1862 - 1899

These records are of early marriages recorded for Humboldt County, Nevada but include residents of other present day Nevada counties and even citizens of other states who were married in Humboldt County during the 1862 - 1899 time frame.

The records have been extracted, with permission, from Western States Marriages found on the Brigham Young University web site. Their web site list approximately a half million early marriages for several of our western states. If you believe an early marriage might have been in another Nevada county or in another western state, their search engine makes it easy to search for a specific surname.

Our thanks and gratitude to the Brigham Young University for permission to use the material posted here.


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ABLE, David A. DENIO, Levina J. 16 Apr 1871 A034
ABLE, J. F. SMART, Lillis 09 Feb 1870 A026
ADAMS, Edward H. Winnemucca LARK, Augusta M. Winnemucca 04 May 1877 B074
ADAMS, William R. Paradise Valley LEPPER, Anna Paradise Valley 01 Nov 1881 A240
ADKINS, G. W. Humboldt REIL, Minnie Humboldt 09 Sep 1893 B132
AKIN, William L. Winnemucca SEARS, Laura Winnemucca 17 Mar 1890 B105
ALEXANDER, Biggeon Paradise Valley PEARCE, Hattie C. Paradise Valley 15 Feb 1899 C082
ALEXANDER, Joseph Winnemucca SADLER, Lou Winnemucca 21 May 1889 B101
ALLEN, John Humboldt BOMAR, Clara E. Oregon 02 Feb 1879 A181
ANDERSON, Charles E. Grant Co., OR MONROE, Annie M. Winnemucca 01 Nov 1877 A156
ANKER, Peter Big Meadow FAASS, Julia A. Big Meadow 11 Jan 1880 A027
ARCHER, E. S. Winnemucca HOUSTON, Minnie M. Winnemucca 08 Oct 1883 A280
ASHER, James S. Winnemucca MOORE, Fannie C. Winnemucca 27 Mar 1893 B127
ATTINGER, Tony Humboldt House ROBINSON, Mary Paradise Valley 30 Sep 1875 A115
AUSTIN, Charles L. Paradise Valley CAULDWELL, Mary L. Paradise Valley 01 Feb 1891 B110
AUSTIN, Esty B. Paradise Valley FAGAN, Rose B. Paradise Valley 18 Dec 1881 A244
AUSTIN, Willard H. Humboldt LOCK, Anna B. Humboldt 07 Nov 1887 B083
AZEVEDO, Mateo Winnemucca GOVES, Rosie Winnemucca 18 Nov 1895 C014
BAIRD, Charles Hiram Malheur Co., OR LOVELAND, Emma Malheur Co., OR 24 May 1898 C059
BAKER, David L. Lovelock WILLIAMS, Zoa Lovelock 11 Dec 1891 B116
BALAM, Robert S. Paradise JENKINS, Lizzie L. Illinois 27 Apr 1889 B100
BALDWIN, Earl Leighton Unionville MCCLURE, Mary Francis Unvionville 22 Jan 1890 B104
BANKS, John A.` Humboldt Co. HURLEY, Elizabeth Humboldt Co. 06 Dec 1868 A022
BARNES, Charles A. Winnemucca ABEL, Josephine Paradise Valley 19 Feb 1879 A186
BARNES, H. J. Winnemucca DAVISON, Mary, Mrs. Syracuse, NY 12 Oct 1886 B060
BARNES, Hez LYON, Sarah O. 09 Dec 1867 A017
BARRETT, John WHITE, Anna 11 Aug 1870 A029
BARRON, Hiram Battle Mountain RANDOHR, Marie Kennedy 24 May 1876 C030
BARTLEMAY, August Paradise OLIVER, Lizzie Winnemucca 06 Jan 1897 B145
BAUMAN, Ferdinand RILEY, Kate 16 Apr 1874 A081
BEATTY, John Calvin White Horse, OR ADRIEN, Annie Marie White Horse, OR 15 Mar 1896 C028
BECK, Chris Westfall KILLEBREW, Mattie Westfall 27 Nov 1895 C016
BELL, John ROSS, Kate 05 Jul 1874 A086
BELL, William J. Winnemucca CHOATE, Freelie C. Paradise Valley 27 Sep 1883 A278
BENHAM, W. H. Lovelock WILLIAMS, Maud Lovelock 22 Feb 1895 C005
BENNETT, James W. HYMER, Martha A. 02 Nov 1871 A039
BENSON, Andrew NORTHROP, Mary V. 28 Jan 1875 A100
BERK, George Winnemucca HELLER, Louisa Winnemucca 14 Apr 1888 B087
BERMUDAS, Gumicindo Diamond, OR MERANDA, Carolina Diamond, OR 02 Sep 1897 C045
BERNARD, Adrien Golconda BERNARD, Marie Seyne, France 14 Jun 1893 B130
BERRINGER, William (28) FREEMAN, Clara J. (14) 14 Mar 1865 A012
BIGGS, Charles E. Lovelock HARRISON, Ella Lovelock 24 Nov 1895 C015
BIRD, Allen Tracy San Jose, CA MEACHAM, Laura Ida Humboldt, NV 07 Apr 1875 A103
BIRDSALL, David H. California CAIN, Julia, Mrs. Reno, NV 03 Sep 1885 B027
BIRDWELL, Franklin N. Paradise Valley SHELTON, Mary Paradise Valley 12 Aug 1888 B090
BIRMINGHAM, P. W. Humboldt JOHNSTON, Annie Esmeralda Co. 29 Jan 1877 A141
BLACK, George T. Battle Mountain LATHLEAN, A. L. Winnemucca 10 Aug 1889 B102
BLAIR, John W. Lovelock ADDEINGON, Mary J., Mrs. Lovelock 06 Dec 1899 C111
BLAKE, F. W. Silver City, ID MEADOR, Sarah E. Lima, NV 08 Nov 1866 A016
BLATTNER, William Paradise Valley KIRCHNER, Minie Paradise Valley 27 Dec 1893 B134
BLENNERHASSET, Edwin CHENOWETH, Mary Ellen 01 Feb 1877 A142
BLOSSOM, J. A. HUNTER, Elvira M. 24 Apr 1866 A013
BOGMAN, Charles H. Winnemucca ENGLAND, Emma R. Winnemucca 27 Jun 1877 A150
BONNIFIELD, Samuel Jr. Winnemucca PETERSON, Annie Winnemucca 13 Feb 1879 A183
BONNIFIELD, William S. Winnemucca RICKARD, Lucy A. Winnemucca 20 Jul 1879 A195
BOODY, James A. Humboldt REIDER, Annie Belle Humboldt 12 Jul 1876 A126
BORLAND, John Rye Patch GREELEY, Mary Oreana 16 Jan 1886 B040
BOYER, Alva Churchill Co. BROWN, Jane A. Curchill Co. 29 Sep 1894 B139
BOYER, John PRINZ, Louisa 20 Jan 1874 A076
BRACKETT, Albert L. Winnemucca STINSON, Tillie B. Winnemucca 25 Feb 1899 C083
BRACKETT, L. B. KIRK, Arabella 01 Jan 1873 A058
BRADLEY, William M. Unionville WAGGERMAN, Estine Unvionville 13 Oct 1879 A201
BRADSHAW, Daniel Humboldt CHOATE, Nancy J. Humboldt 04 Jul 1877 A154
BRADSHAW, Joel Paradise AKINS, Adelia Winnemucca 21 nov 1876 A136
BRADSHAW, T. J. CHOATE, Celia A. 22 Feb 1874 A078
BRAGG, John G. JOHNS, Emily 17 Feb 1874 A079
BRANHAM, Joseph W. Humboldt Co. PRICE, Sophie C. Humboldt Co. 12 Nov 1868 A021
BREEK, Frank B. Sacramento, CA RUTHERFORD,
Alice Lorena
Winnemucca 28 Jun 1893 B131
BREWER, Socrates Elko Co. YATES, Lucy D. Elko Co. 17 Aug 1899 C096
BREWSTER, Bert Winnemucca JOB, Alma Winnemucca 31 May 1898 C062
BREWSTER, Ulysses G. Winnemucca TIFFANY, Della E. Winnemucca 20 Jul 1893 B132
BRIAN, Dan Winnemucca CADWELL, Flora, Mrs. Winnemucca 13 Oct 1878 A173
BRIANS, James Franklin Sonoma Co., CA HARRIS, Mary J. Sonoma Co., CA 27 Nov 1878 A176
BROOKS, Joseph Silver City, ID BOWNELL, Louisa C., Mrs. Oakland, CA 27 Mar 1879 A187
BROWN, Aaron C. Lovelock PARKER, Fanny E. Oakland 11 Dec 1894 C002
BROWN, Benjamin D. CONNOT, Martha Ann 06 Aug 1864 A008
BROWN, Charles B. Winnemucca DAVEY, Julia Winnemucca 30 Sep 1889 B103
BROWN, D. H. ROSENBERG, Rhoda 17 Mar 1865 A011
BROWN, Joseph Humboldt ROSS, Mary Humboldt 04 Dec 1876 A134
BROWN, William A. Winnemucca GUTHRIE, Hattie Sonoma Ranch 24 Jun 1894 B137
BROWNING, Edwin Winnemucca BANNISTER, Ida M., Mrs. Winnemucca 25 May 1881 A235
BRYANT, Thomas J. ABEL, Aravilla 22 Feb 1875 A101
BUNCH, J. R. Paradise Valley FISHER, Mary Paradise Valley 06 Feb 1896 C020
BURGE, Robert CARPENTER, H. M., Mrs. 27 May 1875 A102
BURKE, B. W. Elko Co. ZUMWALT, Ella A. Winnemucca 14 Nov 1875 A131
BURNES, William Q. Winnemucca CRAWFORD,
Mary Stanford, Mrs.
