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Pershing County, Nevada

Oregon State Journal (Eugene City, OR)
Saturday, August 12, 1865
Star City, Nevada, Aug. 9 A messenger from Queen's Station arrived this evening with the intelligence that Lieut. Col. McDermit was killed by Indians on the 7th inst. It appears that the Colonel with a portion of Captain Hill's Infantry command and a detachment of cavalry, had been out on a scouting expedition and were returning, when they were fired upon from a willow thicket, wounding Col. McDermit mortally and two Corporals seriously. Col. McDermit lived only four hours. His remains are being brought into Fort Churchill. Further particulars will be furnished tomorrow.
Submitted by Jim Dezotell
Humboldt Register - August 31, 1872
Winnemucca School House
Minstrel Troupe performed at the School House to a good house and everybody was pleased with the entertainment. They give another performance tonight.
Submitted by Betty Wiggins

Silver State - January 4, 1873
W. W. (Chiquito) Smith, Bob Appleton, James and John P. Campbell and others returned from the Hot Spring, all in improved health and good spirits and considerably rejuvenated.
Submitted by Betty Wiggins

Humboldt Register - August 28, 1874
Winnemucca, Mill City, Unionville
Republican held their primaries throughout the county and elected delegates to the County Convention which is to be held in Winnemucca August 31.
Submitted by Betty Wiggins

Silver State - September 20, 1875
J. P. Campbell and Charles Clark, lessees of the E Pluribus mine in Winnemucca District, are steadily at work extracting ore.
Submitted by Betty Wiggins

Silver State - September 30, 1875
Nine tons of ore taken from the E Pluribus mine in Winnemucca Mountain by J. P. Campbell and Charles Clark and worked at the Humboldt Reduction Works yields $72.41 per ton in silver.
Submitted by Betty Wiggins

Silver State - October 26, 1875
John Campbell and Charley Clark who have leased the E Pluribus mine in Winnemucca Mountain are making it pay.
Submitted by Betty Wiggins

Silver State - September 20, 1876
R. W. Guthrie sells Silver Peak mine in Winnemucca Mountain to Sheriff Nash, Martin Hayes and J. P. Campbell who intend to work on it at an early day.
Submitted by Betty Wiggins

Silver State - July 7, 1877
In Unionville July 4 by J. H. McMillan, J. P., John P. Campbell to Miss Laura Hadley.
Submitted by Betty Wiggins

Silver State - September 16, 1879
John P. Campbell and Julius Hadley discover a ledge about a mile south of Unionville. Assays $630 to the ton.
Submitted by Betty Wiggins

Silver State - January 5, 1881
Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Muller and Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Hadley with their daughter Mrs. J. P. Campbell left for their homes in Unionville.
Submitted by Betty Wiggins

Silver State - October 27, 1881
A coffin was sent from here by express to Lovelock. From what was learned, it was ordered for Mrs. Thomas Campbell who died.
Source: Rootsweb newspaper index for Mrs. Campbell:
Name: Mrs. Campbell - Date: 27 October 1881
Contributed by Betty Wiggins

Silver State - November 8, 1881
Thomas Campbell of Big Meadows whose wife died recently sent his two mother-less boys, aged five and seven years, east to their grandmother at Kansas City, Missouri. Left in charge of Peter Bergman who goes east on a visit.
(NOTE: Peter Bergman is listed in the 1880 census in Lake Township, Humboldt Co, NV, in the household of Wallis Van Reid, printer from Pennsylvania. Peter Bergman is 33, single, farm laborer, born in Bremen, mother and father born in Hanover.)
Submitted by Betty Wiggins

The Library of Congress - Chronicling America - Carson City Daily Appeal July 10, 1907, p.1

J. R. Bunch returned Wednesday from Grimes Canyon, forty miles southeast of Lovelock and about twenty miles this side of Wonder, where, with Geo. W McIntyre he had discovered an immense copper ledge.

This strike is two and a half miles above that made by Jonathan Green at the head of the canyon, and Mr. Bunch declares that the cropping's of the ledge are 100 feet wide and can be traced on the surface for 4500 feet. There is over a thousand tons of ore in sight and the sample brought in show it to be good ore, too.

There is plenty of wood and water in the Canyon and lots of open ground, the discoverers only taking up six claims. Mr. McIntyre remained to do development work while Mr. Bunch came in with samples to get assays and determine the value of their find. Every week is proving this to be one of the greatest copper districts in the state. New strikes, each rivaling in magnitude its predecessor, are being constantly made and prospectors are going in from all directions.-Lovelock Tribune.
Submitted by Robin Ling

Nevada State Journal - March 8, 1931
Mrs. H. A. McNeilly entertained her mother Mrs. William Loorz of Lovelock and her aunt Mrs. Nancy Campbell of Humboldt during the last week.
Contributed by Betty Wiggins

Reno Evening Gazette - June 18, 1931
Mr. and Mrs. Charles DeVolt and daughter and son arrived recently from Ely to spend their vacation with Mrs. Nancy Campbell at Humboldt House, mother of Mrs. DeVolt.
Contributed by Betty Wiggins

Reno Evening Gazette -July 23, 1931

Lovelock, Nev, July 23 -- (Special) Cecil Campbell, eighteen-year-old son of Mrs. Nancy Campbell, was badly burned about the face Tuesday while working at his mother's service station at Humboldt House. He was removed to his home late Tuesday night after receiving medical attention at Lovelock. Young Campbell is a Pershing high school student and was assisting his mother at Humboldt House thirty three miles east of Lovelock with the tourist traffic during the summer vacation. It was while removing a radiator cap that steam enveloped his face, burning the two cheeks and forehead very severely.
Contributed by Betty Wiggins

Reno Evening Gazette - September 30, 1931

Mrs. Nancy Campbell of Humboldt House spent the week visiting her sister, Mrs. William Loorz, at their country home...Mrs. William Hillyard who has spent the summer with her mother, Mrs. Nancy Campbell, at Humboldt House departed for her home in Norfolk, Virginia, to join Dr. Hillyard, who will be sailing soon for Stanboul, Turkey, by November 1, where he will be in the employ of the Government.
Contributed by Betty Wiggins

Reno Evening Gazette - October 23, 1931

Mrs. Alfred Jurgenson and Mrs. Nancy Campbell of Humboldt House whose birthdays fell on the same date held a joint celebration Saturday evening at the Jurgenson home.
Contributed by Betty Wiggins

Nevada State Journal - July 24, 1934
...A place you can't afford to miss on a trip across the state is the Humboldt House, operated by Mrs. Nancy Campbell. Mrs. Ilah DeVault, Mrs. Campbell's daughter, and Cecil Campbell, Mrs. Campbell's son, with the two DeVault children, Aubrey 13 and Zane 12, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Campbell, and Clayton Campbell, buckaroo at Mrs. Millie Jones' ranch, comprise the rest of the Humboldt House fireside group when there is a fire.
Contributed by Betty Wiggins

Reno Evening Gazette - June 22, 1937

Lovelock, Nevada, June 22. (special)
The marriage of Mrs. Alvirda Schontz and George Earl Pitt took place Sunday afternoon at the Humboldt House lawn in the presence of relatives and close friends, with Clarence L. Young, justice of the peace, performing the ceremony. The bride was dressed in blue with matching accessories and was attended by her mother Mrs. Nancy Campbell.
Contributed by Betty Wiggins

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