Nebraska State
Saunders County, Nebraska

Abandoned Church Malmo, NE  
Alma Lutheran County Road 12 & L
Mead, NE
Latitude: 41.2194388
Longitude: -96.5216826
Anderson Family Plot Weston, NE  
Ashland 2304 Silver Street
Ashland, NE
Latitude 41.03808
Longitude -96.38476
Bender Union, NE Section 15
Bethel Touhy or Weston, NE Latitude: 41.215831
Longitude: -96.7733523
Bethesda Mariposa, NE Latitude: 41.271108
Longitude: -96.7169643
Bohemian National Chester, NE Latitude: 41.3105539
Longitude: -96.8000211
Bohemian National Touhy, NE aka Cuda Cemetery
Carr Ashland, NE Latitude: 41.0780543
Longitude: -96.3764038
Cedar Hill Morse Bluff, NE aka Sacred Heart
Clear Creek Clear Creek, NE  
Critten Barrett Cedar Bluffs, NE aka Old Pohocco Cemetery
(in Camp Eagle Boy Scout Camp)
Czech Chapman, NE  
Czech National Morse Bluff, NE aka Killian Cemetery
Czech Wahoo, NE Latitude: 41.1558289
Longitude: -96.6864031
Edensburg Lutheran Malmo, NE  
Estina Leshara, NE abandoned cemetery
Evangelical Presbyterian Elk, NE  
Fleming Douglas, NE Latitude: 41.3794408
Longitude: -96.7255757
Fridhem Ceresco, NE Latitude: 41.1166683
Longitude: -96.6369635
Green Mound Marietta, NE Latitude: 41.2855574
Longitude: -96.5253041
Greenwood Wahoo, NE aka Wahoo Cemetery
Latitude: 41.2233361
Longitude: -96.6208589
Hollst-Lawn Yutan, NE Latitude: 41.2199934
Longitude: -96.4119601
Holy Rosary Douglas, NE Latitude: 41.2199934
Longitude: -96.4119601
Indian Mound Ithaca, NE Latitude: 41.161938
Longitude: -96.534734
Ingram NE  
Jensen Valparaiso, NE Latitude: 41.0894497
Longitude: -96.8303007
Johannes Cedar Bluffs, NE Latitude: 41.3788913
Longitude: -96.644194
Killian Bohemia, NE aka Czech National Cemetery
Latitude: 41.4274979
Longitude: -96.8241884
Little Flower Leshara, NE aka St. Therese Cemetery
Latitude: 41.3352712
Longitude: -96.4836285
Lutheran NE Latitude: 41.2483303
Longitude: -96.722242
Maple Grove Cedar Bluffs, NE Latitude: 41.3880572
Longitude: -96.6008601
Marietta Colon, NE Latitude: 41.2786134
Longitude: -96.5622489
McKnight-Talbot Weston, NE  
Morning Side Mead, NE Latitude: 41.217494
Longitude: -96.4836266
Mount Zion Ceresco, NE  
Mount Zion Wahoo, NE aka Rock Creek Cemetery
National Touhy, NE Latitude: 41.202777
Longitude: -96.8300195
New Pleasant Hill Ceresco, NE Latitude: 41.0888894
Longitude: -96.5905716
Ockander Family NE ca. 1880
Odvody Family Cemetery NE ca. 1880
Old Mount Zion Ceresco, NE  
Old Pleasant Hill Ceresco, NE Latitude: 41.074167
Longitude: -96.5919596
Old Pohocco Cedar Bluffs, NE aka Critten-Barrett Cemetery
Parmenter Marble, NE Latitude: 41.1755483
Longitude: -96.3958461
Plasi Plasi, NE aka St. Cyril & Methodius Cemetery
Platteville Cedar Bluffs, NE Latitude: 41.3505568
Longitude: -96.5414151
Pleasant Hill Ceresco, NE  
Pleasant View Leshara, NE aka Bethel Cemetery
Latitude: 41.2994376
Longitude: -96.4269616
Pohocco Cedar Bluffs, NE Latitude: 41.4230562
Longitude: -96.5580817
Pokorny NE  
Poor Farm Colon, NE  
Prague Presbyterian Prague, NE  
Rock Creek Rock Creek, NE Latitude: 41.0819398
Longitude: -96.7177886
Rock Creek Wahoo, NE aka Mount Zion Cemetery
Rock Creek Grace Lutheran Richland, NE  
Sacred Heart Morse Bluff, NE aka Cedar Hill
St. Cyril & Methodius Plasi, NE aka Plasi Cemetery
St. Francis Wahoo, NE Latitude: 41.2038912
Longitude: -96.6011351
St. James Union, NE Latitude: 41.219438
Longitude: -96.4355712
St. John's Mariposa, NE Latitude: 41.3033302
Longitude: -96.7369646
St. John's Prague, NE Latitude: 41.3147206
Longitude: -96.8027989
St. John's Weston, NE  
St. Joseph's Douglas, NE  
St. Mary's Oak Creek, NE Latitude: 41.0674981
Longitude: -96.8411252
St. Mary's Morse Bluff, NE Latitude: 41.3933291
Longitude: -96.6947419
St. Therese NE aka Little Flower Cemetery
St. Vitus Newman, NE Latitude: 41.1361094
Longitude: -96.8227943
St. Wenceslaus Center, NE Latitude: 41.2349959
Longitude: -96.6325182
Sunrise Wahoo, NE Latitude: 41.2050023
Longitude: -96.6003019
Sun Rise North Wahoo, NE  
Swedish Covenant Mission Richland, NE  
Talbot Family NE  
Union Colon, NE Latitude: 41.351391
Longitude: -96.611138
Valparaiso Valparaiso, NE Latitude: 41.0758317
Longitude: -96.8475147
Vavak Family Prague, NE  
Wahoo Wahoo, NE aka Greenwood Cemetery
Weston Weston, NE Latitude: 41.2016635
Longitude: -96.7422398
Wiegand Cedar Bluffs, NE Latitude: 41.3819464
Longitude: -96.6208604
Willow Creek Prague, NE Latitude: 41.3366652
Longitude: -96.8136325
Zion Green, NE Latitude: 41.1247149
Longitude: -96.5208421
Zion Lutheran Ithaca, NE County Road 12
Znami Weston, NE aka Znojmesky

Transcribed and submitted by: Nan Starjak
Updated by: Denise Hansen
[Source: The Geography of Saunders County Rural Cemeteries from 1859, by Gordon M. Riedesel]

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