Winnemucca 03 Sep 1877 A153
BURNK, Emmet E. Lovelock ROSENCRANTZ, Nettie, Mrs. Lovelock 30 Aug 1884 B010
BURNS, Thomas A. Winnemucca MOREY, Carry Paradise Valley 16 Jul 1888 B089
BURNS, William T. Humboldt WISER, Taura A., Mrs. Winnemucca 16 Aug 0885 B027
BUSCH, Henry Winnemucca KUNZ, Eliza Rebecca, Mrs. Winnemucca 13 Jul 1878 A168
BUTLER, Gilbert H. GILPIN, Francis 02 Oct 0873 A069
BUTTON, Frank J. Clover Valley SHALLENBERGER, Tibbie Golconda 25 Aug 1888 B091
BYRAM, Henry Humboldt House ARNOLD, Hattie Humboldt House 10 Aug 1881 A239
CAGLE, George W. Lovelock HARL, Maggie Lovelock 17 Jul 1898 C067
CALHOUN, George Wadsworth DAVIS, Belle Lovelock 08 Mar 1886 B044
CALLAHAN, Michael Carlin ANDERSON, Caroline Beowawe 15 May 1881 A233
CALLAWAY, Barton Star City POMROY, Sarah Willow Bank Farm 29 Jun 1864 A008
CAMPBELL, Aubrey F. Lovelock MCCOLLUM, Mary J. Lovelock 06 Jan 1895 C001
CAMPBELL, Claude F. Lovelock MCCALLUM, Hattie R. Lovelock 28 Dec 1898 C080
CAMPBELL, John P. Humboldt HADLEY, Taura Humboldt 04 Jul 1877 A151
CAMPBELL, Victor E. Winnemucca ROSE, Clara A. Winnemucca 05 Dec 1897 C054
CARDENES, Vitoriano Ft. McDermit ASEBEDO, Sallie Ft. McDermit 04 May 1884 B012
CAREY, Alexander Levi Nye, Co. O'NEIL, Annie Clark Lovelock 08 Nov 1885 B035
CAREY, Charles J. Winnemucca SEE, Clarinda E. Winnemucca 09 Nov 1899 C106
CARIEUX, Frank KEMMICK, Mary 03 Oct 1864 A009
CARMICHAEL, Neil Unionville SPRINGER, Ellen Violet Unionville 03 May 1892 B120
CARPENTER, D. H. Winnemucca DUNCOMBE, Alice G. Winnemucca 10 Jul 1887 B077
CARPENTER, Lewis N. Oreana LOVELOCK, Nellie Lovelock Sta. 20 Feb 1876 A122
CARPERNTER, William Humboldt Co. RICHARDS, Jane Humboldt Co. 14 Nov 1875 A120
CARTER, John H. Willow Point BRADSHAW, Pearl Paradise Valley 22 Feb 1899 A084
CARVER, John C. Winnemucca MILLER, Maud C. Winnemucca 25 Dec 1899 C113
CASTLE, F. L. Winnemucca TYMANCE, Ella Sonoma Co., CA 22 Jul 1882 A253
CATHCART, David W. Paradise PEIRCE, Sarah Paradise 09 Feb 1890 B104
CHARTER, Arlington R. Winnemucca MINOR, Ida Blanche Winnemucca 09 Jun 1896 C027
CHAVES, Polito Winnemucca GERMAN, Margurita Winnemucca 05 Nov 1888 B095
CHENHALLS, George Silver City, ID WILLIAMS, Eliza Reno, NV 11 Apr 1882 A249
CHERRY, Willm H. FOZ, Annie Irene 03 Nov 1867 A018
CHISHOLM, Alfred A. Lovelock ZOLLENER, Ada Napa, CA 11 Jun 1893 B129
CLAIR, Antone Golconda BAKER, C. D., Mrs. Golconda 11 Dec 1899 B143
CLARK, Allen L. Reno, NV BOSWELL, Phebie Fresno, CA 06 Aug 1892 B123
CLARK, Edward N. Lovelock WILLIAMS, E. J., Mrs. Lovelock 18 Sep 1890 B107
CLARK, George W. Winnemucca HOEHNER, Jossie C. Winnemucca 31 May 1879 A188
CLARK, Joseph F. Humboldt Co. RUSSELL, Sarah A. Humboldt Co. 08 Jan 1873 A059
CLARK, Ralph Humboldt RUSSELL, Martha Lovelock 11 Dec 1883 A282
CLARK, T. W. MILLER, Sarah E. 03 Jul 1872 A051
CLARKE, John C. Lovelock BAKER, S. J., Mrs. Lovelock 20 Apr 1899 C089
CLAWSON, C. W. Paradise Valley PATTON, E. G. Paradise Valley 21 Nov 1893 B132
CLAYTON, William T. Paradise Valley BURNS, Carrie Paradise Valley 28 Jul 1898 C065
CLEGG, Milton Manford Wadsworth ELLIOTT, Maude Winnemucca 31 May 1897 B147
CLENDENNING, Thomas Paradise SCHWARTZ, Mattie Paradise 02 Jan 1886 B038
CODY, John Humboldt Co. AGNES, Isabelle Humboldt Co. 20 Apr 1875 A105
COLEMAN, D. M. Paradise Valley RIERCE, Frances A. Paradise Valley 19 Jun 1877 A149
CONNER, Eugene O. Humboldt ARNDALE, N. C., Mrs. Humboldt 14 Nov 1876 A130
CONROY, P. M. Winnemucca KING, Tulu B. Winnemucca 11 Mar 1899 C085
COOK, John J. GILBUT?, Sarah Ellen 17 Feb 1864 A004
COOK, L. B. HOLLIS, Mary M. 30 Nov 1864 A010
COON, William F. Unionville WILLIAMS, Mina Tander Co. 02 Jul 1890 B105
COOPER, William Edan Valley SIMMONS, Bell Edan Valley 12 Sep 1883 A275
COPELAND, J. S. JOHNSON, E. N. 17 Sep 1863 A005
CORCORAN, Dennis Winnemucca POWERS, Mary K. 09 Nov 1884 B015
CORYELL, Dennis Winnemucca RIGG, Hellena, Mrs. Winnemucca 09 Oct 1876 A128
COX, W. D. Winnemucca DIVERE, Therisa R. Los Angeles, CA 01 Apr 1887 B070
COZZENS, Eugene Lovelock SPRINGER, Melissa Unionville 03 Nov 1885 B033
CRAIG, Rulif V. HAMLIN, Sally A. 08 Apr 1875 A104
CRANDAL, William, Jr. Winnemucca TENORD, Edna Winnemucca 24 Jul 1882 A256
CRAWFORD, David HILL, R. Ellen 15 Nov 1873 A073
CRAWFORD, Mathew Paradise Valley O'CONNER, Sarah Birchville, CA 14 Apr 1885 B022
CRITCHLEY, Thomas J. Lovelock TANGDON, Olivia A. Lovelock 23 Jun 1896 C036
CRONSHAW, James Henry Paradise Valley BLAKE, Emma Elizabeth Queen City 24 Dec 1879 A208
CRUTCHER, W. L. Humboldt DELANO, Mary Stockton, CA 01 Sep 1884 B011
CUTLER, Issac B. FOX, Eliza Jane 11 Feb 1864 A004
DAILEY, William Lovelock GRANNIS, Carrie G. Lovelock 06 Apr 1892 B118
DAMM, Jurgen **** Tovelocks KOFED, Tena M. Tovelocks 24 Oct 1884 B017
DANN, Nels Lovelock MORRISON, Anna Oakland, CA 10 Nov 1885 B054
DAUGHERTY, Geroge W. PALMER, Sarah A. 16 Apr 1892 B119
DAUGHERTY, James Spring City WHALIN, Mary Ann Pine Valley 15 Jul 1886 B049
DAVIDSON, Andrew Winnemucca FRANCIS, Margret Winnemucca 20 Sep 1889 A216
DAVIDSON, Robert Star City KOKER, Elizabeth Star City 07 Mar 1864 A006
DE HAVEN, Neill M. Chico, CA CUTZ, Ethel Avis Chico, CA 12 Aug 1895 C010
DE LAVEGA, Artoro L. Humboldt PEARSON Nellie, Willow Point 03 Oct 1888 B095
DENCKLA, William P. Spring City LEPPER, Mary Paradise 20 Aug 1889 B102
DENGELMAIER, Matt Humboldt DEIHL, Kattie Winnemucca 26 Feb 1885 B020
DENIO, Lindsey Fox Denio Dist, OR AKINS, Dollie Denio, OR 29 Sep 1897 C047
DENIO, Robert A. Paradise Valley TROTT, Annie Paradise Valley 09 Jun 1883 A268
DENIO, William P. MCGHEE, Bessie 24 Sep 1895 C011
DENIS, Aaron FOX, Johannah 20 Mar 1870 A026
DERBY, Laurence B. San Francisco, CA CRUTCHER, Annie L. Paradise Valley 20 Dec 1887 B084
DERBYSHIRE, George H. Winnemucca GERMAIN, Gene Winnemucca 28 Apr 1892 B120
DESAUSSURE, Charles A. Winnemucca BOWE, Maggie G. Winnemucca 07 Oct 1879 A199
