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Herman Cop In A Gun Fight With Three Men

Trio Which Attempted to Break Into Store Flees as Dog Barks

Flee in Automobile

Special Dispatch to the World Herald
Herman, Nebraska, August 22.--Early this morning Marshal George Reid exchanged shots with three prowlers who attempted to break into the Smith Clothing Store. The officer had seen them drive into town in a large car.  They stopped it near the Latta Grain Company's office and extinguished the lights. Then they walked north on Main Street while the marshal stepped into the West Hotel to rouse members of the vigilance committee in the hope of cutting them off from their car and capturing them. Just as the prowlers reached the back door of the clothing store a dog next door barked and they ran. Officer Reid tried to stop them, firing several times to which the men replied with a volley. Nobody was hit so far as known.  A fourth man was in the car, and had the engine running when his companions reached it and they drove rapidly south.

The World Herald, Omaha
Wednesday, August 23, 1922