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Offices, addresses and links where vital records and other important documents may be found.

Birth and Death Record Availability

*None before 1887*

From 1887 to the present are recorded in each county, either in the office of the County Recorder or County Health Officer.

1911 to Present - the Nevada State Office of Vital Statistics has birth and death for all counties.

Birth and Baptisms Records

Registers of births and baptisms for the Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A., Nevada Dioceses 1862-1969 are at the Nevada Historical Society.
For the Diocesan Archives, write to Nevada Diocese of Reno.

Marriage and Divorce Records

Marriage certificates are filed with the County Recorder in the county where the marriage license was issued, not where the marriage took place.
1968 to the present - the Nevada State Office of Vital Statistics has marriage and divorce records from 1968 to the present.

1862 to the present - Divorces are Civil Court actions and are kept in the office of the County Clerk for each county.
Civil court cases are filed by case number and indexed by plaintiff and defendant.

The Archives has some records for marriages and divorces Nevada territories, 1856-1862.
The Nevada State Library has marriage records for Douglas, Lyon, Ormsby, Storey and Washoe Counties for 1862-1900. [Available on microfilm and for research only.]
Certified copies should be obtained from the office of record.

Burial Permits

From 1879 to 1911, incorporated cities required undertakers to obtain burial permits from the county coroner's office.
Permits were issued upon the filing of death certificates. These certificates exist for Virginia City and Gold Hill for 1879-1887, and for Carson City 1893-1896.

Transcripts of the Storey County Coroner's records are at the Nevada State Library and Archives and the Nevada Historical Society on microfilm.

Where to Write

Nevada State Library and Archives
100 N. Stewart St.
Carson City, NV 89701-4285
(775) 684-3360

Nevada Historical Society
1650 N. Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89503
(775) 688-1190

Archives and Records
100 N. Stewart St.
Carson City, NV 89701-4285
(775) 684-3310

Office of Vital Records & Statistics
505 E. King St, Rm. 102
Carson City, NV 89701-4749
(775) 684-4242

Nevada Diocese of Reno
515 Court St.
P.O. Box 1121
Reno, NV 89504-1211

Visit our County websites for County Addresses

Other Records held at the County Offices

Recorder's Office

Clerk-Treasurer Office


CHATTEL MORTGAGES - Recorder and Secretary of State
PLAT MAPS - Recorder and Assessor





TAX RECORDS: Assessor and Clerk-Treasurer

Other Records at the Nevada State Archives
100 N. Stewart St.
Carson City, NV

Territorial Records
- For Carson County Utah and Nevada Territory, 1855-1862. The records include the County Recorder, Clerk of the Probate Court and Clerk of the County Court.
- Divorces were handled in the probate court. These records are indexed in An Inventory and Index to the Records of Carson County, Utah and Nevada Territories, 1855-1861 These records also include individual court documents regarding divorces, estate settlements and child custody, bonds and oaths of office of elected or appointed territorial officials.
- Name index is available to territorial records and territorial corporations.

State Records
- Inmate Case Files of the Nevada State Prison are on file beginning in 1863 and the record of admittance to the Nevada State Children's (Orphans) Home, 1870-1968. There are some restrictions to prison records.
- Department of Education, Retired teacher records contains the names and schools of Nevada's teachers that retired from 1927 to 1949.
- Secretary of State, License Plate Registrations 1913-1925.
- Other records groups contain information about elected or appointed state officials, state departments, commissions and other agencies.
Adjutant General, Civil War Muster Rolls and Descriptive Lists 1863- 1866, indexed.

County Records
- Duplicate Assessment Rolls for all counties for 1891- 1892.
- Ormsby County, Civil Court Records 1862-1926, Assessment Rolls 1862-1950.

U.S. Selective Service Records
- Records for Nevada Include service cards,Form DD 53, for persons registered or serving for World Wars I and II, the Korean War and the Viet Nam Conflict until 1972.
- DD 214 discharge papers for Nevada veterans are copies transferred to the state for historical and informational purposes.

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