DESPAIN, O. W. Cassia, Co. GRAY, Sarah A. Cassia, Co. 09 Dec 1883 ****
DICKEY, Edward H. Bodie, CA FOLTZ, Clara B. Spring Valley 25 Dec 1899 C114
DIEHL, Christian Winnemucca TRAFFENSTADT, Katrina Winnemucca 15 Mar 1875 A107
DIEHL, John Winnemucca SCHMIDT, Ernstine Winnemucca 05 Jan 1884 A284
DOAN, Melvin M. Andres, OR STURGEON, Rose E. Denio, OR 03 Oct 1899 C103
DOLAN, Bernard F. Wadsworth BELL, Phoebe Winnemucca 04 Oct 1887 B084
DONELIN, Thomas Winnemucca HARDIN, Maggie J. Winnemucca 26 Sep 1875 A114
DOWNING, Ernest T. Humboldt Co. MULLER, Ida J. Humboldt Co. 26 Jul 1894 B138
DRIVER, J. W. Paradise Valley CALDWELL, Kate Paradise Valley 01 Aug 1898 C066
DUCKER, W. G. Golconda MOORE, Evalena Modesto, CA 03 Mar 1899 C087
DUGGS, Walter G. Winnemucca CODY, Louisa Winnemucca 08 Jul 1890 B107
DUNCKEL, Edwin N. HETTINGER, Ellen A. 01 Jan 1874 A082
DUNN, L. F. PFLUGER Philipin, a 01 Sep 1874 A090
DWYER, Walter G. Winnemucca OWENS, Nellie Winnemucca 09 Jan 1887 B067
EADS, Francis E. Battle Mountain RAMSDELL, Ida M. Battle Mountain 16 Dec 1899 C112
EARP, Wyatt C. Paradise Valley TAMBERT, Jennie Irene Paradise Valley 25 May 1899 C091
EMMONS, Horace C. Lovelock MCCORMICK, Hattie L. Uniontown, PA 12 Mar 1893 B127
EMMONS, Ira W. **** Lovelakes RICHARDSON, Florence D. Rye Patch 12 Jan 1881 A223
ESPINOZA, Jose F. Battle Mountain CASTRO, Clorinda Winnemucca 18 Jul 1895 C009
ESTABROOK, Frank Lovelock NEAL, Tida 21 Feb 1885 B021
EVA, Richard Dun Glen HENDRA, Alice Annie Dun Glen 28 Aug 1884 B008
EWALT, Francis E. Winnemucca JOHNSON, Amelia Winnemucca 18 Jan 1887 B065
FELLOWS, Henry Humboldt Co. WAGERMANN, Elizabeth Humboldt Co. 94 Mar 1873 A060
FERREL, Charles P. BOYD, Lottie M. 25 Nov 1894 B141
FERRIS, Alfred G. NORTON, Harriet 26 Aug 1863 A005
FISHER, Benard Paradise Valley ELLIOTT, Cassandee Paradise Valley 20 Jul 1882 A255
FISHER, Samuel J. MYERS, Lina 17 Nov 1872 A055
FITZ HENRY, Charles S. Willow Point THOMPSON, Sarah Willow Point 28 Apr 1892 B119
FLOYD, John HENDRA, Elizabeth E. 19 Nov 1874 A097
FOGG, Alonzo Humboldt Co. COX, Margaret Humboldt Co. 09 Jun 1867 A019
FONDAWAY, John Winnemucca LEBARRON, Jane Winnemucca 03 Nov 1896 B144
FRANKLIN, Charles B. Winnemucca O'LEARY, Elvira Winnemucca 13 Sep 1899 C100
FRAYER, Nicholas Humboldt KIBBEE, Ruth Humboldt 15 Nov 1885 B036
FRAZER, Hue Humboldt Co. BOYER, Loas Malvina Paradise Valley 17 Sep 1873 A067
FREEMOUTH, F. W. Paradise Valley BRADSHAW, Francis Paradise Valley 24 Dec 1899 C115
FRITCHEN, Henry Paradise SEEBERS, Hattie Paradise 09 Aug 1899 C095
FRITCHETT, John A. Spring City ELWOOD, C. E. Spring City 12 Sep 1880 A215
FROMAN, B. F. Dillon Mountain LEARY, Alice Alinda Dillon Mountain 19 Jul 1883 A270
FULLER, Richard L. Winnemucca GILLILAN, Josie Paradise Valley 19 Jun 1881 A236
FULTON, Jonathan Winnemucca BROVES, Fannie M. Winnemucca 21 Aug 1879 A197
GARAT, James Golconda MOORE, Maggie Golconda 09 Oct 1876 A129
GARCIA, Dan Winnemucca JOHNSON, Mary Winnemucca 04 Oct 1888 B093
GARRISON, James M. Humboldt Co. MINER, Nancy J. Sacramento, CA 03 Jul 1879 A030
GATES, James Lovelock HILL, Cora E. Lovelock 07 Jun 1899 C092
GAUS, Tandon S. Spring City BRIAN, Florence Sedan 13 Mar 1882 A248
GAY, William H. Golconda GIVENS, Ellen M. Golconda 05 Nov 1885 B034
GEISSELMAN, J. D. FISHER, Rachel M. 21 Jan 1872 A044
GENTEM, Charles DAFFERNCE, Amelia 16 Mar 1871 A033
GEORGE, A. D. Winnemucca CRANSHAW, Emma, Mrs. Winnemucca 02 Nov 1890 B108
GERMAIN, Frank SHERRIFF, Rebecca K. 03 Jan 1871 A031
GILLILAN, George Winnemucca TAYLOR, Eliza P. Winnemucca 18 Jul 1885 B025
GILLILAN, Henry George Winnemucca DE FAU, Lizzie E. Winnemucca 28 Aug 1897 B149
GILLILAN, Nathan Artie Paradise Valley HOLT, Laura C. Paradise Valley 16 Mar 1897 C041
GILLMORE, Frank Winnemucca CRAFT, Nellie Winnemucca 12 Jul 1882 A252
GLASS, George Jordon Valley, ID COWEN, Sophia Cleveland, OH 02 Dec 1876 A133
GOFF, Lemuel Clover Valley CHILDS, Carrie T. Clover Valley 28 Oct 1875 A117
GOLIGHTLY, John STEVENS, Mary Elmira 23 Jun 1874 A085
GOMES, John A. Golconda BAYLER, Lottie Golconda 20 Apr 1891 B113
GONZALES, German Golconda BATACCA, Philomena Golconda 25 Dec 1881 A246
GORDON, Joseph E. Winnemucca CARLTON, Carrie F. Winnemucca 24 Jan 1887 B066
GRANDON, Austin A. Winnemucca TREESE, Sarah E. Winnemucca 18 Apr 1887 B072
GRAYSON, David MILLER, Emily 17 Dec 1870 A032
GREGOR, Frank Spring City RYAN, Mary D. Spring City 25 Dec 1879 A206
GREGOR, James H. Winnemucca BELL, Annie G., Mrs. Winnemucca 02 Jun 1881 A238
GRISWOLD, Robert N. Winnemucca SLATER, Mary Ann Winnemucca 28 Jul 1883 A272
GROTH, Albrecht Hugo Paradise Valley READ, Sallie Paradise Valley 02 Jun 1897 B147
GUESSFORD, J. W. Truckee, CA GERMAIN, Tillie Winnemucca 02 Feb 1892 B117
GUTHRIE, Joseph L. Winnemucca EATON, Nora E. Winnemucca 01 Oct 1882 A259
GUTHRIE, Joseph W. Sonoma Ranch GEORGE, Mamie Violet Winnemucca 29 Jun 1879 A192
HADLEY, Dwight J. Winnemucca AKINS, Francis N. Winnemucca 04 Oct 1880 A218
HADLEY, Julius Unionville JOB, Nellie Unionville 12 Dec 1881 A245
HALL, Joseph B. WARRING, Elizabeth A. 01 May 1871 A035
HALL, William Lovelock CALHOUN, Belle Lovelock 27 Sep 1895 C013
HAMLEN, R. E. GEORGE, E. M., Mrs. 25 Jun 1874 A087
HAMLIN, R. E. CORR, Sarah Ann 28 Feb 1864 A006
HAMMOND, Frank Humboldt WIRTZ, Emma Winnemucca 25 Nov 1882 A260
HAMMOND, S. W. Humboldt Co. RUSSELL, Libbie H. Humboldt Co. 08 Jan 1873 A059
HANEY, W. B. Lovelock TADD, Emma, Mrs. Lovelock 25 Jun 1899 C097
HANSON, Charles F. McDermitt LOVELAND, Alma McDermitt 25 Apr 1896 C023
HANSON, Clarence B. Winnemucca STURGEON, Maud Edith Kennedy 16 Mar 1897 B146
HANSON, Robert Paradise Valley FREEMONT, Minnie Paradise Valley 01 Mar 1881 A229
HARMER, Edwin Paradise Valley BULLARD, Angelina G. Paradise Valley 24 Dec 1879 A205
HARRIS, John E. Winnemucca BROOKS, Cora May Winnemucca 23 May 1894 B137
