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$40,000 Flume Structure Completed

Requiring over 30 days of work and costing $40,000 to build, the sub-structure for the Turtle Creek flume which is located five miles north of Ord has been completed.

When laid in place, the concrete flume will be elevated over 50 feet above the ground by this structure. This immense steel frame-work measures 1590 feet in length and the flume which will rest on this base will be put in place within a few weeks. Flumes are "half-moon" in shape, being open at the top, acting as "troughs" for the water from the ditches to pass through.

In the entire North Loup project a total of 21 flumes will be constructed so that water may pass over deep canyons. The Turtle Creek structure is both the highest and the longest of any in the project. One flume on the Ord-North Loup canal six miles southeast of Ord has been completed and the Mira Valley flume is near completion.

[Ord Quiz, Ord, Nebraska, published November 24, 1937; submitted by cddd]

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