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Veteran Firemen




When the Veteran Firemen’s Association was organized in 1888 with sixty-five members nine out of every ten were also veterans of the Civil War.


Since then the graves of those who have died have received a double decoration of flowers.


During the last ten years seventeen of the original sixty-five have died, and as there are none eligible to take their places the membership has already been reduced over one quarter.


The graves decorated yesterday were those where rest the bodies of:


J. J. Galligan

Charles Fisher

Fred Schmidt

Joseph Rolles

Joseph Sheely

John Sheely

M. Hellman,

----- Goldsmith

Peter Windheim

Charles Goodrich

William Shull

Michael Parr

-----, Berthold

Gottleib Zimmerman

Frank Kleffner,

-----, Darr

P. J. Karbach




Omaha World Herald – May 31, 1898