HARRY, Thomas H. Unionville TANG, Georgaima Unionville 02 Aug 1877 A152
HARTSON, Harwood M. San Francisco, CA MAXSON, Mary Estelle Golconda 11 Jan 1888 B085
HATTON, William C. Paradise Valley WIBRA, Samantha M. Paradise Valley 19 Oct 1886 B053
HAYES, Martin B. Winnemucca MCCLURE, Rachel Ella Unionville 03 Jan 1877 A137
HEALY, John F. Yellowstone Co. MTHOLCOMB, Susan G. Humboldt 04 Sep 1888 B092
HENINGER, Robert Lee Winnemucca HARRIS, Mary E. Lovelock 19 Jul 1888 B089
HENRY, W. F. La Port, IN JOB, Annie E. Winnemucca 25 Dec 1892 B124
HENSLEY, Martin A. Spring City STEWART, Marie, Mrs. Spring City 10 Nov 1880 A221
HERROD, L. F. SPRINGER, Alice M. 13 Jul 1885 B024
HEWETT, Edward Lovelock GENTRY, Nancy Lovelock 21 Nov 1885 B037
HEWITT, Carroll D. Winnemucca GILLILAN, Jessie Paradise Valley 02 Oct 1883 A279
HEYBY, Lyman L. Humboldt Co. BARRETT, Bianza Humboldt Co. 25 Dec 1869 A025
HIGGINS, D. B. BENNETT, Cora V. 31 Oct 1870 A030
HILL, Albert P. Winnemucca DONOHUE, Agnes J. Winnemucca 17 Sep 1878 A171
HILL, George Wadsworth WILLIAMS, Cora Lovelock 27 Apr 1887 B073
HILL, H. D. PRICE, A. M. 25 Feb 1864 A004
HILL, John James Lovelock LARSON, Sadie M. Lovelock 24 Nov 1897 C052
HILL, Joseph Humboldt Co. BONNIFIELD, Maggie Humboldt Co. 24 Nov 1875 A121
HINKEY, Antone Paradise Valley LENIO, Jennie Paradise Valley 25 Jan 1882 A247
HINKEY, Conrad Paradise Valley WARD, Tillie E. H. Paradise Valley 19 Jul 1876 A127
HITCHCOCK, William E. NORTON, Sarah A. 26 Aug 1863 A005
HOCHENEDEL, Joseph Humboldt NUTS, Annnie M. Humboldt 10 Apr 1886 B047
HODGMAN, John Charles Humboldt CALDWELL, Florence Adell Humboldt 22 Jan 1877 A139
HOFMAN, Morris Winnemucca REINHART, Fannie Winnemucca 10 Apr 1884 B003
HOLCOMB, W. A. WHITNEY, Emilie 04 Jun 1864 A007
HOLMSTROM, Emil Lovelock CHRISTENSON, Nettie Lovelock 30 Oct 1897 C050
HOLT, G. W. CHERRY, N. I. 25 May 1871 A037
HOSKINS, Marshall READ, Frankie G. 05 Jan 1896 B143
HOUSE, T. Wadsworth MATHEW, L. A. Winnemucca 09 Dec 1881 A243
HOWARD, Edward Lovelock GILBIRDS, C. H., Mrs. Clayton, IL 08 Sep 1886 B051
HOWARD, Thomas J., Jr. Denio, OR TAYLOR, Ida B. Happy Creek 29 Aug 1899 C098
HUCKMAN, J. C. THURSTON, Durissa 23 Jun 1863 A000
HUDSON, Charles E. Tulare, CA MCBRIDE, Louise Winnemucca 02 Dec 1888 B096
HUFF, Lorenzo R. Humboldt LAMB, Lucy E. Humboldt 29 Sep 1887 B081
HUL, Abram COLLIER, Margaret E. 25 Dec 1871 A041
HUMBPHREYS, Harry J. Golconda BLAKESLEE, Carrie A. Winnemucca 25 Mar 1889 B100
HUNTINGTON, Corneluis O'CONNOR, Sarah 03 May 1873 A061
HUNTSMAN, D. J. Lovelock BROWNING, Minnie Lovelock 04 Jul 1887 B088
HUTCHINSON, G. W. MYERS, Fanny 30 Jan 1874 A088
HYMER, George Spring City ENGLEMAN, Malinda, Mrs. Spring City 04 Jul 1880 A213
JACKSON, George W. Reno, NV O'CONNER, Mary A. Reno, NV 03 Dec 1895 C029
JAKE, Wo Hoy Lovelock TOY, Lung On Lovelock 06 Sep 1894 B139
JAMES, Richard F. HOGUE, Jennie L. 04 Jul 1873 A065
JAMISON, James WOOD, Sarah 15 Feb 1872 A046
JENSON, Hans Humboldt SCOTT, Hannah Humboldt 15 Dec 1877 A162
JEWETT, Alfred Humboldt BRASHEAR, Mary Humboldt 27 Mar 1877 A147
JOB, Jere H. Unionville COPPE, Phebe A. Unionville 14 May 1873 A062
JOHNSON, Martin Humboldt CASNER, Maggie Humboldt 02 Sep 1884 B013
JOHNSON, P. W. FAIRBANKS, Mattie 11 Apr 1872 A048
JOHNSON, Paul C. Lovelock OLSEN, Albina Lovelock 09 Feb 1897 C042
JOHNSON, T. B. HARRISON, Kate 13 Nov 1863 A003
JONES, Walter E. Little Humboldt HAAS, Ellen L. Haas 07 Dec 1892 B125
JULIEN, Thomas Unionville DAVY, Annie Unionville 14 Jun 1879 A190
JUREY, Joseph Galena, Tander Co. PARSONS, Mabel Kennedy 20 Sep 1897 C046
JURGENSON, John Andrew Lovelock BASTIAN, Annie Amelia Lovelock 25 May 1898 C061
KANE, Arthur Edward Winnemucca PEARCE, Sarah Carlin 01 Aug 1888 B090
KELLY, Edward D. Winnemucca SHERIFF, Amelia Winnemucca 26 Sep 1875 A114
KEMP, Robert GRAHAM, Annie M. 25 Jan 1871 A033
KENNEDY, Charles E. Kennedy JOHNSON, Ida E. Kennedy 25 Dec 1894 C007
KESLER, John Charles VOGT, Minnie 14 Nov 1871 A040
KIMBALL, Henry E. San Francisco, CA BISHOP, Maud V. Winnemucca 09 Jun 1891 B113
KING, J. R. WALES, Sarah 09 Nov 1873 A072
KING, Joseph M. Humboldt GRAYSON, E. E. Humboldt 15 Sep 1888 B092
KLECKNER, Bolser Paradise Valley LAM, Maggie, Mrs. Paradise Valley 12 Apr 1883 A266
KLEINHAUS, Andrew Winnemucca STEVENS, Mary F. Winnemucca 01 Jan 1884 A283
KLINE, E. W. Winnemucca BOYD, I. M. Winnemucca 14 Sep 1882 A258
KLUCNEY, Bert Winnemucca DIESS, Rosie Winnemucca 09 Dec 1893 B134
KNIEKE, Henry H. Paradise Valley STOCK, Helena Paradise Valley 01 Mar 1881 A226
KOFOED, Martin Lovelock OLSEN, Annie Lovelock 23 Nov 1897 C051
KRIEG, George Haley, ID SLOAN, Mary Winnemucca 07 Aug 1883 A273
KRINKLE, G. A. SEELIGER, Marie T. 26 Feb 1874 A079
KYLE, Charles A. GALAWAY, J. A., Mrs. 22 Nov 1863 A003
LADD, George W. Humboldt DAVIS, Emma Humboldt 06 Jul 1881 A237
LAGRAVE, C. A. MULLER, Mina 01 Jan 1874 A075
LAMANCE, Chesley WARD, Isabelle 23 Oct 1870 A032
LAMB, S. G. Golconda PERKINS, Nellie M. Golconda 18 Aug 1898 C069
LAMB, Thomas P. Winnemucca GRAHAM, Jennie B. Winnemucca 03 Feb 1879 A182
LANDASABAL, Escolastico Winnemucca CASTRO, Louisa Winnemucca 04 Feb 1897 C040
LANEIGAN, John Winnemucca TARTER, Amrtha Winnemucca 09 Mar 1881 A227
LARIVERE, Louis Winnemucca ROSEBERRY, Martha Ann Winnemucca 11 Jan 1896 C018
LARSEN, Ole Paradise Valley ANDERSON, Dorthea Paradise Valley 06 Oct 1887 B082
LATTA, Arthur M. Carson City, NV MARKER, Nellie H. Lovelock 30 Jun 1895 C008
LAUNDRY, Henry Humboldt Co. HURLEY, Sarah, Mrs. Humboldt Co. 24 May 1876 A123
LAVEAGE, Pablo Humboldt Co. GOMEZ, Delores Humboldt Co. 13 Nov 1868 A021
LAVOY, Joseph Winnemucca BENSON, Annie E., Mrs. 17 Apr 1895 C006
LE BARON, Daniel M. Humboldt CHAMBERS, Jennie Humboldt 02 Mar 1886 B042
LEIDIG, George F. Ogden, UT NOFSINGER, Anna B. Winnemucca 06 Mar 1894 B135
