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Tobius Mack



Special Dispatch to the World Herald


Stanton, Nebraska, February 23 -- The funeral of Tobius Mack was held this afternoon in the German Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Mr. Mack was born in Rothwell, Germany and educated in an agricultural college there.  He came to America in 1867 and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Seven months later he went to Omaha.


In the summer of 1869 he homesteaded 160 acres three miles south of Stanton.


On April 1, 1870, he was married to Mrs. Josephine Linbold in Omaha and went to housekeeping on his claim.


One child Arthur was born to them.  Louis Smithberger is a stepson of Mr. Mack.


Death was caused by a combination of diabetes and tuberculosis, brought on by a severe attack of grip in 1901.


Tobias Mack was county commissioner in 1877-78 and serve3d in the State Legislature in the 1879 session.  From 1879 to 1883 he was county treasurer, and from 1883 to 1886 was county clerk.  He also served two terms as county surveyor.


In his later years financial reverses swept away his fortune and he died a poor man.


As a pioneer citizen and official he greatly assisted in the building up of this county.



Omaha World Herald - February 24, 1907




Elmer Vaughan


Stanton, Nebraska, February 12, 1900


The remains of Elmer Vaughan arrived here last week and the funeral services took place.


The funeral was military, and the Grand Army of the Republic, veterans of the war of 1898, and Company M of Madison followed the remains to the cemetery, where a short service was held.


The deceased soldier was a son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Vaughan of this city.  


Died of disease in the Philippines in October 1898.


The Stanton military band headed the funeral procession.



Custer County Republican - February 15, 1900 edition

Contributed by:  Melody Beery




Ron Allen


Stanton, Nebraska, January 8.  Ron Allen, a prominent farmer of Union Creek precinct, died yesterday of pneumonia after an illness of three days.

He came to town one day last week and was taken ill at the Nebraska Hotel, where he died.


He was born in Illinois in 1848, and went to Celubra, Iowa, in 1868, where a few years later he married Miss Augusta Fritz, who died several years ago.


In 1878 they came to Colfax County, living near Howells for twenty seven years.


Two years ago Mr. Allen came to Stanton County and purchased a one half section farm.


He had been in poor health for some time.  


There are six surviving children.



Omaha World Herald - January 7, 1910

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Mrs. Lewis Ley


Died - On Monday morning, August 18, 1879, after a long illness.  Mrs. Lewis Ley of Stanton Station, Nebraska; aged about thirty eight years.


Mrs. Ley was a sister of Mrs. John B. Brown of this city, at whose residence she died, and Messrs the Raff Bros.  She came down from her home in Nebraska, a short time ago with her sister, and had been there ever since until her death.


The funeral took place Monday afternoon and the remains were followed to the cemetery by a large number of friends.



Hutchison News (Weekly) - Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas - Thursday August 21, 1879, page 3. column 2

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Louise Anna Peters Dickman


Obit:  Louis Anna (Peters) Dickman

April 17, 1864 - May 24, 1942


Mrs. H. Dickman - Funeral Today


Funeral services for Mrs. Herman Dickman were conducted from the Congregational Church, Tuesday afternoon and with Rev. P. J. Thiel, pastor, officiating.


Music was furnished by the quartet, consisting of the Misses Dorthybelle Sheldon, and Joan Axen and Phillip Prawitz and John Best.  They were accompanied by Mrs. Dallas Evans and sang three selections:  In the Garden, Old Rugged Cross and God Will Take Care Of You.  Burial was made in the Stanton Cemetery.


Louis Anna Peters, daughter of John and Wilhelmina Peters, was born April 17, 1864, at Archade, Ohio and passed from this life at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Emma Verkmeister, May 24, 1942, at the age of 78 years, one month and 7 days.


She was confirmed at an early age in the St. Johns's Lutheran Church at Logan, Nebraska.  Four children were born of this union: two sons, August and Henry, Emma, with whom she has been making her home; the other daughter, Louise, died in infancy.  She is also survived by two brothers: Henry of Schribner, and Louie of Hooper, and three sisters: Mrs. Abraham Schultz, of Schribner, Mrs. John Schwarting, of Tilden and Mrs. Henry Roepken of Fremont.


She was one of those fine old German mothers that loved her family and her home, and during the pioneer days of sunshine and storm kept her faith, and has now gone to her reward.


Submitted by:  Terri Bickford Carota

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William C. Glaser       


Cobbler Drops Dead


Stanton, Nebraska, September 9. (AP)


William C. Glaser, 63, who operated a shoe repair shop here, died suddenly of a heart attack Tuesday afternoon.


He was found dead by customers.



Omaha World Herald - Omaha, Nebraska, Thursday, September 10, 1942

Transcribed and contributed by:  Mary Kay Krogman

Fred Peters   

Stanton Man’s Queer Death

Tells His Family He Has Taken Poison and Dies

Special Dispatch to the World Herald

Stanton, Nebraska, August 17. – Fred Peters, proprietor of the Gem Restaurant, died at 11 o’clock from the effects of what is supposed to be strychnine poisoning.

