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Women Hold Office in Nebraska





From the Omaha Bee


Forty four women hold the important office of county superintendent of Schools in the state of Nebraska, thus enjoying what was long considered the special privilege of men as to office holding in the great field wherein the public schools exercise their influence.


These women officeholders draw salaries ranging from $1,000 to $1,800 a year, the latter amount being drawn by Superintendents Jessie B. Prytle of Gage County and Mrs. E. B. O. Williams of Saunders County.  Superintendents Mary E. Foster of Cass and Abbla M. Newberry of Knox draws $1,600 a year.  While eight others draw $1,400 a year, and fifteen get $1,300.  Eight are paid a per diem of not less than $5 for all time actually given to the work in the sparsely settled counties.


That these women are successfully discharging the duties devolving on a county superintendent is proven by the fact that many of them have been re-elected from two to four times by the voters.





Kansas City Star - January 2, 1912