LENNEP, David Van Winnemucca GROVES, Susannah Unionville 30 Jun 1875 A109
LEONARD, Melvin A. Humboldt THORNTON, Martha Humboldt 13 Sep 1885 B029
LEVIS, Richard W. WEBBER, Ellen 31 Jul 1873 A065
LEWIS, E. A. Winnemucca CHOATE, Thirza Winnemucca 08 Jun 1898 C063
LEWIS, Lewis Sedan Hill DICKEY, Eliza, Mrs. Sedan Hill 24 Apr 1880 A211
LIN, Luy Back Winnemucca YOW, Ti Winnemucca 02 Mar 1877 A145
LINSCOTT, John M. Star City JOHNSON, Mary E. Star City 23 Aug 1862 A000
LIOTARD, Joseph Golconda VERNET, Valery Seyne, France 19 May 1894 B136
LOFTHOUSE, Ralph FISHER, Margaret A. 03 Jul 1873 A064
LONG, Hiram T. Golconda BROWN, Rachel Winnemucca 27 Dec 1888 B097
LOOMIS, Samuel LARK, Cicelia 27 Mar 1864 A007
LOORZ, William Lovelock MCCALLUM, Barbara Lovelock 17 Jun 1896 C034
LOVEJOY, Owen C. Paradise Valley HUGHES, Minnie Paradise Valley 15 Oct 1883 A281
LOVELESS, John Humboldt NICHOLS, Helen T., Mrs. Humboldt 12 Mar 1881 A228
LOVELOCK, Daniel Lovelock Station GENTRY, Mollie Lovelock Station 07 Dec 1884 B018
LOWRY, Charles Lane Ft. McDermit ABEL, Florence Toll House 15 Jul 1896 C038
MACKINNON, D. Emory North Yakima, WA MCCURDY, Lizzie M. Paradise Valley 21 Dec 1892 B125
MADRIED, Charles J. Willow Creek OWENS, Mary Winnemucca 06 Jul 1892 B121
MARTIN, Charles KING, Anne 05 Dec 1862 A001
MARTIN, I. M. Lovelock MIDDLETON, Catherine Winnemucca 24 Dec 1892 B126
MARTINAS, Lorenzo Winnemucca FIELD, Fannie L. Winnemucca 24 Sep 1888 B094
MASTERS, George DOOLEY, Esther 10 Mar 1872 A047
MATHER, Edwin J. McDermit PIERSON, Elizabeth P. Willow Point 19 Jun 1893 B130
MAY, J. L. Winnemucca BONNIFIELD, Della Winnemucca 18 Nov 1884 B016
MCBRIDE, David V. Winnemucca ARGAST, Sarah J. Winnemucca 22 Sep 1892 B123
MCBRIDE, John A. Winnemucca BONNEFIELD, Emily A. Winnemucca 03 Jan 1883 A263
MCCANN, Jason A. Paradise Valley TROTT, Rosella Paradise Valley 31 Dec 1882 A262
MCCARTHY, John J. Oreana SERPES, Mary Oreana 01 Mar 1886 B041
MCCLAIN, Charles B. Lovelock BUCK, Mary Lovelock 23 Feb 1895 C003
MCCLURE, George E. Winnemucca FERRARO, Cecelia M. Winnemucca 02 Apr 1891 B112
MCCOLLY, Hiram H. COULTER, Lucy S. 16 Oct 1869 A024
MCDEID, Charles Winnemucca GUTHRIE, Sarah M. Sonoma Ranch 29 Jun 1879 A191
MCDONALD, Daniel A Paradise Valley BELL, Lizzie J. Winnemucca 05 Mar 1896 C021
MCGONAGLE, Joseph B. OWINS, Mary E. 11 Apr 1872 A049
MCLOSKY, George C. Willow Point HOWARD, Badoura F. Alta Creek 27 Nov 1897 C053
MCMILLAN, Oscar Paradise CATHCART, Anna Paradise 28 Feb 1891 B111
MCMILLIAN, J. H. PRICE, Alice A. 20 May 1873 A064
MCVAY, James W. Golconda HALL, Augusta G. Paradise 07 Aug 1890 B106
MCVEIGH, M. J. DERRIG, Mary 07 Sep 1896 B142
MCWILLIAMS, John W. Humboldt Co. BONNIFIELD, Mary E. Humboldt Co. 04 Sep 1867 A020
MEALEY, Orman F. Humboldt BELL, Nellie Humboldt 15 Nov 1886 B056
MEEK, William H. Stone House DILLMAN, Eva El Paso, TX 14 Aug 1890 B106
MELODY, Thomas F. Paradise Valley EDDY, Marie Elizabeth Paradise Valley 30 Sep 1888 B094
MELVILLE, Frank Camp McDermitt SPIXER, Maggie Winnemucca 18 Apr 1878 A164
MENDIOLA, Jose F. Humboldt ECHIVERRIA, Issavella M. Humboldt 25 May 1898 C060
MERCHANT, Willis J. Paradise Valley YOUNG, Ida J. Paradise Valley 04 Mar 1883 A265
MERMUDES, Umecindo McDermitt SALAZAR, Beatris McDermitt 19 May 1884 B006
MERROW, Frank A. Humboldt IRVING, E. L. Humboldt 05 Apr 1891 B112
MESSIER, Peter Winnemucca VON SEGGERN, Catharine M. 11 Aug 1883 A274
METCALF, Levi G. Lovelock BABCOCK, Mina Lovelock 03 Oct 1888 B093
MIDDLETON, William A. Humboldt RILEY, Mary Janette Humboldt 06 Apr 1880 A210
MILLER, Isaac Star Canyon ROBRCKT?, Annie Star Canyon 29 May 1864 A007
MINOR, James D. McDermitt GILLILAN, Alberta Paradise Valley 25 Oct 1891 B115
MINOR, Thomas F. Willow Creek LAMB, Blanche E. Prospect, NY 19 Jul 1894 B138
MIRANDA, Frank Paradise Valley AZEVADA, Rosie Paradise Valley 20 Sep 1898 C070
MITCHELL, William R. STACK, J. M., Mrs. 20 Jun 1869 A023
MONROE, Hugh Lovelock LOGAN, Linda J. Lovelock 18 Sep 1895 C012
MONTGOMERY, D. J. Lander Co. MONTGOMERY, Mary Lander Co. 04 Apr 1900 B143
MOORE, Asa Willow Point LUCK, E. M. Luck, Mrs. Willow Point 01 Oct 1879 A198
MOORE, Nathan P. Winnemucca TIFFANY, Lulu L. Winnemucca 22 Oct 1899 C105
MOORE, William Lovelock MUNK, Matilda C. C. Lovelock 04 May 1884 B005
MOOREHEAD, James Humboldt SATHLEAN, Louisa Humboldt 17 Jan 1877 A140
MOREY, Arthur D. Paradise Valley WOOLARD, Thenia Paradise Valley 28 Feb 1884 B002
MOREY, Walter D. Paradise DENIO, Mary Paradise 19 Jul 1887 B078
MORRIS, John Wilkins Stone House BURT, Eva Sawyer Marysville, CA 18 Jan 1888 B086
MORRISON, Robert Reno, NV ESTELL, Mary M. Reno, NV 10 Oct 1878 A180
MORSE, Lucian H. Paradise Valley BOWMAN, Euphenia A. Paradise Valley 19 Dec 1882 A261
MORTENSEN, Mathies Big Meadows JENSEN, Cristiene Big Meadows 15 Apr 1887 B071
MOY, Hugh Golconda RILEY, Mary Golconda 04 Feb 1877 A143
MULLER, Charles W. Winnemucca SHALLENBERGER, Lenore Golconda 25 Aug 1888 B091
MULLER, Frank N. Humboldt GEGG, I. J. Humboldt 31 Dec 1884 B019
MULLER, Frank N. Winnemucca KREBS, Mary Winnemucca 30 Sep 1891 B115
MULLER, Gerhart Paradise Valley SPECKMANN, Lizzie Paradise Valley 19 Apr 1884 B004
MULLINAX, Thomas PROCK, Elizabeth 18 Feb 1872 A045
MUNK, Nelse Christian Lovelock OLSEN, Ellen Lovelock 25 Oct 1897 C049
MURRAY, Thomas DAVY, Mary 04 Oct 1885 B031
NASH, John NANCARROW, Mary 23 May 1872 A050
NASH, Richard ALCORN, Maragret Jane 10 Jun 1866 A014
NEALE, Robert O. PALMER, Emma J. 03 May 1874 A083
NELSON, George W. Winnemucca SANCHES, Catalina E. Winnemucca 19 Jul 1893 B131
NELSON, William M. Humboldt THOMAS, Katie Humboldt 31 Mar 1886 B046
NEST, Peter W. Humboldt BRAY, Elizabeth, Mrs. San Francisco, C 04 Jul 1879 A193
NEWMAN, Julius Paradise Valley SAGER, Pauline Paradise Valley 14 Nov 1881 A242
NIXON, George S. Winnemucca BACON, Kate I. Princeton, IL 30 Jan 1887 B068
