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Thurston County, in Nebraska, is only eight months old and is $10,000 in debt.


The county has an area of about 430 square miles, comprising some of the best land in the state, but only about one-fourteenth has been opened to settlement.


Strenuous efforts are being made to remedy this condition of affairs and money has been subscribed to send a delegation of representative Indians to Washington to work for the Passage of an act opening to settlement a large portion of the Indian land adjoining Pender.


The Daily Boomerang - February 20, 1890





Up in the northern part of Nebraska is Thurston County, practically a part of the Winnebago Indian reservation.


As it might be expected society for the most part is not of that refined style such as we might find in Boston or in the circles of the select 400.


Omaha Daily World-Herald - January 20, 1890





3 Persons Killed In Nebraska Cyclone


Terrific Storm Passed Over Cummings and Thurston Counties Yesterday

Other Persons Injured and Buildings Demolished

Body of Child Found in Middle of Road

Heavy Rains With Storm.

Bancroft, Nebr., April 24.—A cyclone, the first of the season, swept through Cumming County and into Thurston county at noon yesterday and three people are known to have been killed, a number injured and a number of houses destroyed. The telegraph and telephone wires are down and reports are slow in arriving.


The tornado struck the house of John Mangleson, near Pender, Nebr., and then swooped up into the air, taking the wreckage of the house and both Mr.. and Mrs. Mangleson. Both were killed, their bodies being carried a mile.


George Waacker and family were at lunch when the twister struck their house. Three of the family were seriously injured.


The dead body of a little baby was picked up in the public road ten miles from Bancroft. The child has not been identified but undoubtedly was brought by the cyclone from some residence which was wrecked.


A heavy downpour of rain and hail followed the cyclone, which swept northeastwardly towards

Winnebago reservation, where much damage is supposed to have been wrought, the houses being of the most flimsy character.


The storm passed within a quarter of a mile of Pender and caused consternation in that town.


Aberdeen Daily American - April 4, 1908

Thurston’s Town Board   

Special Dispatch to the World Herald

Thurston, Nebraska, March 16 – The county board of commissioners recently [passed a resolution authorizing the organization of the town of Thurston, Thurston County.

The trustees appointed were:

B. F. McDonald
George J. Lemmon
C. H. Stanfield
Dr. Burke
M. A. Bancroft

This board selected McDonald for chairman; O. H. Sweet, clerk; Paul Reidier, treasurer, and Charles Nelson, Marshal.

Friday, March 16, 1906
Omaha World Herald      Page: 5