Churchill County,

U.S. 1880 CENSUS


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G__, Hamilton p. 2D
Gainez, John p. 6C
Geutmire, Ike p. 2C
Gibson, Wm. p. 3A
Gilbert, Frank p. 2D
Gilmore, Joseph p. 3A
Ging, Wah p. 3B
Godfrey, Thomas p. 3A
Goreten, New ___ p. 2C
Gorrell, ___ p. 4C
Gorrell, J. W. p. 4C
Govan, ___ p. 1A
Gowen, Frank p. 6D
Gray, B. Wm. p. 3B
Gray, Frank p. 3B
Gray, Pauline p. 3B
Grimes, Wm. C. p. 5B
Grimes, Ellen p. 5B
Grimes, John p. 2C
Grimes, Nettie p. 2C
Grosy, Joseph p. 1A
Gutzman, Ed p. 3A
H__, R___ p. 1A
Harman, Eliza p. 4C
Harman, Guy p. 4C
Harman, Laura p. 4C
Harman, Scott p. 4C
Harman, Willie p. 4C
Harman, Wm. p. 2D
Harman, Wm. p. 4C
Harper, A. W. p. 5B
Healy, Albert p. 1B
Healy, Birdena p. 5A
Healy, Clara p. 5A
Healy, David p. 1B
Healy, Mary p. 1B
Healy, Wm. p. 5A
Higgins, J. E. p. 6D
Hight, Stewart p. 6C
Hill, Mitchell p. 2C
Hootman, Mal p. 5A
Householder, W. C. p. 6C
Hoyt, M. W. p. 6D
Hull, E. P. p. 6D
Hung, Me p. 3A
Jackson, Wm. p. 6C
Jochinson, John p. 2C
Joy, Sterling p. 3A
Junett, Chas. p. 4C
Keeler, Daniel p. 1B
Kenney, Chas. W. p. 3A
Kent, Ira p. 2D
Kent, Mary p. 2D
Kenyar, Thomas p. 3A
Kenyon, A. L. p. 3B
Kenyon, Fred p. 3B
Kenyon, Kate p. 3B
Kenyon, Lillie p. 3B
Kenyon, Luella p. 3B
Kenyon, Maggie p. 3B
Kenyon, Manis p. 3B
Kin, Ah p. 3A
L__, I. ___ p. 2C
Lafevre, Fred p. 3A
Lee, Sam p. 3A
Lent, Chas. p. 5B
Lewis, Caestine p. 6C
Liddy, Edward p. 1A
Liddy, Thomas p. 1A
Linda, Aaren p. 2C
Livingston, H. p. 4C
Long, Ah p. 3B
Loo, Sam p. 6C
Lopney, Elija p. 4C
Lopney, Sarah p. 4C
Lopney, Thomas p. 4C
Low, Fowe p. 3A
Lung, Ah p. 3B
Lytle, Emmet p. 5B
Lytle, Wm. p. 5B
Mack, Thomas p. 2C
Mage, Emma p. 6C
Magee, Angie p. 6C
Magee, Belle p. 6C
Magee, Ellen p. 6C
Magee, Sarah p. 6C
Magee, Susan p. 6C
Magee, Wm. p. 6C
Marks, Melvin p. 5B
Maybush, Bertie p. 2C
Maybush, Chad p. 2C
McCarie, Clara p. 5B
McCeril, Thomas p. 6C
McDaniel, D. p. 1A
McDonald, James p. 3A
McElvana, F. p. 6D
McFarland, L. E. p. 4C
McGan, Mark p. 3A
McGuire, Henry p. 1B
McKay, James p. 1B
McKinzy, Alex p. 1A
McKinzy, Ella p. 1A
McKinzy, George p. 1A
McKinzy, Maggie p. 1A
McKinzy, Nettie p. 1A
McKinzy, Susanna p. 1A
McQueesan, Henry p. 6C
McQuen, Wm. p. 1A
Meden, John p. 5B
Megnat, John p. 3A
Merry, Asa p. 3B
Miller, Frank p. 1A
More, Wm. p. 5B
Moresoh, Peter p. 2D
Murphy, Anna p. 2C
Murphy, Elisabeth p. 2D
Murphy, John p. 2C
Murphy, Lizzie p. 2C
