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"A Teacher's Gift to Her Students"


"Live to learn and you will learn to live."

"Good instruction is better than riches."

"Advance in learning as you advance in life."

"Kindness is the noblest weapon to conquer with."

"Education is the chief defense of nations."

"Acquire not only learning  but the habit of learning."



"And thanks for all your favors shown, for cheer which toil beguiles;

For roses in my pathway strewn, for all your love and smiles."


"And at the parting of the ways, we at this moment stand.

And soon will close our dear school days, and take each other's  hand."


"Most fondly do I wish you well, and hope you each may be,

An Ornament where e're you dwell; and from all vices free."


"And now the swift descending sun, proclaims the time is here;

so good bye each and ev'ry one.  Farewell, my pupils, dear."



"And oh! my pupils, I have tried

To do the bet I could;

I've ope'd the book of knowledge wide,

And hope you've understood.


"Get wisdom;  said the Sage of old.

Who spalve in sayings wise;

More precious she than gems of gold.

Or any other prize."


"And richer far than greater king

Or treasures of the mine.

Are they who drink from out her spring,

Or worship at her shrine."


"With all your getting therefore get

An education true;

Twill be a crown with jewels set.

A Pow'r to each of you."



Nashville School

District No. 58


Ft. Calhoun Township

 Washington County



Carrie Manley, Teacher





Ward Gould

John Rhody

Leo Rhody

John Gould

Myrtle Kaer

Kathleen Rhody

Marion McGuckin

Pearl Tompkins

Cecil Worley

Fred Baumwart

Grand Baumwart

Agness Rhody

Alice Hansen

Robert Gould

Clifford Fox

Ellene Hudleson

Mary Long

Myron McGuckin

Willis Stull

Edith Bell

Grace Penry

Richard Larson

Duane Fox

Eugene Allan

Harold Stull

Charles Worley

Laurence Tietz

Olaf Kaer

Merl Richardson

Clifford Schwatka

Raymond Stull

Paul Worley

Margaret Tietz

Loris Bell

Lola Tompkins

Donald Craig

Dorthy Craig

Le Vern Fox

Clifford Staben

Mary Allan

Marie Allan

Stella Mae Scott

Mildred Masloskie

Udene Casaubon

Gene Tompkins

Robert Allan

Roy Stull

Marjery Hall


School Board

Thomas Petersen, Director

Phillip Craig, Moderator

W. J. Arland, Treasurer




The Close Of School


"The time has come to say farewell

For now our term is through.

To round our present school days knell

And bid you all adieu."


"Farewell is a word that stirs our hearts.

That moves our feelings strong.

That sadness frequently imports.

And makes us linger long."


"For months together we have met

And conned our lessons o'er.

And done our best to know and get

A part of Learning's store."


"Thro' all the days I've labored hard.

And often during night,

Your progress was my sold regard.

Your welfare my delight."





Transcribed from a copy of a 1927 Nashville, Nebraska School "Souvenir" Booklet


Contributed by:  Marian Gould Davis

Transcribed by:  Frances Cooley