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The East Oregonian (Pendleton, OR) – Saturday, June 22, 1878

Miss Winnemucca Arrested

Sarah, a daughter of Winnemucca, was arrested in Jordan valley. A white man was with her. They were smuggling through a quantity of ammunition to the hostiles. Gen. Howard is going to interview the girl.
Submitted by Jim Dezotell.

Grant County News (Canyon City, OR) – Saturday, February 7, 1880

John Maginga, alias Jim Haddock, the man that murdered P. D. Peange, in Lake County, in 1876, has been caught and was taken to Winnemucca by Jas. G. Abbott on Jan. 27.
Submitted by Jim Dezotell.

Grant County News (Canyon City, OR) – Saturday, May 8, 1880
Harney Items - Fort Harney, May 4th, 1880

Editor News:- It may interest some of your readers to hear that Sarah Winnemucca is here. She is on her way to Yakima for the purpose of bringing “her people” who were taken to that place as prisoners of war back to the Malheur Reservation. Sarah says that people had better be careful how they talk about her in the future. The editor of the Silver State she says was shooting off his mouth about her when she was in Winnemucca, but when she went after him with a black snake whip, and demanded satisfaction instead of giving her any, he crawled into a gopher hole and forted up.
Contributed by Jim Dezotell.

San Jose Mercury News June 6, 1906
Santa Rosa, June 6

In Judge Seawell's department of the Superior Court today interesting testimony was given in the trial of a suit brought by Thomas J. Butt's a local attorney, against L.L. Rickard to recover $310.00. Rickard, with Richard Conrad and Frank Nichols, engaged in a game of Poker in San Francisco and Rickard obtained a loan of $300.00 giving in return a check for $310.00 on a bank in Winnemucca, Nev. He later stopped payment on the check for the reason, he testified that the others had dealt sharply with him and had played together to beat him. He said he never repudiated an honest gambling debt. Butts claimed that he was an innocent purchaser of the check. Rickard is a former public official of Humboldt county and is well known. Judge Seawell criticized the proceeding regarding the purchasing of the check as a queer transaction. The court has the matter under advisement.
Contributed by Barbara Ziegenmeyer.

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