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Women Editors of Nebraska Newspapers 



In answer to questions regarding women editors of Nebraska, Miss Martha Turner, of the Historical Society, has compiled this list :


Brock Bulletin, Miss F. E. Warden, editor and publisher.

Crookston Herald, Mrs. J. E. Estle, editor and publisher.

Dixon Journal, Rivola B. Bennette, editor and publisher.

Banner County News, Harrisburg, Ella B. Wilson, editor and publisher.

Hebron Journal, Mrs. Erasmus M. Correll, editor and publisher.

Nebraska State Grange Journal, Kearney, Mrs. George Bischel, editor and State Grange Community, publishers.

Nebraska Legal News, Lincoln, Mrs. D. M. Butler, editor and publisher.

Minden News, Miss Florence E. Reynolds, editor, News Publishing Company, publishers.

Morrill Mail, Mrs. W. E. Alvis, editor.

Norfolk Press, W. H. & Marie Weekes, editors and publishers.

Every Child's Magazine, Omaha, Miss Grace Sorenson.

Tidings, Omaha, Mrs. Mary E. LaRocca, editor, Supreme Forest, publisher.

Pawnee County Schools, Pawnee City, Elsie S. Hammond, editor and publisher.

Rulo Star, F. W. and Mrs. B. J. Beavers, editors and publishers.

Stromsburg Headlight, Mrs. Chattie Coleman Westenius, editor and publisher.

Upland Eagle, Mrs. J. W. Robinson, editor and publisher.

Verdel (Knox Co.) Outlook, Kate M. Robinson, editor and publisher.

York New Teller, Miss E. G. Moore, editor and publisher.






From Nebraska History and Record of Pioneer Days, 1921
Published by Nebraska State Historical Society, 1921

Transcribed and Submitted by K. Torp