NOAKS, Charles C. BALL, Elizabeth H. 15 Feb 1867 A000
NOFSINGER, F. M. Winnemucca AKIN, Ida Winnemucca 12 Apr 1890 B109
NULTY, James L. Winnemucca WILSON, Catherine R. Winnemucca 10 Sep 1887 B080
O'BRIEN, John Nevada MCCARTNEY, Agnes Nevada 09 Apr 1888 B086
OLIVER, Henry Winnemucca RIEL, Elizabeth Winnemucca 20 Dec 1886 B061
O'NEAL, Joseph Mill City PERKINS, Sophia, Mrs. Lovelock 30 May 1887 B076
O'NEIL, G. W. TROUSDALE, Sarah G. 14 Feb 1872 A042
OPELY, Anthony Humboldt Co. WASH, Lillis A. Humboldt Co. 12 Nov 1869 A024
OPLEY, Anthony DICKINSON, Martha, Mrs. 11 Jun 1876 A125
ORGAN, Peter Humboldt WOOLCODK, M. H. Humboldt 27 Aug 1878 A170
OSBORN, Charles S. Dun Glen ANDERSON, Elizabeth Dun Glen 15 Aug 1864 A009
O'SULLIVAN, Michael Battle Mountain O'SULLIVAN, Ella Winnemucca 09 Jan 1887 B064
OTT, Fung Winnemucca FONG, Suey Terrace, UT 20 Mar 1894 B135
OWENS, W. C. Winnemucca BELL, Mary Winnemucca 06 Jul 1885 B023
PALMER, Charles D. Winnemucca BELL, Sarah A. Winnemucca 15 Oct 1880 A220
PALMER, David E. Humboldt HEWITT, Hazel Belle Humboldt 31 Aug 1886 B050
PALMER, David E. Paradise Valley BAKER, Zoe Lovelock 14 Aug 1898 C068
PASCAL, Desire Winnemucca BENSON, Helen M. Winnemucca 05 Aug 1885 B026
PATTEN, William R. WILSON, Galnars 30 Jul 1863 A002
PAULIN, Felix Winnemucca TIFFANY, Mabel Clair Winnemucca 21 May 1893 B129
PECK, William L. ELY, Sarah A. 03 Jan 1875 A099
PENDLETON, James W. WATSON, Mary Jane, Mrs. 21 May 1874 A084
PENNINGTON, B. C. ROGERS, C. A. 22 Sep 1864 A010
PENNINGTON, William G. Paradise Valley PIARCE, Bethesina J. Paradise Valley 21 Feb 1879 A185
PERKINS, William Winnemucca KYLE, Belle Winnemucca 22 Dec 1880 A222
PETERS, Henry Winnemucca UNVERZAGT, Martha, Mrs. Winnemucca 01 May 1881 A232
PETERSEN, Waldermar K. Lovelock SAVORY, Mary Winnemucca 10 Jun 1896 C025
PFLUM, Frederick Lovelock HAUSKINS, Isabella Lovelock 22 Dec 1892 B126
PHARISS, S. D. Winnemucca HALL, Nellie Delphino Winnemucca 06 Nov 1881 A241
PICARD, Yves Winnemucca GUIDICELLI, Matilda Winnemucca 27 Jul 1883 A271
PICKETT, Edward DALRYMPLE, Elizabeth 13 Apr 18874 A080
PIERCE, Samuel B. P. Paradise Valley YOUNG, Anna R. Paradise Valley 26 May 1875 A108
PINSON, Paul A. Spring City POLKOW, Mary J. Spring City 29 Jan 1880 A209
PIPER, George Henry Willow Point PIGNON, Anna Winnemucca 24 Jun 1897 B148
PIPER, Lester M. Winnemucca DAVEY, Bessie Winnemucca 24 Dec 1891 B117
PITT, George L. Lovelock DEBRULER, Clara E. Evanston, IN 15 Nov 1899 C107
POLITTA, Jose MENDEZABAL, Mercedes C. 07 Oct 1872 A054
PORTER, W. S. Winnemucca WILLIAMS, Jennie R. Lewis 02 Jul 1891 B114
POTTER, E. L. Truckee, CA MILLER, Cora Winnemucca 05 Nov 1884 B014
POTTER, John Oregon GRAHAM, Martha Jane, Mrs. Humboldt 04 Aug 1887 B079
POWELL, Thomas JOHNSON, Elizabeth M. Mrs. 15 Jun 1874 A086
PRESCOTT, Sam D. Star City BULLOCK, Florence A. Star City 04 Jul 1865 A012
PRESTON, Fred A. Lovelock MARKER, Pearl N. Lovelock 19 Dec 1898 C079
PRICE, George W. MCCORMICK, Mary E. 02 Apr 1873 A063
PURDIN, Charles W. Winnemucca MAYER, Mary, Mrs. NY City, NY 18 Nov 1875 A119
PURGUE, J. F. Winnemucca BLACK, Estella Winnemucca 06 Oct 1885 B030
QUAY, Ah Winnemucca QUE, Lin Winnemucca 03 Dec 1879 A203
QUIJADA, Jesus Winnemucca WOOD, Margaret Humboldt 22 Feb 1887 B069
RAGSDALE, J. O. EDWARDS, S. A. 22 Dec 1874 A098
RAGSDALE, John GIFFORD, Lizzie 22 Apr 1869 A022
RANDLE, Charles Edwin Paradise Valley PARKER, Sarrarah Colusa, CA 29 Nov 1899 C109
RANDLE, James Paradise KIRCHNER, Louise Paradise 24 Nov 1886 B058
RASK, Peter Winnemucca TREVETHAN, Tabitha E. Winnemucca 02 Sep 1882 A257
READ, Walter Scott Paradise FIELD, Mary E. Paradise 22 Jul 1889 B101
REDER, Judson Golconda BORDERS, Ede E. Golconda 09 Oct 1876 A129
REDON, Juan ALTON, Nellie, Mrs. 22 Oct 1873 A071
REGAN, Daniel Winnemucca FERRARO, Margaret M. Winnemucca 08 Feb 1891 B111
REIL, Otto Humboldt KNAUSS, Katherina Humboldt 29 Dec 1897 C055
REINHART, Moses Winnemucca RUCKTESHLER, Marie Winnemucca 07 Apr 1888 B087
REIVES, Aaron B. F. Winnemucca SAXON, Effie L. Lakeport, CA 14 Apr 1892 B118
RENO, Arson Lovelock LAPAGE, Louisa 16 Feb 1898 C057
RERAT, A. L. Oakland, CA ENOS, Ella Winnemucca 22 Dec 1878 A177
RESS, Lewis Unionville HARRIS, Margaret, Mrs. Unionville 02 Nov 1875 A118
RICHARDS, Charles E. Tander Co. RICHARD, Jane Tander Co. 17 Oct 1875 A116
RICHARDSON, Albert E. Kennedy PEARCE, Annie Kennedy 30 Jun 1896 C033
RICKARD, L. L. CLARK, Medora 26 Nov 1874 A093
RICKARD, L. L. Disaster Peak MILLER, Emma, Mrs. Detroit, MI 16 Jun 1899 C093
RILEY, James P. Paradise Valley FISHER, Lizzie Paradise Valley 23 Nov 1896 C039
RINGGOLD, J. B. NEGUS, Ida 05 Dec 1874 A095
RITTER, F. Willard Battle Mountain BANKS, C. Aphordelia Battle Mountain 17 Jun 1882 A250
RITTER, Melville E. Spring City MYERS, Angie E. Unionville 07 Jul 1879 A194
RIZEOR, Henry Paradise Valley BROWN, Mary Paradise Valley 26 Jun 1888 B088
ROBERT, Philip B. Winnemucca MENDOZA, Ermelinda Winnemucca 09 Apr 1893 B128
ROBERTS, Walter S. DAVIS, Helen L. 16 Nov 1873 A073
ROBERTSON, Alexander FILPPIN, Rhoda Elizabeth 12 May 1869 A023
ROBINSON, Calvin P. BABBITT, Mary 31 Aug 1862 A000
ROBINSON, Prescott GREENLEAF, Olive N. 15 Oct 1868 A018
RODDY, Barney Winnemucca HINKEL, Tucinda, Mrs. Winnemucca 28 Nov 18876 A132
RODEFER, William A. Paradise Valley GILBERT, Minnie A. Humboldt 15 Oct 1879 A200
RODGERS, George H. SEALES, Charlotte 01 Dec 1874 A097
ROMWALL, Charles J. Lovelock PITT, Bessie May Lovelock 14 Jul 1897 C044
ROSE, George M. Winnemucca GUTHRIE, Carrie E. Winnemucca 30 Jun 1892 B122
ROSS, John Winnemucca SPRINGER, Caroline M. Unionville 13 Dec 1888 B096
ROTH, John Paradise Valley TAYLOR, Annie Paradise Valley 03 Jul 1878 A174
RUCKTESCHLER, Andrew Winnemucca PEDROLI, Maggie Winnemucca 16 Oct 1892 B124
RUDDELL, William C. Lovelock LOVELOCK, Jennie C. Lovelock 19 Jul 1892 B122?
