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1880 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending May 31, 1880
in Eureka, in the County of Eureka, State of Nevada
Enumerated by me, Jas. W. Smith

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson


# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death


  Ah Hung 35 M C S China China China May Tailor Strangulation  
  Baker, Mary A. 5/12 F W   Nevada Wisconsin California Oct   Diarrhea  
  Basletta?, _____ 34 M W S Italy Italy Italy Dec Coal Burner Pelvic Abscess names are hard to read
  Bosanko, John 4/12 M W   Nevada England England Mar   Hip Disease surname could be wrong
  Cazoux, Homer 4/12 M W   Nevada France California June   Bronchitis  
  Campbell, John 52 M W S England England England July Day Laborer Alcoholism  
  Creek, M. M. 29 F W M Canada England England Jan Kept House Endocarditis  
  Davis, Mary L. 35 F W M New York New York New York Oct Kept House Peritonitis  
  Dalton, Daniel 46 M W S England England England July Miner Phthisis  
  Draghi, Paola 37 M W S Italy Italy Italy Feb Coal Burner Pneumonia  
  Dorsey, Terrance 2/12 M W   Nevada Ireland Ireland Mar Courtesan Suicide - Morphine first name could be wrong
  Dunn, Lottie N. 27 F W S California     Apr      
  Dunberry, Enoch   M W                
  Dussell, P. J. 26 M W S Ireland Ireland Ireland May Miner Killed in Mine  
  Edwards, W. A. 38 M W S Virginia US US July _____ Alcoholism Occupation illegible
  Eusher, A. N. 7/12 M W   Nevada England England Sept   Remittent Fever surname could be wrong
  Evans, Henry Day 32 M W S Pennsylvania Pennsylvania New York Nov Miner Remittent Fever  
  Farlinger, Hiram 29 M W S New York New York New York Oct Lumberman Lead Poison  
  Ford, Vena M. 6 F W S Nevada Connecticut Connecticut Nov   Scarlet Fever  
  Franks, Rosella 41 F W M       Nov Kept House Pneumonia  
  Ford, Rosa E. 5 F W   Nevada ______ Wisconsin Dec   Scarlet Fever fathers birth place unreadable
  Ford, Jas. M. 4/12 M W   Nevada ______ Wisconsin Dec   Scarlet Fever  
  Gordon, G____ 42 M W S Virginia Scotland Scotland Aug Farmer Embolism of the throat first name hard to read
  Gras, _____ 30 M W S France France France Apr Miner Pneumonia first name blurred
  Garcia, Jose 24 M W S California Mexico Mexico May Bartender Pistol Shot (murdered)  
  Guidotte, Clements 24 M W S Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland May Coal Burner Pyrexia names are hard to read
  Harmon, Alon   F W   Nevada Maine Maine July   Congestion of the Brain first name could be wrong
  Hash, L. M. 40 F W W Georgia Bavaria Bavaria Nov Kept House Gastritis  
  Hancock, L. J. 2 F W   Nevada England England Nov   Scarlet Fever  
  Hass, C. J. 1 4/12 M W   Canada Prussia Prussia Jan   Bronchitis  
  Hamlin, O. J. 45 M W S New York New York New York Sept School Teacher Heart Disease  
  Langier, Chas. 52 M W M Italy Italy Italy Dec Hotel Cook Pneumonia  
  Mac____, J. S. 3/12 F W   Nevada     Aug   Inflammation of the Bowels surname blurred
  Mackey, Wm. 38 M W S Canada Scotland Scotland Apr Miner Pneumonia  
  Morris, Peter 35 M W S New York Ireland Ireland Nov Miner Typhoid Fever  
  Middough, W. H. 1 M W   Nevada     Nov   Gastritis  

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