Churchill County,

U.S. 1880 CENSUS


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__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 1B
__, ___ p. 2C
__, Ahsenth p. 3A
__, Alferd p. 5B
__, Chalrey p. 2D
__, Chaw p. 5B
__, Frank Frates p. 6C
__, H. ___ p. 1B
__, Hiser p. 4C
__, J ___ p. 1B
__, James p. 1A
__, Jennie p. 1A
__, John p. 1B
__, Maggie p. 1A
__, Mary p. 1B
__, Peter p. 1A
__, Wm. p. 1A
__. ___ p. 1B
Adams, Clinton p. 5B
Agnew, John p. 1A
Ah, Sing p. 3A
Ah, Tong p. 3A
Ah, Tong p. 3A
Ah, Yee p. 3A
Allen, Chas. L. p. 4C
Allen, Eva M. p. 4C
Allen, H. J. p. 4C
Allen, J. W. p. 1A
Allen, Kate p. 1A
Allen, Lem p. 4C
Allen, Lem L. p. 4C
Allen, Mary D. p. 4C
Allen, Sarah A. p. 4C
Allen, Sarah E. p. 4C
Allen, Viola p. 1A
Arinne, Fredrick p. 2D
Armbuster, H. p. 3B
Austin, Addie p. 5A
Austin, Aphia p. 5A
Austin, Arther p. 5A
Austin, Belle p. 5A
Austin, Eugene p. 5A
Austin, Frank p. 5A
Austin, Harry p. 5A
Austin, Susan p. 5A
Baily, Charles p. 1A
Baily, Charlie p. 1A
Baily, Iva p. 1A
Baily, John p. 1A
Baily, Mary C. p. 1A
Baily, Mirta p. 1A
Barnard, A. p. 5B
Barnette, Andrew p. 2D
Barns, Mike p. 3B
Barren, James p. 3A
Beach, S. p. 6D
Bell, Alex p. 1A
Bend, Charles p. 5A
Bend, Elisabeth p. 5A
Bend, J. W. p. 5A
Bend, Kate p. 5A
Bend, Lee p. 5A
Berdeen, Charles p. 1A
Bowan, G. W. p. 2C
Brandon, Arther p. 5A
Brandon, Edward p. 5A
Brandon, Laura p. 5A
Brandon, Sarah p. 5A
Brandon, Theadore p. 5A
Brandon, Willie p. 5A
Brandon, Wm. p. 5A
Brannon, Daniel p. 2D
Brannon, Lillie p. 2D
Brannon, Mary p. 2D
Brannon, Robt. p. 2D
Bricker, Frank p. 4C
Bridges, George p. 5A
Brown, Albert p. 5B
Brown, Alex p. 2D
Brown, Barbra p. 5A
Brown, Charles p. 3A
Brown, Cora S. p. 5B
Brown, Delia p. 5B
Brown, Edward p. 5A
Brown, George p. 5A
Brown, Grace p. 5A
Brown, Hardy p. 5B
Brown, Harlo B. p. 5B
Brown, James p. 5A
Brown, Jane p. 2D
Brown, John P. p. 5B
Brown, Joseph p. 5A
Brown, Kate p. 5A
Brown, Lyman p. 5B
Brown, Orr C. p. 5B
Brown, Paulina p. 5B
Brown, Sterla p. 5B
Brown, Willard p. 5A
Brown, Wm. p. 5B
Burns, Thomas p. 2C
Bush, Joseph p. 2C
Cain, Mary p. 3A
Calvert, J. F. p. 1A
Cambers, Benjamin p. 1A
Cambers, John p. 1A
Cambers, Luvina p. 1A
Cambers, Nellie p. 1A
Cambers, Sodorous p. 1A
Campbell, ___ p. 1A
Carr, Robt. p. 1A
Cerietti, John p. 2D
Chamberland, J. p. 5B
Chapman, Anna p. 3A
Chapman, Harry p. 3A
Chineman p. 3B
Chineman p. 3B
Chineman p. 3B
Chineman p. 3B
Chineman p. 3B
Clark, Ephraim p. 3B
Clark, Lucy p. 3B
Cole, Chas. p. 4C
Conklin, Wm. p. 5B
Cope, Benjamin p. 3B
Cope, James p. 3B
Cope, Nancy p. 3B
Cotten, Earnest p. 1B
Cotten, Geo. p. 1B
Cox, Wm. p. 1A
Cronin, Dora p. 3A
Cronin, Julia p. 3A
Cronin, W. M. p. 3A
Cushman, Clem p. 6C
Cushman, J. J. p. 6C
Cushman, Mollie p. 6C
Cushman, Rolly p. 6C
Custer, F. A. p. 6C
D__, Anthony p. 1A
Dallon, Elisabeth p. 2C
Dallon, Fred p. 2C
Dallon, Luella p. 2C
Dallon, Thomas p. 2C
Dallon, William p. 2C
Dallon, Wm. p. 2C
Danielson, Calista p. 1B
Danielson, Earl p. 1B
Danielson, James p. 1B
Daugherty, T. W. p. 6D
Davis, Peter p. 3B
Day, John C. p. 6D
Dickle, Frank p. 3A
Dillard, D. H. p. 5B
Dillard, Della p. 5B
Dillard, Mattie p. 5B
Dillard, Minnie p. 5B
Dillard, Warren p. 5B
Dillard, Williamina p. 5B
Doane, Charles p. 2D
Doane, Cora p. 2D
Doane, Katie p. 2D
Doane, Samuel p. 2D
Doolittle, A. W. p. 2D
Doolittle, Edwin p. 2D
Doolittle, Eugene p. 2D
Doolittle, Susan p. 2D
Dossu, Robert p. 1A
Douglass, Harward p. 3A
Doyle, John p. 3A
Duiswine, Wm. p. 3B
Dyer, C___ p. 1A
Dyer, George p. 5B
Eastman, Allice p. 5A
Eastman, Author p. 5A
Eastman, Jay p. 5A
Eastman, Lidde p. 5A
Eastman, Lilla p. 5A
Eastman, Susa p. 5A
Eastman, Walter p. 5A
Echart, Joseph p. 5B
Eck, Henry p. 3A
Elboresoh, Charly p. 2D
Elboresoh, Samuel p. 2D
Enis, Joseph p. 1A
Faxon, Albert p. 2D
Fendaurey, John p. 5B
Ferguson, Abraham p. 6D
Ferguson, Bishop p. 6D
Ferguson, c.r. p. 1A
Ferguson, Edward p. 6D
Ferguson, Elisabeth p. 6D
Ferguson, Emma p. 6D
Ferguson, Finley p. 6D
Ferguson, Frank p. 6D
Ferguson, George p. 6D
Ferguson, Henry p. 6D
Ferguson, Hester p. 1A
Ferguson, J. p. 6D
Ferguson, J. P. p. 6D
Ferguson, J. W. p. 1A
Ferguson, Nancy p. 6D
Fitzjerald, Thomas p. 3A
Fogi, Thomas p. 2D
Fon, ___ p. 3B
Foras, John p. 3A
Forbes, Timothy p. 3A
Fraiser, Charles p. 2D
Fraiser, Emma p. 2D
Frates, ___ p. 2D
Frates, John p. 2C
Frates, John p. 2D
Frates, Joseph p. 2D
Funk, Emma p. 3B
Funk, Fred p. 3B

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