Murphy, Susan p. 2C
Murphy, Wm. p. 2D
Oak, Ora p. 2C
Oates, John p. 2C
Ock, Dan p. 3A
Ordway, A. O. p. 6C
Philips, Frank p. 2C
Pike, Ida p. 2D
Pike, Pearl p. 2D
Pike, W. H. A. p. 2D
Pollock, Alex p. 6C
Pool, James p. 4C
Porter, Ida p. 2C
Porter, James p. 2C
Porter, James p. 2C
Porter, Mary p. 2C
Pursell, W. p. 3A
Rail, Jay p. 1A
Rail, Kate p. 4C
Rhinehart, Wm. p. 5A
Rhinewatt, D. W. p. 5A
Richards, J. W. p. 2D
Richardson, G. L. p. 6D
Rowe, Edward p. 1B
Russell, Geo. p. 1A
Sanford, David p. 2D
Sanford, Elisha p. 2D
Sanford, Inus p. 2D
Sanford, J. M. p. 2D
Sanford, Marion p. 2D
Sanford, Nancy p. 2D
Sanford, Wm. p. 2D
Savy, Anna p. 3A
Savy, James p. 3A
Shaw, B. H. p. 2C
Shaw, Michael p. 3A
Shehan, John p. 6D
Shehan, Patrick p. 6C
Shirly, Robt. p. 1B
Shopy, Chas. p. 5A
Shung, Ah p. 3B
Sillight, Sibe p. 2C
Simonette, Chris p. 5A
Sing, ___ p. 3A
Sing, Ah p. 3A
Sing, Ah p. 3A
Small, Frank p. 5A
Small, Fred p. 5A
Smidt, Walter p. 3A
Smith, J. R. p. 3B
Smith, Mary p. 1A
Smith, Wm. p. 3A
Snider, John p. 5B
Somers, Anciel p. 4C
Somers, Anna p. 4C
Somers, Chas. p. 4C
Somers, Elisabeth p. 4C
Somers, Ella p. 4C
Somers, Herman p. 4C
Somers, Willie p. 4C
Soon, Ah p. 3B
Springer, Jas. p. 2D
Stirling, James p. 2C
Stuobunski, Saul p. 3B
Sturdevant, p. 3B
Sturdevant, Jas. p. 3B
Sulivan, Mike p. 2D
Sypherd, Ellen p. 3B
Tenbrook, James p. 2C
Thelen, Annie p. 5A
Thelen, B ___ p. 5A
Thelen, Henry p. 5A
Thelen, Katie p. 5A
Thomson, Henry p. 6C
Thorn, Charles p. 2C
Tung, ___ p. 3A
Turman, Emma p. 6C
Turman, Maryette p. 6C
Turman, S ___ p. 6C
Vanauren, Wm. p. 2C
Verplank, C. W. p. 6C
Verplank, Frank p. 6C
Verplank, J. P. p. 6C
Wahuscloff, Fred p. 2D
Walker, Herirette p. 3B
Walker, Jay p. 3B
Walker, John p. 2D
Warnden, Chas. p. 4C
Webb, Geo. p. 4C
Wee, Ah p. 3B
Wheler, James p. 2C
Whitaker, Wm. p. 3B
White, George p. 1B
Wightman, Charles p. 6C
Wightman, D. M. p. 6C
Wightman, E. p. 3A
Wightman, Fred p. 6C
Wightman, Gracy p. 6C
Wightman, Harry p. 6C
Wightman, Herbert p. 6C
Wightman, Lee p. 6C
Wightman, Lizzie p. 6C
Wightman, Mary p. 3A
Wightman, Sarah p. 6C
Wiley, G. M. p. 3A
Williams, Georg p. 2C
Williams, George p. 2C
Williams, John p. 2C
Williams, Laura p. 2C
Williams, Mary p. 2C
Williams, Sarah p. 2C
Williams, Warren p. 2C
Wilson, James p. 2C
Wing, Charles p. 2C
Woodruff, Albert p. 2C
Yon, Ah p. 3B
Young, Lewertan p. 3A
Yung, Ah p. 5B

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