RULE, Thomas W. QUAY, Sarah J. 30 May 1870 A028
RUNKEL, Charles BRUMMERHOP, Amelia 01 Aug 1870 A029
RUTHERFORD, George W. PRICE, Mary Jane 21 Jul 1867 A017
RYAN, John Humboldt GENTRY, Catherine Humboldt 01 Jan 1878 A163
RYAN, John Big Meadows ROBINSON, Mollie Lovelock 17 Sep 1883 A276
SAGE, Randall Fort McDermitt WILKINSON, Tillie Fort McDermitt 10 Jul 1892 A122
SANFORD, Geo H. Eureka Co. WILLIAMS, Emma Eureka Co. 02 Sep 1891 B114
SCHMIDT, Henry Winnemucca GRAYSON, Myrtle Winnemucca 23 Mar 1898 C058
SCHWARZ, R. H. STOCK, Lizzie 04 Nov 1874 A092
SCOTT, Lewis Winnemucca SCHNITZLER, Amelia Winnemucca 24 Jan 1897 B145
SCOTT, Thomas Winnemucca JANICKA, Tena Winnemucca 06 Sep 1886 B052
SCOUBER, Henry Bartlett Creek HOUSEHOLDER, Maggie Bartlett Creek 06 Jan 1886 B039
SEARSY, P. N. Paradise Valley SMITH, M. S., Mrs. Paradise Valley 24 Sep 1878 A172
SEE, Richard O. Winnemucca TAYLOR, Ida B. Winnemucca 11 Dec 1895 C017
SEELIGER, Albert Robert Winnemucca MCGRATH, May V. Winnemucca 12 Dec 1898 C078
SERMORA, John Humboldt SERPES, Josephine Humboldt 07 May 1887 B075
SHAFER, John A. Winnemucca PURDIN, Mary Winnemucca 05 Feb 1877 A144
SHARP, Isaac W. Malheur Co., OR BOYER, Emma L. Unionville 16 Jun 1892 B121
SHAW, A. R. Reno, NV AKIN, C. J. Humboldt Co. 01 May 1875 A106
SHEEHAN, Jerry Winnemucca MULLER, Fannie Louise Winnemucca 04 Feb 1895 C004
SHELTON, John T. LOCKE, Sarah C. 06 Jun 1870 A028
SHELTON, William Humboldt RICE, Taura Humboldt 15 Nov 1877 A157
SHERLOCK, W. G. California FALCONER, Amy New York 18 Oct 1899 C102
SHIELDS, Henry LACUMLIN, Mary 03 Jan 1878 A159
SHIRLEY, Theodore O'NEIL, Mary E. 28 Nov 1872 A057
SHONE, Thomas MURPHY, Catherine 13 Aug 1873 A066
SHONE, Thomas Winnemucca NOFSINGER, Kate Winnemucca 25 May 1876 A124
SHRIER, John MAGOR, Nancy 16 Sep 1873 A068
SLATER, William BASSETT, Ida L. 19 Nov 1872 A056
SLATER, William Golconda DIXON, Mary Annie, Mrs. Golconda 11 Dec 1878 A178
SMALL, Cornelius C. Alder Creek BROWN, Annie Alder Creek 07 Nov 1880 A217
SMART, Silvester B. Churchill Co. MARKER, Annie M. Lovelock 01 Jan 1896 C019
SMIDSTRUP, Louis Winnemucca HANSON, Victoria Winnemucca 03 Apr 1886 B045
SMIDT, Charles T. Queen City WIESE, Mary Storey 20 Sep 1883 A277
SMITH, F. W. REAGAN, Emma M. 20 Sep 1863 A002
SMITH, George F. SLATER, Ida L. 06 May 1874 A083
SMITH, Jasper Diamond, OR WILLIAMS, Sarah California 27 Nov 1893 B132
SMYTH, Thomas P. Pocatello, ID DIEHL, Katie E. Winnemucca 03 Oct 1899 C104
SNAPP, Joseph F. Unionville EISENHOUR, Addie Unionville 27 Jan 1879 A025
SNODGRASS, Frank E. Lovelock RYAN, Kate M. Lovelock 06 Mar 1886 B043
SOMMER, Herman C. Lovelock BASTIAN, Emma J. Lovelock 23 Nov 1898 C077
SOULE, E. R. TRUEMAN, J. M., Mrs. 05 Oct 1873 A070
SPENCE, James Humboldt Co. WELLS, Martha Ann Humboldt Co. 08 Aug 1867 A019
SPERRY, Frederick A. Paradise Valley NICHOLS, Hattie J. Paradise Valley 18 Nov 1878 A175
SPERRY, William H. Paradise Valley WILDER, Paulina E. Athens, MI 15 Jan 1879 A179
SPRINGER, Clarkson F. Unionville HENDRA, Jane Nevada Unionville 23 Dec 1886 B062
SPRINGER, J. M. Humboldt WALKER, Ada Humboldt 04 Jul 1882 A251
STANFIELD, John Golconda BROWN, Ella Oregon 28 Apr 1875 A104
STANTON, Michael F. MANTON, Mary A. 08 Jul 1872 A051
STIFF, Edward L. Lovelock HARDESTY, Reina Lovelock 21 Apr 1896 C024
STILL, Jimmie M. Oregon SMITH, Annie Oregon 27 Aug 1896 C037
STITH, Isaac WILLIAMS, F. 14 Aug 1879 A031
STOCK, Edward Paradise Valley PIERCE, Taura P. Paradise Valley 03 Jul 1878 A169
STOCK, Henry Edward Paradise Valley KIEHL, Ernstiene Winnemucca 22 Jun 1898 C064
STOKER, Bert E. Lovelock CAMPBELL, Elaine A. Lovelock 11 Dec 1899 C110
STOKER, Charles H. Lovelock MARKER, Claire Elaine Lovelock 11 Feb 1896 C032
STOUT, David POWELL, Levina 16 Apr 1871 A034
SULLINGS, James C. MUNK, Mary V., Mrs. 28 Jul 1872 A052
SUMMERFIELD, George W. Winnemucca EWING, Mary C. Winnemucca 24 Jun 1883 A269
SWANEY, Jesse W. DAVIS, Linda Lovelock 26 Dec 1887 B085
TAASH, F. S. Chasley Winnemucca DIEKELE, Elizabeth, Mrs. Winnemucca 01 Jul 1878 A167
TALCOTT, Frederick H. STRIFFWERE, Amelia M. 19 Sep 1889 B103
TANDY, Henry C. Winnemucca LATHLEAN, Victoria A. Unionville 04 Jun 1879 A189
TAU, Wong Humboldt MOY, Lew Humboldt 16 Mar 1881 A230
TAYLOR, George W. Humboldt Co. WELCH, Nancy A. Humboldt Co. 08 Jan 1865 A011
TAYLOR, John Unionville GROVES, Eliza P., Mrs. Unionville 24 Jun 1875 A110
TEBARON, Daniel Humboldt REIL, Catherine Humboldt 21 Jul 1896 C035
THACKER, Eugene J. Oakland, CA FELLOWS, Annie N. Unionville 27 Sep 1899 C101
THACKER, James FOGG, Mary E. 04 Jul 1862 A001
THARIAN, Richard Winnemucca FRANKLIN, Ida Winnemucca 20 Jul 1875 A112
THOMAS, Joseph N. Winnemucca NELSON, Rosa E. Dun Glen 30 Aug 1897 C048
THOMAS, Richard C. Lovelock GANS, Mary, Mrs. Lovelock 16 May 1883 A267
THOMAS, William Marysville, MT LEWIS, Eva Helena, MT 11 Oct 1894 B140
THOMPSON, Charles H. Willow Point STEPHENS, Alice Willow Point 29 Mar 1897 B146
