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Carson City, Nevada

1910 Orphan Home,
Carson City, Ormsby Co., Nevada Census

Contributed by Shauna L Williams
Name Relation Sex Race Age Marr.
Josephs, Joe Head M W 63 M1 35 NY NY Maine Superintendent
Orphan Home
Anna E. Wife F W 56 M1 35 CA German German Matron Orphan
Saul, Emma E. F W 34 S OH German German Assistant Matron
Orphan Home
Lakharn?, Annie A. F W 42 Wd CA England NY Nurse Orphan
Stanley, Marie E. F W 37 Wd MO Tennessee OH First Cook
Orphan Home
Valenzuela, Lena F W 24 S NV Unknown Unknown
Berry, Alpha N. F W 21 S NV Unknown Unknown Steward? Orphan Home
Sullivan, Johanna T. F W 43 S CA Ire English Ire English Principal School
Silva, Juanila M. F W 13 S OR
Souter, Ethel L. F W 11 S WA
Ashforth, Robert A. M W 12 S CO
Ashforth, Arthur A. M W 6 S CA
Butshem?, John S. M W 5 WI German
Brown, Charley F. M W 6 NV
Brown, Clarence M W 5 NV
Brown, Alice N. F W 3 NV
Campbell, Edna F W 15 CA
Campbell, Richard M W 8 CA
Cameron, Earle M W 11 ID
Cameron, Vera F W 10 NV
Cameron, Elva F W 8 WY
Clauson, Hazel F W 9 CO
Clauson, Emma F W 6 CO
Couillard, Josephine A. F W 10 NV Can French Can French
Couillard, Damas M W 5 NV Can French Can French
Glock, Madeline M. F W 11 NV Switz German
Glock, August J. M W 10 NV Switz German
Glock, Alexander M W 7 NV Switz German
Huntington, Claud E. M W 8 CA
Hazlett, Mabel H. F W 15 NV
Hazlett, George A. M W 10 NV
Jones, Rosa F W 14 SC
Jones, Lloyd M W 10 NV
Jones, Mary F W 9 NV
Jones, Samuel M W 7 NV
McLeary, Raymond M W 10 NV
McKenzie, Howard M W 5 NV
Neff, Edna E. F W 14 NV Canada English
Neff, Lillian M. F W 12 MI Canada Eng
Neff, Floyd S. M W 8 MI Canada Eng
Neff, Orville C. M W 6 NV Canada Eng
N???l, Florence E. F W 7 TX
Neil, William S. M W 3 NV
Picollo, Ulysses S. M W 14 NV
Pisoll?, Arena K. F W 13 NV
Proffitt, Waldo M W 9 NV
Riechi?, Edna F W 11 NV
Riehl, Irma F W 8 NV
Richl?, Els?iore M W 6 NV
Starcha?, Ethel F W 17 NV
Catton, William Head M W 54 S Can
Can English Can Scotch Engineer
Staricha, William M W 15 S NV
Shultz, Mary F W 17 S NV
Shultz, Ellen F W 16 S NV
Shingler, Susie F W 17 NV
Shingler, Maud F W 15 NV
Souter, Leonard R. M W 10 WA
Sullivan, Leonard M W 11 NV
Sullivan, Gracie F W 10 NV
Sullivan, Frank M W 8 NV
Sullivan, Irene F W 6 NV
Sullivan, Dorothy F W 3 NV
Tamagni, Harry M W 4 NV
Tamagni, Eddie M W 5 NV
Tessori, Alice J. F W 7 CA
Walsh, Daniel C. M W 14 S NV
Walsh, William J. M W 12 S NV
Kelly, Alicia F. F W 13 S NV
Kelly, Margarete J. F W 12 S CA
Byrne, NV F W 10 S NV
Byrne, Edith A. F W 9 NV
Lithtenberg, Dorris M. F W 11 NV
Lithtenberg, Edna K. F W 7 NV
Lithtenberg, Delman F. M W 3 NV
Shulz, Agnes F W 11 S NV
Rommel, Edward   M W 3 CA
Holman, Thomas M W 5 NV
Stewart, Alfonso M W 11 NV
Stewart, Eleanora F W 8 NV
Stewart, Ruby F W 5 NV
Stewart, Robert M W 3 NV
McGonigill, Margaret A. F W 4 NV
McGonigill, James H. M W 5 NV
McGonigill, Laura E. F W 9 NV
Thompson, Minnie B. F W 14 CA
Thompson, Myrtle E. F W 12 CA
Banbrick, Harrison B. M W 12 NV
Banbrick, Marie F W 6 NV
Ruf, William J.D. M W 13 CO
Ruf, Charles A. M W 10 UT
Foster, Tiny F W 16 NV
Foster, Agnes F W 8 NV
Foster, Agnes F W 8 NV
Byrne, James G. M W 5 NV
Byrne, Earl M W 10 NV
Wilson, Helen A. F W 7 CO
Homor, John W. M W 12 CO
McFadden, Luie E. M W 13 CA
McFadden, Arthur E. M W 9 CA
Kell, Clay P. M W 10 NV

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