Douglas County, Nevada

1870 Mortality Schedule for Douglas County, NV

Transcribed by ©Shauna Williams

Persons who died during the year ending 1st June 1870 in the County of Douglas, State of Nevada






Married or Widowed

Place of birth

Father Foreign

Mother Foreign



Cause of death

19 Roach, J.L. 36 M W M SC     Aug Farmer Gun Shot Murder
25 Penrod, J.L. 9 M W   Nev     March   Poison
33 Schooly, I. 12-Jun F W   Nev     Aug   Diarrhea
35 Bollen, Kate 6 F W   Nev     Dec   Croup
  R.W. 4 M W   Nev     Dec   Croup
  Francis 1 F W   Nev     Dec   Croup
60 Peters, Amlia U. 28 F W M Mich     Dec Keepg. House Consumption
?? Tebb--, L.M. 4 1/12 F W   Nev     Aug   Cholera infantum
89 -angberg, Helbert? 1 M W   Nev     April   Scarlet Fever
159 Obershelp?,  ---- 36 F W M Prussia     Feb Keeping House Child Birth
119 Ban---y Wm. 2 M W   Nev     June   Croup
151 Young, P. 12-Oct M W   Cal or Col     Sept   Chronic D----

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