THOMPSON, Johnnie Golconda BONNIFIELD, N. L. Golconda 28 Dec 1898 C086
THORNTON, James Unionville ZINAMERSHEAD, Ella Humboldt 24 Dec 1891 B116
THORPE, John IVEY, Sophia 28 Feb 1872 A043
THUCKER, James Winnemucca DRAIS, Taura F., Mrs. 04 Aug 1880 A214
TIFFANY, Martin Unionville COPPLE, Tabitha Unionville 18 Nov 1872 A282
TODD, D. B. Camp McDermitt WALLACE, Mary J. Camp McDermitt 15 Dec 1879 A204
TONG, Ah Humboldt GURK, Ah Humboldt 25 Jan 1877 A160
TONY, Eben P. Winnemucca ARNOLD, Georgie Winnemucca 01 Nov 1879 A202
TORREY, Charles Henry Lovelock DAVIS, Nellie Lovelock 19 Feb 1897 C043
TORREY, E. P. GRIFFIN, Mary J. 03 Dec 1872 A057
TOY, Wong Lovelock FAN, Teut American Canon 25 Sep 1894 B140
TREVATHAN, J. W. Winnemucca TIFFANY, E., Mrs. Humboldt 07 Feb 1881 A224
TROUSDALE, A. F. Winnemucca DICKINSON, Ellen G. Winnemucca 04 Mar 1877 A146
TROUSDALE, Eugene W. s/o Wm. Trousdale KYLE, May E. d/o Charles Kyle 04 Dec 1888 B098
TRVETT, Mathias LEPPER, Mary, Mrs. 25 Jun 1871 A036
TURRITTON, George T. Winnemucca SHERIFF, Mary Estella Winnemucca 14 Jan 1877 A138
TWIST, W. F. Paradise Valley GILLIAN, Dulcina, Mrs. Paradise Valley 16 Feb 1884 B001
TYING, Edmond Paradise Valley SHALLOW, Mary Paradise Valley 23 Feb 1881 A225
USHER, William R. CARPENTER, Virginia A. 11 Dec 1865 A015
VAN SHIVER, John Q. Humboldt BROUGHTON, Addie Winnemucca 09 Jun 1878 A165
VARIAN, Charles S. GUTHRIE, Florence L. 29 Jul 1871 A038
WALKER, William J. Humboldt Co. LANG, Isabella Humboldt Co. 22 Nov 1864 A009
WALSH, J. F. Lovelock WILLIAMS, Eliza J., Mrs. Lovelock 11Nov 1886 B055
WALSH, J. G. Winnemucca ADAMSON, Rhoda, Mrs. Winnemucca 11 Dec 1876 A135
WALSH, James Francis Lovelock SADD, Emma, Mrs. Lovelock 09 Jan 1898 C056
WARD, Eugene C. Wadsworth BROWN, Louise Wadsworth 18 Oct 1894 B141
WARD, Louis B. Paradise Valley KIBBEE, R. A., Mrs. Winnemucca 07 Jan 1896 C031
WATERMAN, John Winnemucca NAGEL, Helen Winnemucca 23 Dec 1877 A158
WATSON, Henry Winnemucca VOGT, Mary A., Mrs. Winnemucca 25 May 1881 A234
WATT, J. J. Unionville MCCLURE, R. E. Unionville 21 Jun 1875 A111
WAYTE, Thomas H. Paradise Valley BURGE, Annie Elizabeth Paradise Valley 22 Feb 1878 A161
WEAVER, David GRAMBING, Hattie A. 25 Aug 1888 A053
WEAVER, Hezekiah Humboldt HANEY, Alice Humboldt 19 Feb 1879 A184
WEIGHEL, William ALEXANDER, Maggie 04 Apr 1883 A266
WEISSER, Julius Winnemucca PITTS, Taura A. Winnemucca 09 Jun 1878 A166
WELLS, Edward RICHARDSON, Laura A. 27 Nov 1874 A094
WELSH, Robert Table Mountain MCILWVAITH, Agnes Humboldt 24 Jul 1879 A196
WEST, John W. Paradise Valley SCHWARTZ, Paulina Paradise Valley 17 May 1899 C090
WEST, Peter Lovelock WESTFALL, Frances Simpson Rye Patch 20 Aug 1882 A264
WESTFALL, Andrew WASH, Francis S. 21 Dec 1873 A074
WESTROPE, J. O. Willow Point RICHARD, Edyth E. Willow Point 03 Nov 1896 A144
WHALEY, Francis J. Austin PHILIPS, Lizzie Austin 20 Oct 1890 B108
WHEELER, Henry M. Winnemucca SMITH, H. H., Mrs. Winnemucca 09 Oct 1880 A219
WHITE, Walter E. Lovelock CUMMINGS, Laura Adele Lovelock 04 Feb 1899 C081
WHITE, William C. Beowawe NORDSTROM, Hannah Beowawe 03 Jan 1887 B063
WHITEHEAD, J. B. Reno, NV CHOATE, Sarah E. Paradise 24 Nov 1886 B057
WHITNEY, M. W. California HAAS, Mary E. Humboldt 28 Aut 1884 B009
WILCOX, Archibald D. Humboldt BRINSDON, Malinda Tander 11 Apr 1881 A231
WILEY, John L. Winnemucca HARGIS, Mary E. Winnemucca 23 May 1887 A148
WILKINSON, Robert H. McDermitt MINOR, Loma G. McDermitt 24 Apr 1899 C088
WILKINSON, W. L. Nevada Co., CA CAMPBELL, Jinnie Humboldt 29 Jun 1886 B048
WILLIAMS, A. D. Winnemucca WILLIAMS, Elleanor Winnemucca 28 Oct 1877 A155
WILLIAMS, Eugene L. Winnemucca GILBERT, Hattie Winnemucca 23 Dec 1890 B109
WILLIAMS, George B. Churchill Co. HOY, M. Genevieve Winnemucca 29 Nov 1899 C108
WILSON, James S. Lovelock PORTER, Emma Chicago, IL 26 Aug 1899 C099
WINTERS, Noah B. White Horse, OR BORIN, Dora Winnemucca 04 Feb 1891 B110
WISE, Abraham Lovelock HARKAMP, Sophia E. Lovelock 25 Apr 1893 B128
WITHERELL, C. A. HAYES, Elinor W. 29 Nov 1874 A096
WOLFF, Alfred R. H. Winnemucca MAASS, Berta Marie Winnemucca 28 Jun 1884 B007
WOOD, Richard W. CROWLEY, Martha Jane 15 Feb 1874 A077
WOODEN, David L. Winnemucca ROSE, Helen L. Winnemucca 18 Jun 1899 C094
WOODS, Robert G. Lovelock HIDER, Fidelia Lovelock 22 Oct 1885 B032
WOOLCOCK, John PACHSWAY, Ellen 14 Oct 1874 A091
WOOLCOCK, Peter Mill City FELLOWS, Ellen E. Unionville 06 Jun 1894 B136
WORTH, James Paradise Hill ROBERTI, Corinne Josephine Willow Creek 22 Jun 1897 B148
WREDE, William John Winnemucca GARRETT, Theodora Florence Winnemucca 24 Feb 1896 C026
WRIGHT, E. G. Winnemucca CODY, Johannie Winnemucca 21 Apr 1896 C022
YOUNG, George Lovelock RICHARDS, Emily J., Mrs. Lovelock 25 Oct 1886 B059
ZUMERSHEAD, Charles Humboldt Co. JONES, Margaret Humboldt Co. 09 Aug 1868 A020

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