dredge boat has now reached one mile from the point where it left the Nemaha River and is pushing its way through the Nemaha bottoms at a good rate.

The Bee, Omaha
October 30, 1909

Del Harbaugh    

Falls City – Del Harbaugh of Miles Ranch has sold two carloads of cattle on the Kansas market for $9 per hundred weight. This is the top price since 1902, when Sampel Kimmel sold in the same market for $8.00

The Bee, Omaha
October 30, 1909

Inheritance Taxes    

Falls City – The probate Judge of Richardson County has collected during the past four years $2,400 inheritance tax and turned it over to the county treasurer. No inheritance tax was collected in the The previous four years.

The Bee, Omaha
October 30, 1909

The Old First Presbyterian Church    

Falls City - The old First Presbyterian Church has been sold to Bohre Bros. and is being remodeled into a dwelling house. The church was erected in 1872 and was the third church building in the city.

The Bee, Omaha
October 30, 1909

Joseph Douglas   

Falls City – Joseph Douglas was sentenced to serve a term of three years in the state penitentiary for horse stealing. He stole a horse from D. Gush more than four years ago. The Sheriff has worked on the case ever since, finally landing him in the penitentiary. This is the second time he has been sent up- from here for the same offense.

The Bee, Omaha
October 30, 1909

Charged with Boot-Legging   

Humboldt, Nebraska, December 24. – Ike Pollard, a well known character here abouts, has been arrested and taken before Police Judge Thompson on a charge of boot-legging, the complaint being made by Marshal Todd, who claims the prisoner furnished to a farmer named Strunk who was thrown from his wagon about a week ago by a runaway team.

The old gentleman was in advanced stage of intoxication and had it not been for a belated pedestrian who found him by the roadside, he probably would have been frozen to death. He was placed in the jail over night and in the morning paid a small fine for his conduct.

It is claimed that the officers now have ample evidence that the liquor was furnished by Pollard, hence the present complaint. The accused gave bonds for appearance later in the sum of $500.

Humboldt has had no saloons for two years, but there has been constant illegal traffic in intoxicating drinks and the authorities are making determined efforts to reach the guilty parties.

Weekly News Journal
December 25, 1903


Jake Norris was in Salem Sunday

Geo. and Fred Cleveland were in Salem Monday.

Mr. Emmert were in Falls City, last Friday.

Geo. Porter spent several days at Craig, Missouri last week.

J. H. Timmerman made a trip to Falls City, Monday.

Ada and Alvirda Allen were shopping in Falls City Monday.

Lila and Irene Spurlock are visiting friends at Sabetha, Kansas.

Mr. Ramel of Falls City spent Monday afternoon in our midst.

Mrs. J. H. Timmerman has been quite sick, with neuralgia.

W. R. Allen transacted business in Falls City last Thursday.

Wm. Stach and wife of Verdon attended the funeral of Mr. Corn.

Mr. Hurley and daughter re spending several days in St. Louis.

Fred Schock transacted business in Falls City Thursday evening.

Dr. Heskett was quite sick several days the first of the week.

Salem was well represented at the Sabetha Street fair last week.

Mrs. Walter Dowel is reported very ill at her home near Salem.

Warren Schiable and Clyde Ramel were Salem visitors Sunday evening.

Mrs. Dr. Waggener left Thursday for Dawson where she will visit several days.

Mrs. Grimstead left Monday to visit her daughter, Mrs. Hoff, of Humboldt.

Orrie French visited her sister Mrs. Lou Grush, near Salem a few days this week.

W. W. Wertz has returned to Alma, Nebraska after spending several days at home.

Presiding Elder Wright held Quarterly meeting at the M. E. Church Saturday evening.

Mrs. Eliza Wickham and Mrs. B. L. Hasenyagerare visiting Frank Fitch and wife of Omaha.

The stock of goods from Cleveland Store at Verdon has been moved to the Salem store.

Mrs. Jas. French and Mrs. F. O. Wade visited Mrs Lou Grush several days the latter part of last.

Mrs. Geo. Jennings came up from Falls City Saturday and is visiting relatives for several days.

Professor Fenertein visited several days the latter part of last week with Professor Wilson and wife of Stella.

Mrs. J. R. Campbell arrived home Saturday after visiting several days with friends at Craig, Missouri.

Dr. Ruby, wife and baby of Des Moines, Iowa are spending several days in Salem. The guests of C. B. Emmert.

Mrs. C. W. Roberts is making a several weeks visit with W. S. Waller and wife, Exeter and M. H. Felt and family at Fremont.

Mr. H. R. Gist and daughter Mrs. W. F. Winebrenner of Clarksburg, Missouri, are making friends and relatives an extended visit.

Mrs. Ely, of Temple Texas, left for her home Monday morning after spending several weeks visiting at the home of her father. G. Hard.

Stella Wheeler left Monday for her home at University Place after spending some time with friends and relatives at Galls City and Salem.

Mrs. J. A. Anderson is in St. Joseph purchasing her Fall and Winter stock of millinery. She was accompanied by Linnna Timmerman who will work in the wholesale houses.

Captain J. P. Grinstead returning home Saturday after spending several days attending the re union at Craig, Missouri, where he displayed the curios he collected in the Philippines and Japan.

C. D. Baker held an auction Saturday afternoon and disposed of his house hold goods. After spending several days at Seneca, Kansas, Mr. Baker and wife will leave for their new home at Gering.

Mrs. G. C. Timmerman and two sons, who have been visiting friends and relatives for several weeks left Wednesday for St. Joe where they will make a few days visit at the home of Geo. Wertz, going from there to their home at Colby, Kansas.

The Falls City Tribune
September 1, 1905


The mother of John Marks and little grand daughter have been visiting her for some time.

A few friends by invitation called at the home of Sam Van Osdel on Sunday, where they all enjoyed a grand spread.

Viola Rains is at the home of James Stephenson, very sick. Dr. Houston of Falls City has been called to her bedside, pronouncing her illness a case of appendicitis in its first stage.

Mr. Spears will go to Missouri on Wednesday with the intention of moving his household goods here, he having rented rooms of Mrs. Dr. Williamson, this move doubtless means a house keeper too.

Sam Spickler and wife and Mrs. Allen, returned last Monday from Glenwood, Iowa, where they had been attending a Holiness camp meeting, and report having a lovely time while gone.

The Canning Company is doing some very satisfactory work in tomato canning. This factory is a great enterprise for Barada, as it brings into employment a great many of otherwise idle boys and girls.

Marie Crotty entertained a few friends at her home on Sunday eve, in honor of the two Miss Husbanie, who had been spending a few days this week. A dainty spread upon the grass, abundance of ice cream and cake to which we all did ample justice.

The Falls City Tribune
September 1, 1905

Richardson County Prosperous   

The people of Falls City are prosperous and making money every day. This condition is well illustrated by the mortgage records. During the six months from January to July there were fifty more payments of $13,685.90 of debts. During the same time there were forty one more city mortgages paid then given, a saving of $6,461.66.

Valentine Democrat
August 29, 1907