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 Five Saunders County Thefts


Wahoo Filling Stations and Other Places Burglarized


Five robberies in Saunders County Monday night were reported state sheriff Tuesday morning.


The combination was knocked was knocked from a Texaco filling station at Wahoo to net robbers between $25 and $90.


The combination was also broken off at the Stand-ard Oil Co station at the same place, but nothing was taken.


A third attempt, at the Wahoo Hatchery, resulted in failure to get into the safe.


The farm home of Truman Collins, three miles east of Wahoo was burglarized during the night. A 12 gauge double barreled shotgun, a .32 automatic, and a new sheepskin coat was stolen.


A 16 gauge shotgun and a .22 revolver were stolen from another farm, three miles east

Of Ceresco.


The Lincoln Star- Lincoln, Nebraska - Tuesday, December 2, 1930


Charged with Burglary

Valparaiso, Neb., March 5, special

William Grant was arrested about 8:30 this evening, charged with breaking into the hardware store of  I. M. Hartt and stealing revolvers and pocket knives.  He is the same party charged with stealing hogs with Ives Jenson and his son John, some time ago, and was released by testifying on behalf of the state against Jenson.


It is very likely that more arrests will follow, as there seems to be music in the air.


Morning World Herald - March 6, 1891



Dies Trying To Save a Life   

Ashland, May 22 -- W. Herman Fowler, the 11 year old son of W. A. Gowler of this city, was drowned in Wahoo Creek.


It seems that he was in company of another boy, named Smith, who had a pet dog, which fell into the creek, and Smith jumped in after it.  


The boy was carried away by the current, when Fowler promptly jumped in to rescue him, but was carried away himself.


Smith was rescued by some parties who were passing, but Fowler could not be found.




Lincoln Evening News, Friday, May 22, 1896






Child of Frank Pestal   


A little 2 year old child of Frank Pestal, a farmer living four miles west of Wahoo, was bitten by a rattlesnake.  

The child's chances of recovery are very doubtful.


Saturday, April 25, 1896

Afro-American Sentinel (Omaha, NE) Page: 4



New Municipal Officers   

Special Dispatch to the World Herald


Wahoo, Nebraska, April 29.--The new city government was installed Friday evening.  It consists of:


R. A  Heaton, Mayor

F. J. Kirchman, Treasurer

J. E. Collings, Councilman, all Republicans

D. A. Mayer, Clerk

E. S. Rand, Police Judge


These with the other four councilmen are Fuionists.  The first thing the new administration ran up against was severe applications for saloon licenses and against each one was a healthy remonstrance weighted with numerous charges.  A. G. Wolfenberger of Lincoln, appeared for the remonstrators and E. E. Good and G. W. Simpson for the applicants.  The matter has been continued until May 4.  The board is for license.  The temperance people say the Slocum Law must be kept to the letter.  The city will be dry during the first four days of May.




Monday, April 30, 1900

Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE) Volume: XXXV Issue: 211 Page: 4