The family had retires and he was lying on a lounge in one of the lower rooms when he arose and called to his mother and sisters saying that he was very sick.

They sent for Doctors Underbery and Person, but they could do nothing. He told his mother that he had drank something that had poison in it and another person that there was strychnine in it, but was unable to give and coherent explanation.

He was a exemplary young man and was universally respected by all who knew him.

A jury was summoned by Coroner Dern and they found that he came to his death by accidental poisoning.

Saturday, August 18, 1900
Omaha World Herald (Omaha, Nebraska)

H. H. Altes    

Stanton County Pioneer Dead

Special Dispatch to the World Herald

Stanton, Nebraska, December 16. – H. H. Altes, a prominent citizen of this place, died here late last night of heart failure.

He had just recovered from a stroke of apoplexy when he suddenly expired.

At the time of his death he was police judge of Stanton and was serving his second term. He has held a number of other prominent  offices.

He was a soldier of the Civil War and a member of the Grand Army of the Republic.

A wife and five children, of whom Mrs. H. N. Way of Omaha is one survive him.

He was about 65 years old and was a pioneer of Stanton County.

Thursday, December 17, 1903
Omaha World Herald (Omaha, Nebraska)

C. B, Edwards   

C. B. Edwards Passes Away

Prominent Stanton County Stockman Found Dead in Bed

Special Dispatch to the World Herald

Stanton, Nebraska, October 8. – C. B. Edwards, one of the most prominent men of this county, was found dead in bed yesterday morning.

His 5 year old daughter went to call him to breakfast but failed to arouse him. Dr. Underburg was called, but it was found that Mrs. Edwards had died some time during the night of heart disease.

Mr. Edwards was in his usual health Friday night.

Mr. Edwards was born in Stark County, Illinois, and was 41 years old. He had been a resident of Stanton County twelve years. He was engaged in farming and stock raising. Last spring he sold his farm and moved to Stanton to reside. He was a prominent member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen and M. B. A lodges, carrying $2,000 in each order, besides carrying $5,000 old line insurance.

Two children 5 and 7 years old respectively, survive him.

The funeral was held this afternoon.

Monday, October 3, 1904
Omaha World Herald (Omaha, Nebraska)

Mrs. John Babb    

Funeral of Mrs. John Babb

Special Dispatch to the World Herald

Stanton, Nebraska, May 12. – The body of Mrs. John Babb was brought here from Gregory County, South Dakota, this morning for burial.

Mr. Babb and children accompanied the remains.

They were resident here about eight years ago. Mr. Babb was elected treasurer of Gregory County at one time, but a contest awarded the office to his opponent.

Sunday, May 13, 1906
Omaha World Herald (Omaha, Nebraska)

Miss Ida Pilger  

Miss Ida Pilger was born at Stanton, Nebraska, October 18, 1883. She attended school at Hooper, Nebraska, where she graduated. At the age of fourteen she was baptized in the Methodist Church and lived with her parents at Hooper until she was seventeen years of age, when they moved to Alliance, in the spring of 1900.

On February 6, 1901, she was married to George A. Hills. They made their home most of the time at Alliance until her death, on June 2, 1915. The funeral service was held at the First Presbyterian Church on Friday, June 4, the funeral being conducted by Reverent McIntyre. Members of the I.O.O.F., M.B.A., and F.O.E Lodges acted as pallbearers.

Mrs. Hills is survived by her husband, George A. Hills; her father, Julius Pilger, and two sisters, Miss Violet Pilger and Mrs. Mildred Woodward.

The funeral was attended by the father of Mrs. Hills and by her sister, Miss Violet Pilger, and by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clough, of Minatare, relatives of Mr. Hills. There were many beautiful floral remembrances. Interment was made in Greenwood Cemetery.

Card of Thanks

We wish to express our sincere thanks for the floral remembrances, the wreaths, the man kind words, acts and expressions of sympathy rendered during the sickness and death of our beloved wife, daughter and sister, Mrs. Geo. A. Hills.

George A. Hills
Mrs. Ella Young
Julius Pilger and Family

Resolutions of Condolence

Whereas, our Heavenly Father, in his all wise goodness, has seen fit to remove from this earth the beloved wife of our brother, George A. Hills, we, the members of Alliance Lodge No. 168, I.O.O.F., in session assembled this 8th day of June, 1915.

Resolve, that we extend our sympathy to our brother, Geo. A. Hills, in this bereavement and in his hour of grief.

Resolved, that we publish a copy of this resolution in the local newspapers and that a copy be forwarded to Brother Hills.

H. H. Brandt
E. M. Martin
Frank Spon

The Alliance Herald
June 10, 1915